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Yankees: Not Pineda’s Pine Tar Gate


Ode to Pineda’s Pine Tar Gate

The dazzling performance by starter Michael Pineda that lead the Yankees to defeat the Red Sox last night 4-1, has been entirely dwarfed by pine tar.

Surprise, surprise everyone from ESPN’s Baseball Tonight to the NY Daily News is focusing on the brown, gooey substance located on the inside part of Pineda’s right wrist and not the game of baseball that was played between one of oldest rivalry’s in sports.

Forget that Dean Anna hit his first Major League homer, or how Cesar Cabral and David Phelps struck out five Red Sox bats in the last two and half innings to seal the win for the Yankees.

And no need to mention that the Yankees bats are getting warmer, or how Captain Derek Jeter had two hits, and scored a run in his last, first regular season game vs. Boston in the Bronx.

No let’s instead over analysis Pineda’s hand in the third inning and the fifth inning until everyone’s eyes start bleeding for ultimately no reason at all.    Continue reading ‘Yankees: Not Pineda’s Pine Tar Gate’ »

Yankees: Cheap bullpen exposed already

Mariano Rivera celebrates a victory against th...

Mariano Rivera celebrates a victory against the Baltimore Orioles on August 31, 2009 by shaking catcher Jorge Posada’s hand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The significance of a bullpen reared its ugly head last night when the Yankees lost the rubber match between to the Orioles, 5-4.

Heading into the ninth inning tied at 3-3, the Orioles took advantage by scoring a pair of runs off reliever Shawn Kelley.

The Yankees attempted to answer back but only managed to score one run off a sac fly, and lost the game 5-4.

Reality bites, but if closer David Robertson had been available, the Yankees odds of winning the game, and taking the series go up dramatically.

D-Rob’s experience and career numbers vs. the active Orioles line-up compared to Kelley’s, and the rest of the bullpen lack there of proves it. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Cheap bullpen exposed already’ »

Yankees Ticket Giveaway: Do you want to go see Derek Jeter for free?

Just a reminder….

On June 9, 2014, will be giving away two free tickets for the New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays game on Wednesday, June 18, 2014.

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Click on image to enter Yankees Tickets Giveaway.











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Just a quick pregame note….

Everything went pretty smoothly on Opening Day for the New York Yankees, but someone might want to make sure that the new $153 million man’s name is spelled correctly on the scoreboard today.

I mean Jacoby Ellsubry, excuse me Ellsbury is going to be in pinstripes through 2021 season, possibly even the 2022, so the Yankees might want to spell his last name correctly.

Probably a good idea to just double-check all player’s names to avoid further misspellings, as yesterday was a tad embarrassing. As the saying goes , that was a JV (junior varsity move).

I mean the Yankees know about spell-check…right?

Jacoby Ellsbury not Ellsubry

It is spelled…Jacoby Ellsbury. (pic courtesy of New York Magazine)












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Yankees: Houdini to DL

All it took was one text to ruin my good mood from the New York Yankee Opening Day win against the Orioles.

Like many other baseball nerds, I opt to have text message alerts when there is breaking news about Yankees.

And at exactly 4:45pm this afternoon, my iPhone’s text message went beep and it was the last update I was expecting.

When reliever Sean Kelly closed out today’s 4-2 win, against Baltimore instead of Mariano Rivera’s heir apparent David Robertson, nobody blinked.

D-Rob has been used in three of the Yankees last four games, so skipper Joe Girardi not making him available today was likely.   Continue reading ‘Yankees: Houdini to DL’ »

Yankees: Only 156 games before October

New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter batting...

New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter batting in Shea Stadium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Coming off a six-game road trip that felt a heck of a lot longer, the Yankees are finally back home.

Realistically, it is precarious to make any conclusions based off the first week of any baseball season, but too much happened in Yankees Universe not to throw caution to the wind this time.

I mean after last season it is tough to not be on edge. I guess it is true that like the players, the fans have to settle in too.

For Yankees fans that entails adjusting to a lot of new faces, while at the same time trying to come to grips with saying goodbye to the Captain.

Admittedly, I was jumpy watching these six games, but this group breeds the confidence that I so missed in 2013.

So yes…. I am guilty of reading way too much into the first of many two, three-game sets the Yankees will play on the road during the 2014 season. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Only 156 games before October’ »