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Coo, Coo, Ca-Choo, David Robertson The Yankees Win

Finally the New York Yankees land in the column on the left, beating the Tampa Bay Rays 6-2 and snapping a 0-6 losing streak.

Was it a great win?

It was a necessary one that is for sure, as there might have a riot if the Yankees lost another game.

To no surprise the team got their legs back due to Alex Rodriguez. A-rod finally hit not one, but two bombs in the fourth and sixth innings respectively.

While, the struggling Jorge Posada came up big with two hits, even as the tacky Rays stadium brass blasted John Forgery’s “Centerfield”Oh put me in Coach, I’m ready to play, today.

That was really classy.

Still, the most impressive player in pinstripes award on Tuesday night goes to relief pitcher David Robertson.

Robertson was summoned in the bottom of the sixth inning, replacing starter Ivan Nova on the bump who had loaded the bases and with just one out. Not an ideal situation, and talk about the pressure weighing on the 26-year-old. It made it almost to hard to watch.

Then Robertson struck out BJ Upton, followed by Casey Kotchman, with a four-seamer that clocked 96 mph.

What was so arousing was the Joba-esque fist pump and ‘YEAAAA’ by Robertson after he fanned the two Rays like it was the playoffs. Very appropriate because for the Yankees it kind-of was.

Still, what the 2011 Yankees seem to be missing is the fight to win.

The two games prior to the Tuesday’s win, the Yankees lost 5-7 to the Red Sox on Sunday night and followed with a 5-6 loss on Monday to Tampa.

If you watched these two games they looked uninspired the moment they were ahead and their opponents capitalized on it. Remember the way we used to watch the Yankees do in 2009 and 2010.

Please, don’t fool yourself into thinking that the Yankees are back on track because they have to land in the ‘W’ column about 70+ more times to be in contention for October baseball.

Just imagine heading into this weekends Subway Series with a worse record than the Mets?

Well, that can’t happen anymore and that is looking way to far ahead, as the Yankees have to take it one game at a time.

There are still two games left to play against the Baltimore Orioles before they play host to the ‘other’ New York team, who have two games in Queens against the Washington Nationals.

Hey nothing like a good kick in the rear to get things going again and that they certainly got.

Let’s hope this 1-0 win streak continues…

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New York Yankees: Updates On Some Minor Tweaking Since Yesterday

The New York Yankees are hoping to break their six-game losing streak in Tropicana Field, the dome that the first-place Tampa Bay Rays call home.

Currently the Yankees are tied for second place with the Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays, but with another loss they could drop to fourth in the AL East standings.

The Yankees did some minor tweaking in the last 24 hours; nothing mountainous but worth noting:

MLB Trade Rumors reports that Flores just opted out of his minor league deal with the San Diego Padres this past Sunday and that four teams displayed interest in the 35-year-old. Cashman inked him to a minor-league deal with an opt-out prior to the All-Star break.

Boone Logan being the sole lefty in the bullpen with Pedro Feliciano and Damaso Marte on the DL does leave a hole whether Flores can actually help is doubtful. To be honest I forgot about Feliciano, who’s arm would have been a great addition, but Yankees might not even have in till 2012.

This deal doesn’t enthrall me what so ever and River Ave Blues posted A Quick Look At Randy Flores, which will give you a good idea why.

I don’t understand why we can’t dip into our farm system, bring up Manny Banuelos, who is a lefty, and throw him in the bullpen for a game or two. Why the heck not?

Other teams do this all the time and I have no idea what the Yankees plan on doing with all these prospects, as we hear about them enough. Cashman needs to take a chance, as odds are most washed up, older arms will not produce like a Bartolo Colon.

Not really sure why Soriano is moving to the DL, as his MRI came back clear according to ESPN New York’s Wallace Matthews.

Soriano has complained of elbow soreness, but if the MRI showed nothing you have to wonder about a player with a reputation of having a poor attitude, like Soriano. This guy seems to do what he wants, when he wants and the Yankees have enough to deal with already.

Soriano can opt-out at the end of the season and so far there is no reason for him not too. Could things change? Yes, but the is up to Soriano and whether he wants to part of this team or not.

  • Yankees recall Chris Dickerson from AAA Scranton.

Dickerson came to the Yankees via trade with the Milwaukee Brewers for Sergio Mitre this past March.

Skipper Joe Girardi said the 28-year-old Dickerson would start in rightfield and bat ninth, in place of an ill Nick Swisher.

Swisher has been in a funk since the playoffs last season, but Yankee fans are hoping he gets out of it soon. Everyone wants Swisher’s in pinstripes in 2012, but his contract is up this season unless the Yankees sign the one-year extension. Swisher is making him a very hard sell right now.



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New York Yankees: Cleaning Up This Team’s Mess


The only consistency other than losing for the New York Yankees has been center-fielder Curtis Granderson.

Without Granderson’s bat and glove the Yankees would not be in a slump, they ‘d be sunk worse than the 0-6 run the team is now on.

Grandy is easily putting up the best numbers in his career and MVP worthy with 14 home-runs, 31 RBIs, four doubles, three triples and 16 walks.

His last blast was off Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price, who had only given up a home-run to a lefty bat once before in is career to Phillies Chase Utley back in 2009.

It also gave the Yankees a comfy 5-1 lead, which was lost by the middle of the sixth inning, as they lost 6-5.


