NFL: If At First You Don't Predict, Try, Try Again - Lady Loves Pinstripes NFL: If At First You Don't Predict, Try, Try Again - Lady Loves Pinstripes NFL: If At First You Don't Predict, Try, Try Again - Lady Loves Pinstripes

NFL: If At First You Don't Predict, Try, Try Again

Last week, one out of the four NFL playoff games is all I predicted correctly. To be perfectly honest, picking the Vikings over the Cowboys was a sensitivity issue because I am a Giants fan.

It gave me that subtle reminder of why sports’ popularity never fades.

Quick recap of last week:

The Ravens handed the win to the Colts on a silver platter. Payton Manning is superb, but the Ravens just made mistakes. Ed Reed‘s interception gave a glimmer of hope, until he fumbled it right back to Indy.

The Jets played tough, simple football to beat the Chargers. