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Yankees are starting the season with a risky infield

As of today, the New York Yankees starting infield on Opening Day will showcase Mark Teixeira (1B), Brian Roberts (2B),

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Derek Jeter (SS) and Kelly Johnson (3B).

This fragile foursome played a total of 227 last season combined. Johnson is accountable for 117 of those games, while Jeter, Tex and Roberts missed time due to injuries.

All you have to do is check out the latest sportsbook odds for MLB to see where the Bronx Bombers currently rank, and it is not at the top of the AL East even after signing Masahiro Tanaka. My guess is this is due to the shaky infield.

Truthfully, no one in their right mind could predict the Yankees as the division favorites with such a dubious infield being compared to the Word Series Champion Red Sox.

You might disagree with me, but at least read my notes explaining why this is hodge-podge infield. Continue reading ‘Yankees are starting the season with a risky infield’ »

Yankees: You must read this letter to Alex Rodriguez

While I was casually surfing the web yesterday, looking for new additions for my Nike Dunk Sky Hi collection, I randomly

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees talks w...

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees talks with former Yankee great Reggie jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

came across something on the Classic Kicks website.

It was the reaction of a New York Yankees fan named Bernie LeRoy about what has gone on with Alex Rodriguez titled, A Fan’s Notes (With Apologies To Fred Exley).

In this note, Mr. LeRoy vents his disappointments about A-Rod and he really struck a cord in me.

As a long time believer of trying to see the good in everybody, including A-Rod this note made me think hard about this man I have defended.

With A-Rod suspended for the entire 2014 season, I have plenty of time to ponder this some more. Continue reading ‘Yankees: You must read this letter to Alex Rodriguez’ »

Yankees: The Michael Pineda project part two

As New York Yankees fans relish about the Masahiro Tanaka signing, I started thinking about the return of another

Michael Pineda

Michael Pineda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

pitcher, Michael Pineda.

Maybe you had forgotten that Pineda was the main piece the Yankees got in return from the Seattle Mariners for Jesus Montero back in 2012.

Or maybe you don’t remember seeing Pineda pitch in the Yankees pinstripes, and that is because he hasn’t yet.

But as the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow founder and I remember drooling over Pineda during his 2011 rookie campaign with the Mariners.

Following that dazzling rookie season, ESPN’s Keith Law ranked Pineda the fifth best pitcher under the age of 25 in MLB. And here is why: Continue reading ‘Yankees: The Michael Pineda project part two’ »

Yankees Hot Stove: Tweeting Tanaka

The New York Yankees got their man yesterday when they inked Masahiro Tanaka to a 7-year, $155 million deal.

Tweeting Tanaka.

Tweeting Tanaka.

Fielding a postseason contending team is what Yankees fans are accustomed to having, and the fact that Hal Steinbrenner blew past his budget to get Tanaka has New Yorkers excited for baseball again.

The whom, what and where regarding Tanaka’s free agency stayed top-secret until FOX SPORTS Ken Rosenthal broke the news that he was coming to the Bronx.

Total privacy like that is unheralded, which I found very comforting and respectful.

But as an admitted twaddict, I could not help but share my 14 favorite #Tanaka tweets after it was confirmed he would be donning the pinstripes. And let me tell you my twitter page froze about 10 times because Tanaka was trending.

Just to prove how much Tanaka’s popularity is soaring in NYC… it was reported that the January 22nd edition of Yankees Hot Stove on YES was the most watched of this off-season according to Nielsen data.

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Yankees Hot Stove: OMG! Masahiro Tanaka is coming to the Bronx

FOX SPORTS Ken Rosenthal broke this news via twitter:

Finally, for the love of God the Masahiro Tanaka sweepstakes is finally over.

And what felt like an eternity ends up being well worth the wait, as Tanaka is officially a New York Yankee.

Admittedly, I had my doubts whether Tanaka would come the Yankees over the Los Angeles Dodgers, and if Hal Steinbrenner would really blow past his $189 million goal but both did. And Tanaka is going to be a New York Yankee for the next seven seasons for the price of $155 million, but he does have a fourth-year opt out clause for when he is more Igawa then Darvish, maybe?

Nonetheless, the only thing left to say is…..

Welcome to New York City Masahiro Tanaka!!!

Welcome to New York City Masahiro Tanaka!!!









…….at least for now!


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Yankees Hot Stove: If you were Tanaka wouldn’t you go to the Dodgers?

Author Nicholas Sparks once wrote, “Truth only means something when its hard to admit.” 

Clayton Kershaw pitching for the Los Angeles D...

Clayton Kershaw pitching for the Los Angeles Dodgers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New York Yankees fans need to embrace the above because reality is the only time Japanese pitching phenom Masahiro Tanaka will be pitching in the Bronx is when his team is sitting in the visitor’s dugout.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Tanaka is a winner.

Posting a 24-0 record, Tanaka didn’t lose a start in 2013, and led his team all the way to being crowned Japan Series Champions.

Tanaka has obviously proven he is a fierce competitor, and where he decides to pitch in MLB will weigh heavily on which of his many suitors will help him do just that.

Too many Yankees fans live under the illusion that the allure of wearing the pinstripes means something to Tanaka.

Five years age after winning the 2009 World Series it might have been true but that is no longer the case. Continue reading ‘Yankees Hot Stove: If you were Tanaka wouldn’t you go to the Dodgers?’ »