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2014 Preview and Predictions: AL East

Thanks to the $438 million dollars spent by the New York Yankees in the off-season, the AL East is back to being the most competitive division in baseball once again.

Predicting the division where your favorite team resides is tough for any fan because it hits at an emotional level, but I tried to be optimistic as a Yankees fan.

But truth be told, 2014 in the AL East will be dominated by Yankees Captain Derek Jeter’s farewell tour, which will certainly make all those Yankees haters blood boil.

Ok, ok, ok… let me get to my prediction of what the AL East will look at the end of the 2014 regular season:

2014 AL East Predictions
*Boston Red Sox9567
**New York Yankees9270
**Tampa Bay Rays9072
Baltimore Orioles8874
Toronto Blue Jays8379

*Division Winner **Wild Card

Boston Red Sox – Losing Jacoby Ellsbury will hurt, but the defending World Series Champs have plenty of firepower to take the AL East again. What puts Boston ahead of the rest is pitching depth. As the Red Sox have a solid rotation with Lackey, Doubront, Buchholz, Peavy and Lester, but also Boston is home to one of the nastiest bullpens in the Bigs. This team is all around tough, and adding A.J. Pierzynski behind the dish to replace Jarrod Saltalamacchia will play out perfectly. The Champs will continue to govern their division in 2014, but it won’t be as easy as last season. Continue reading ‘2014 Preview and Predictions: AL East’ »

2014 Preview and Predictions: AL Central

The pennant race the AL Central provided last season was unexpected, and if my predictions are correct 2014 will be a surprise.

Are you familiar with the story of David and Goliath?

Well, I think the AL Central might turn into baseball’s modern day version of the famous tale.

Here is how I think the 2014 AL Central will look at season’s end:

2014 AL Central Standings
*Kansas City Royals8973
**Detroit Tigers8874
Cleveland Indians8280
Chicago White Sox7686
Minnesota Twins7488

Kansas City Royals – It is good to be Royal, as this young team comes out of the gutter this season. KC will win a ton of close games, thanks to an unstoppable bullpen, and stellar defense. This along with a lot of gritty play by Billy Butler and Eric Hosmer, and the Royals will finally get rewarded. No doubt it will be a dogfight till the finish, but the Royals are primed and ready to be the divisional champs. Continue reading ‘2014 Preview and Predictions: AL Central’ »

2014 Preview and Predictions: AL West

When considering the powerhouses in the East and Central, the West looks to be the weakest division in the American League in 2014.

But, mediocrity does not have to lack competition, and the AL West will feature a four-team race for the division for sure. The only sure thing is the Houston Astros will firmly keep their hold of the division’s basement.

Here is my prediction of how the AL West will look at the end of the 2014 season:

2014 AL West Perdicitions
*Oakland Athletics8874
Los Angeles Angels8676
Seattle Mariners8478
Texas Rangers8280
Houston Astros6696

Oakland Athletics – The A’s won 96 games in 2013, so it would be stupid to bet against them in 2014. The A’s boost a legit young pitching staff, and a good bullpen that will turn great in May when Eric O’Flaherty returns. The offense can hit too with four players smacking 22+ homers last season. Plus the A’s have depth to withstand inevitable minor injuries. While Oakland doesn’t stand out in one particular area, they also don’t stink in one either. But the key to the A’s is they know how to win, and that is the point right? Welcome to Moneyball. Continue reading ‘2014 Preview and Predictions: AL West’ »

2014 Preview and Predictions: NL East

I find the East to be the least thrilling division in the National League, as it was more fun to watch when the Phillies and Mets were at the top.

Here is how I think the 2014 NL East standings will look like:

2014 NL East
*Washington Nationals8975
Atlanta Braves8379
Philadelphia Phillies8181
New York Mets8181
Miami Marlins7092

*Division Winner

Washington Nationals – The Nationals are only in the top spot due to the Braves ruff Spring Training. This team couldn’t do it last season with almost the same group, so better hope familiarity breeds’ chemistry. I like the Doug Fister trade, as it bolsters a starting rotation already with Stephen Strasburg. But it was offense that kept them out of postseason in 2013. Now the question remains can Bryce Harper stay healthy all season long to make an impact? Look for the Nats to win the division by default anyway. Continue reading ‘2014 Preview and Predictions: NL East’ »

2014 Preview and Predictions: NL Central

Like last season, the 2014 NL Central has a clear top team and clear bottom one, while the biggest storyline will be the fight for second place. But one thing is for sure; the teams and fans in this division are full of grit.

Here is how I think the 2014 NL Central will look at the end of the season:

2014 NL Central Prediction
*St. Louis Cardinals9270
**Pittsburgh Pirates8775
Cincinnati Reds8478
Milwaukee Brewers7686
Chicago Cubs6993

*Division winner – **Wild Card

St. Louis Cardinals – This team has been a force to be reckoned with for over a decade, and that is not about to change in 2014. The Cardinals have a legitimate ace in Adam Wainwright, a farm system that runs deep, and a roster chock full of guys with playoff experience. I expect St. Louis to make the NLCS for the fourth season in a row at the very least. Continue reading ‘2014 Preview and Predictions: NL Central’ »

2014 Preview and Predictions: NL West

The National League West is home to arguably the most loaded team in baseball, and yes that is a pun.

Here is how I predict the NL West will look at the end of the 2014 season:

2014 NL West Predictions
*Los Angeles Dodgers9171
**Arizona Diamondbacks8874
San Francisco Giants8379
San Diego Padres8280
Colorado Rockies8082

*Division winner – **Wild Card

Los Angeles Dodgers – Admittedly, I am still drooling over the Dodgers 46-10 run from last season, but you be hard pressed to find many not picking LA to win the NL West. It is a no-brainer. The Dodgers arguably have the best starting rotations in baseball lead by the duo Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke, backed by a solid bullpen. And the offense is tops as well, with Yasiel Puig making a case for NL MVP. This division is the Dodgers to lose in 2014. Continue reading ‘2014 Preview and Predictions: NL West’ »