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MLB Trade Rumors: New York Mets Should Not Trade A Keeper

New York Mets SS - José Reyes

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As a New York Yankees fan, I keep tabs on what the ‘other’ New York team is up too; and the Mets have made that pretty easy because it hasn’t been much the last few seasons, until now.

All of this is starting to change over in Queens, as the right skipper and GM are finally on board to right this sinking ship.

GM Sandy Alderson has already started cleaning house by releasing clubhouse viruses Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez, knowing that the two would stay on the Mets payroll through the season for a combined $18 million.

Has it turned the Mets around?

No, not even close but it is a start in the right direction for a team that seemed to never catch a break. The next few moves will be critical in how fast the team plans in getting there.

So, the rumors have continued with MLB Trade Rumors sending Mets fans into a tailspin, reporting the likelihood of Carlos Delgado going to the Yankees, to feasibly trading David Wright. Still, the one rumor that could have the most truth behind it is the same one I deem outrageous, which is that the Mets would trade shortstop Jose Reyes.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe recently reported this:

Jose Reyes, SS, Mets — The clock keeps ticking on when he will switch uniforms. The Mets called up their latest infield phenom, 21-year-old Ruben Tejada, last week and will play him at second base while Justin Turner plays third in David Wright’s absence. The fly in the ointment is whether the Mets will hold on to Reyes as long as possible because of Wright’s injury (stress fracture in his back), but an American League scout said, “If they hear the right deal, they do it. They can’t afford not to and let him leave as a free agent and not get value for him.’’

After finally getting the opportunity to watch Reyes, as he spent most of 2010 on the DL, I got reminded just how talented the 27-year-old is and quickly. Continue reading ‘MLB Trade Rumors: New York Mets Should Not Trade A Keeper’ »

New York Yankees: Playing Small Works Out Big To Win Subway Series In Bronx

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The Subway Series and New York City bragging rights were at stake on Sunday afternoon, as the outcome of the rubber match between the Yankees and Mets got decided in one heck of a 7th inning up in the Bronx:

  • Entering the 7th inning, the Yankees were down 3-1 to the Mets, with no real signs of hope.
  • The one on the scoreboard came off another Curtis Granderson home-run in the 1st inning, but otherwise it was the same old stranding runners-on-base.
  • The Captain came up clutch with a double that drove in the two runs that tied the game 3-3.
  • Curtis Granderson has 16 home-runs, but the guy is just lethal with the bat period. His sacrifice bunt was perfectly knocked down the third-base line, setting up the go-ahead-run.
  • After the Mets walked Mark Teixeira, A-Rod hit a blooper that but ran his heart out and the meager hit was enough for the run to score to put the Yankees on top.
  • 13 Yankees hitters produced five singles, two walks, one double, and a sacrifice in this brilliant inning of small-ball.
  • Not one of the total eight runs scored in 7th came off a home-run.

Anthony McCarron of the New York Daily News reported that was the inning the Yankees have been looking for according to A-Rod who he quoted saying:

“There were a lot of good things that happened in that inning, starting with Gardy, and Dickerson drew a nice walk, a perfect base hit by Jeter and a perfect bunt by Granderson. That sets up the big inning and those are the things we haven’t been doing the last few weeks. We can’t hit a three-run homer every time.”

The Mets only managed to score three runs off the 11 total hits they had off Yankees rookie Ivan Nova.

The Yankees beat the Mets 9-3, taking the rubber game and the series 2-1.

Now Yankee fans can look toward the Empire State Building, as it will be glowing of pinstripes for the next few nights.

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New York Yankees: Pitching vs. Mets Schedule

Here are the probable pitchers for this weekends Subway Series at Yankee Stadium:

Freddy Garcia (2-3, 3.22) vs. R.A. Dickey (1-5, 5.08)

Tonight (My9 HD, 7 p.m.)


