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MLB: What bothers you the most about Yankees Alex Rodriguez’s saga?

What bothers you the most about Yankees Alex Rodriguez saga? 

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

This question has been asked a lot over the last week, and from the variety of answers given it is clear that people have taken this issue very personally.

For myself, I think this situation has shed light on a bigger issue for baseball.

No doubt, both A-Rod and MLB acted unethically, and in turn the truth has been lost but it did make me question how clean the sport actually is.

It is hard to understand how MLB declares to have the toughest drug-testing program in sports when A-Rod passed over a dozen tests in the two years he was supposedly taking a cocktail of PEDs.

If A-Rod could fake out MLB’s urine test that many times, then the number of players who actually fail must be only a small minority in comparison to number using them.

Logically, no player who takes PEDs wants to fail a drug test that results in a suspension without pay and earns them the label of cheater. As the point of cheating is to enhance one’s performance, not get busted. Continue reading ‘MLB: What bothers you the most about Yankees Alex Rodriguez’s saga?’ »

Yankees: 4 painstaking articles to read about Alex Rodriguez’s saga

Alex Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez in a game on 5/26/08

Alex Rodriguez in a game on 5/26/08 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is not much I can tell you that has not already been written about.

People are either siding with A-Rod, MLB or neither about whether the 162-game suspension was just or not.

After reading countless articles on this mess, I do not think either side is coming out of this looking good, and that is a shame.

Until substantial evidence, not out of Tony Bosch’s mouth, is presented can anyone really not question both sides/

After reading through numerous the articles written on this situation, I thought I would share the four I found most informative. they are in no specific order.

1. A-Rod: Six Unanswered Questions - Wallace Matthews, ESPN.

Matthews’s poses six key questions that were not asked during 60 Minutes half-hour long report this past Sunday night.

At the conclusion of the article, Matthews asks readers, “What question would you have liked to hear asked and answered on “60 Minutes” on Sunday night?”

I would have added two questions.

First I would have asked Tony Bosch, “If it was so “easy” for you to instruct A-Rod how to pass a over 12 urine tests, how come your clients Manny Ramirez and Bartolo Colon each failed two; and Melky Cabrera one?”

According to MLB, Bosch is a “creditable” witness so his claim that beating MLB’s drug tests is simple to do then baseball has still has a HUGE problem regarding use of PED’s. This would mean MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has not done his job very well because Bosch said it. And this also would mean that only a small minority of pro athletes probably fails drug tests. Think about it…. who would knowingly take PEDs and not want learn the easy way to trick the test so it comes up clean? Continue reading ‘Yankees: 4 painstaking articles to read about Alex Rodriguez’s saga’ »

NFL Playoff Predictions: Patriots vs Broncos and Seahawks vs 49ers

The NFL playoffs are down to its final four, and if you were hoping the top teams would be playing, you are in for a treat.

Patriots vs. Broncos               and  Seahawks vs. 49ers

Patriots vs. Broncos and Seahawks vs. 49ers

As Championship Weekend is here, and only two teams will get the chance to play in Super Bowl XLVIII in my hometown of New York City.

Also, these games could not come at a better time for us Yankees fans. Watching some good football will offer a much-needed break from all the craziest surrounding the MLB vs. Yankees Alex Rodriguez saga. Ah maroon….

Here are my predictions, along with the up coming schedule for next weekend’s Championship Games.


New England Patriots (12-4) at Denver Broncos (13-3)

Sunday, Jan. 19 at 3 p.m. EST on CBS.

Since I picked the Patriots to go all the way to the Super Bowl that would entail New England winning this game in Denver.

It is hard to imagine Pats QB Tom Brady losing to another member of the Manning family in the playoffs, as he has lost two Super Bowls to Peyton’s little brother Eli.

In all honesty, choosing a winner in this game is next to impossible.

The only fact I can tell you is that this game features two of the best QB’s ever to play in the NFL, and is sure to be an instant classic.

Brady and Manning are already living legends in their own right. Whenever either of these two takes the field it is incredible to watch them both take charge of their respective offenses.

This is a match-up NFL fans love, and after enduring the New York Giants this past season my respect level for the two veterans only continues to grow. Continue reading ‘NFL Playoff Predictions: Patriots vs Broncos and Seahawks vs 49ers’ »

Yankees: Bud Selig did not win because Alex Rodriguez got suspended

Yesterday, New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez got suspended 162 games, which means he is out for the entire 2014 season.

2008 World Series Game 2

2008 World Series Game 2 (Photo credit: mookiefl)

Originally, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig had given A-Rod a 211 game for his involvement with the infamous Biogenesis clinic down in Miami, FL.

If you were unaware, MLB’s key witness and Biogenesis owner Tony Bosch will be on 60 Minutes tonight at 7pm to discuss everything.

My question is that why isn’t Selig getting interviewed at all?

The commissioner has far from acted appropriately during his tender about PEDs, and it is unfair that he doesn’t have to own up to it.

There is an article by Jonathan Weiler from the Huffington Post called After A-Rod Ban, Time to Talk More Seriously About Commissioner Selig’s Own Tarnished Legacy, that I think everyone should read.

Trust me this is information all baseball fans should want to know before they go running around praising Selig for nailing A-Rod.

Here is an excerpt from Weiler’s article written on August 8, 2013: Continue reading ‘Yankees: Bud Selig did not win because Alex Rodriguez got suspended’ »

Yankees say adios to Wells

ESPN’s Buster Olney tweeted that the New York Yankees designated Vernon Wells for assignment today, which is not really surprising considering his lack of production last season.

This freed up one spot on their 40-man roster for either Brian Roberts or Matt Thornton.

The Yankees still need another spot for Thornton or Roberts, and expectantly for Japanese phenom Masahiro Tanaka or else Hal Steinbrenner will endure a fan uprising in the Bronx.

Wells is owed $21 million in 2014, $2.5 of which the Yankees are on the hook for. And luckily that money will not count toward to team’s payroll, as every penny is being counted at this point. Continue reading ‘Yankees say adios to Wells’ »

Yankees: Do you want Alex Rodriguez to get suspended?

Do you want Alex Rodriguez to get suspended or not?

English: A-Rod in 2007. Español: A-Rod en 2007.

English: A-Rod in 2007. Español: A-Rod en 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Personally, I do not want A-Rod to serve anytime away from the New York Yankees, but the likelihood of him getting fully absolved is slim.

Still, the punishment, for what I am not exactly sure still, cannot be any longer than 65-games, if even . That is what Ryan Braun just served for shamelessly lying, and weaseling his way out of a failed urine test but not because the results were wrong.

Braun’s dishonesty destroyed lives.

I remember listening to Braun’s winded acceptance speech for winning the 2011 NL MVP award, only to find out later that he had known the test results before receiving the honor. That award belonged to Matt Kemp, but Braun did not care and neither did MLB.

Since Braun has apologized; he has taken the test handler who he threw under the bus out to dinner; written a letter to Commissioner Bud Selig; and released a statement without an admittance.

Braun affirmed that, “I came to the realization that it was time to come to grips with the truth. I was never presented with baseball’s evidence against me, but I didn’t need to be, because I knew what I had done.”

Braun got off on a technicality, which got his failed test eradicated and it seems like he is going to be forgiven by Brewers fans. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Do you want Alex Rodriguez to get suspended?’ »