Let me make something clear, the fact that AJ Burnett gave up a three-run homer in the sixth to Rays BJ Upton to give the Rays the lead and eventual win is utterly irrelevant.


The Yankees pitching has done plenty on their end to get the team in positions to win games, but the bats are completely dead.

Forget the older guys that the entire sports world has written off already; I am talking about Nick Swisher, Mark Teixeira and Brett Gardner, who have been useless in May.

Robinson Cano is hitting well, but is not near his potential yet because Cano can rip.

Here is a chart compliments of of the Yankee bats in April compared to May. The drop-off is not hard to see.

This will be a long summer in the Bronx if the bats don’t wake up now.


Despite of all the ageism banter about how Alex Rodriguez is 35 years old, I highly doubt he has all of a sudden forgotten how to hit. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees: Cleaning Up This Team’s Mess’ »

The New York Yankees Are Not That Old

It has not been a fun home stand in the Bronx for the New York Yankees, as the Boston Red Sox swept them and makes that a five ‘L’s’ in a row for the stumbling Bombers.

This happens every season, but the sting stays consistent as fans wonder if this might never end, but it will.

Add the Jorge Posada drama that was just sad, selfish but certainly very human as we can all relate to his situation in some sense.

Everyone from ESPN to the NY Post to the Boston Globe has turned on the Yankees already, capitalizing off a team and stirring up chaos for their own benefit.

The reference that is becoming a broken record is the age of the Yankee players and the toll it is taking on the team. I get that age as a professional athlete does take its toll but the media is acting like the Stadium is a nursing home and the player are in depends getting rolled onto the field.

So, I made a short list of the in-field players of the Yankees, Red Sox and the Phillies because they also make up each team’s daily batting line-ups.

I didn’t include pitching because Mariano Rivera defies all odds and older pitchers can still be effective. All around the majors pitching is dominating hitting so it just makes sense.

Shockingly the Yankees have lowest average age of the three power line-ups, not by much but you would never know it from the way they are portrayed.

Recall when Cliff Lee said he signed with the Phillies because the Yankees were getting too old, but obviously he must have failed math class.

What really got my blood boiling was one particular article, written by Michael Silverman of the Boston Globe, called Yankees: Start to finished.  Mr. Silverman is making big proclamations and he portrayed the Yankees in such a demeaning way that I can’t tell if he is delusional or scared.

Mr. Silverman pitching stats are outdated as the Rays took a beating from the Orioles 9-3, so how relevant can his opinion really be.

Opinions please???

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New York Yankees Are Not Immune To Slumps


As if listening to FOX’s Joe Buck for nine innings wasn’t bad enough, the New York Yankees tacked on another ugly loss, as they fell 6-0 to the Boston Red Sox for the second straight night.

Add that to some internal Yankee drama with ex-catcher, now DH Jorge Posada removing himself from the line-up, about two hours after he was moved to the ninth spot in the order.

It’s no secret that Posada has not been happy in his new role, nor has he been exceling in it either. To his credit Posada has posted 6 home-runs, 15 RBIs, two doubles, 18 hits and 15 walks so far in 2011, which is not horrific but his last home-run was back on April 23rd. Posada has the lowest batting average for players who have more then 100 plate appearances with a .165.

Posada needed a night to clear his head, nothing wrong or nuts about that as we have all been there before. So, try to give Posada a break, end of story.


Overall the bigger problem is that Yankees are not playing well. The good news is that if the team hasn’t hit rock bottom already, they are darn close. For once the media’s antics will actually help the Yankees get their sooner.

Without a doubt it absolutely sucks when a team is slumping. For players it can’t be fun, but speaking as a fan I try to remind myself that this is standard and unavoidable bearing in mind the extent of a 162 game season.

The Yankees are not immune to slumps. Trust me, I know how maddening it is to witness, as it seems never ending. Then you turn on ESPN or pick-up the Sunday paper only to be reminded how ugly it is.

Remember how bad things were for the Red Sox or the reigning World Champion San Francisco Giants the first few weeks of 2011? Or look at what is going on in Minnesota, as the Twins are 12-25 and sitting in the cellar of the AL Central.

I was actually really bummed for the Red Sox because I love the rivalry. I even defended the Red Sox because I knew that this was a temporary situation up in Boston and had no doubt in my convictions.

Look, truth is the Yankees are flirting with a mini-collapse if things don’t change now. This is due to their upcoming schedule, as the Bombers face the hot Tampa Bay Rays, the Baltimore Orioles and the Toronto Blue Jays over the next 10 days. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Are Not Immune To Slumps’ »

MILB: Charleston Riverdogs Vs. Greenville Drive Brawl Keeping Rivalry Alive

Wearing the uniforms of their parent clubs, the game between the Greenville Drive (Boston Red Sox affiliate) and the Charleston River Dogs (New York Yankees affiliate) on Saturday definitely sent a message for the future of sports most torrid rivalry.

Maybe the Yankees should take some pointers, as the Baby Bombers won the game 17-7 and sent the Red Sox little ones packing.

Watch an actual recording of this brawl, which was no joke as it happened in the first inning after the second pitch thrown by Red Sox pitching prospect Miguel Celestino hit Yankees stud Slade Heathcott, who immediately started swinging. Rumor has it this was bound to happen as the two teams have a heated exchange two weeks back.


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