  • Both the Mets and Yankees are playing good baseball.
  • The Yankees line-up is hot right now beating up the Baltimore Orioles 25-5 in runs total in their last two games.
  • The Mets have won nine of their last 13 games.
  • The Mets will be sans 1B Ike Davis and 3B David Wright.
  • Judging by how much broader Citi-Field is the Amazins could have a field day in the stunted, homer-friendly Yankee Stadium.
  • Both of Friday’s starters, Dickey and Garcia are coming off their worst performances of the season and neither pitcher has any significant familiarity with the others line-ups.
  • Dickey’s knuckleball has been flat lately and if he can’t keep it down Alex Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano will feast on it.
  • In the eight at-bats against Dickey, A-Rod is batting .625, with five hits; Gardner is two for three, with a triple, two RBIs and .667 batting average.
  • Dickey has yet to give-up a home-run to any of the Yankees he will be facing on Friday night.
  • Garcia has to watch out for the blazing bat of Carlos Beltran, who just hit three-homers in one game against the Colorado Rockies. Beltran has faced Garcia 31 times, batting a .452, with 10 RBIs, three home-runs, two doubles and a triple.


A.J. Burnett (4-3, 3.99) vs. Chris Capuano (3-4, 4.78)

Saturday (FOX, 7 p.m.)

Ivan Nova (4-3, 4.33) vs. Mike Pelfrey (3-3, 5.11)

Sunday (YES HD, 1 p.m.)


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Subway Series: Yankees vs. Mets Back In The New York Groove

Branded as the Big Apple and the Capital of the World, New York City is undeniably a very extraordinary place.

As a real New Yorker (born in Manhattan), I can say that when it comes to our city’s pro-sports teams it would be a challenge to find a more prideful and demanding bunch of fans.

New York fans have earned a reputation for a win or get-off the pot attitude, which has made our sports teams less popular everywhere else.

So, when two New York teams face-off, like the Mets and Yankees will in the Subway Series this weekend, it is a fight for the city’s pride.

Here is a little “New York Groove” slideshow of random Yankee pictures, by ladylove….enjoy!

The victor of this three game set get to gloat because the Empire State Building will adorn the colors of that team for all to see.

For a Mets fan, winning the Subway Series provides the last shred of superiority over the big, bad and successful Yankees.

The Yankees have owned the NYC for over a decade, but that comes with as many haters as it does fans. That doesn’t mean that winning the Subway Series is not a meaningful because it is not just another series.

Someone just said to me that it is another b-l-e-e-p for the Yankees to add to their ever-growing list of successes, but as a New Yorker when your team wins you get to walk with your head a little higher come Monday morning.

As the Yankees return to the Bronx after winning three of four games on the road, they are feeling pretty confident as they prepare to host their cross-town rivals from Queens.

With bragging rights up for grabs, everyone in New York will be busting out their caps, t-shirts and jerseys with their loyalty proudly on full-display.

Even though the Yankees have a much better team on paper, the 2011 Mets are finally heading in the right direction after years of going backwards.

Mets fans know they have a good team; with an inspiriting new skipper and a GM who is determined to get the franchise back to the top.

The Subway Series’ are never short on drama, and if you want to see New York’s spirit at its peak going to the Subway Series is a darn good example of it.

There is a reason the New York Times referred to the Subway Series as “George Steinbrenner’s personal World Series.”

Pitching previews to follow…..

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New York Yankees: CC Sabathia Is Actually Right On Track

Since 2009, the anchor of the New York Yankees starting rotation is CC Sabathia.

Sabathia is one of the best pitchers in the game and known to have a personality to match.

So far, it has seemed that 2011 has not been the best start for the 30-year-old Sabathia, but he has always been a second-half pitcher. This is evident looking at his career splits, as his numbers are lower post-All-Star break almost across the board in hits, earned runs, home-runs, walks and strikeouts.


(click on chart if it is hard to read to go to direct page)

Sabathia has made nine starts this season, posting a 3.47 ERA, while giving up 50 hits, 23 earned runs, three home-runs and has walked 21 batters in 53 inning pitched. He does lead the team in strikeouts with 50.

When you look at Sabathia’s first nine starts from 2009-2011, the similarities are comforting but it also clearly shows a pattern. Look at the chart I made below, from stats courtesy of BASEBALLREFERNCE.COM.

IP=innings pitcher; ER=earned runs; HR=home-runs; SO=strikeouts; BB=base on balls or walks; ERA=earned run average

Sabathia’s 2011 starts seem a lot worse than they read because he took two losses that he could have won, but the Yankees bats or the bullpen stumbled. Also, his last start against the Boston Red Sox was his poorest thus far, pitching just over 6 innings and giving up six earned runs, a home-run and three walks.

My prediction is to expect a big night for Sabathia tonight down in Baltimore against the Orioles.

Let’s just hope this game will go the standard nine innings, as the Yankees host their home team rival New York Mets in the first half of the Subway Series, in the Bronx just 24-hours later.


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New York Yankees: 15 Innings To Put One On The Left Side

What a long night Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees, who battled 15 innings only for the Yankees to come away with their second, win in a row 4-1.

The game finished just shy of five hours and into early Wednesday morning, so here is a quick list of seven things I took away from the longest game played so far in 2011.

  1. Yankees Bartolo Colon threw a classic game, going eight full innings and throwing an efficient 87 pitches in total. Without question this was Colon’s best start as a Yankee. I am the first to admit that I never expected much from Colon, nothing even close to a 3.16 ERA, in just over 51 innings pitched, with 48 strikeouts, in his six starts for New York.
  2. Alex Rodriguez is hitting going four for seven against the Orioles, and the night before in Tampa he hit two bombs in the game. Both games the team won, snapping a 0-6 losing streak and once again proving how vital A-rod’s performance is to the team as a whole.
  3. Skipper Joe Girardi pulled Colon after eight with a 1-0 lead, only to have the rare occurrence of Mariano Rivera giving up the tying run; which in essence extended the game an extra six innings. Girardi has been under the gun lately and if the team hadn’t won was about to face major adversity again. Someone has to be the bad guy, but Girardi is not a terrible manager and it’s time for Yankee fans to stop pouncing all over him. Girardi is a good man and trying his best and that is all you can ask for from any manager.
  4. After Rivera’s 19-pitch outing, the Yankees bullpen arms of Luis Ayala, Boone Logan and Hector Noesi (major league debut) threw six scoreless innings and kept the Orioles at bay.
  5. After being called up 16 days prior, the 24-year old Noesi’s finally made his Yankees debut in the 12th inning. Even though the situation of Noesi taking the bump was out of desperation, the rookie showed his true colors and earned the respect of his new teammates. Noesi threw four scoreless innings and got the win.
  6. I did have a minor heart attack in the 15th inning when Orioles pitcher Mike Gonzalez threw a 93 mph fastball that hit the head of Chris Dickerson. Dickerson fell to the ground and was down for about five minutes surrounded by Girardi, bench coach Tony Pena and trainer Gene Monahan. It was a scary moment, but Dickerson got up on his own and handed off his cracked helmet to reveal a welt on the side of his left eye. Girardi pulled him out and Mark Craig from The Star-Ledger reports that Dickerson was taken to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Let’s just pray Dickerson is alright.
  7. The biggest difference I noticed missing form the 2011 Yankees was their fight to win. After watching this 15-inning battle I finally saw it again. Considering I was home on my couch and started getting worn out after the 11th inning. It makes me realize how hard they fought to win.

Thursday night Yankees ace CC Sabathia will take the bump. Sabathia will be looking to lead his team to their third win in a row, as well as pitching deep into the game considering how shredded the Yankees bullpen will be.

Orioles skipper Buck Schowalter burned through nine pitchers and in the end had to use his starter for Thursday night’s game Jeremy Gunthrie. No word yet from the Orioles on whether Gunthrie will go or not, everyone is exhausted so probably won’t know to closer to game time.

Overall, long night but good things are starting to happen for New York and hopefully it will continue.

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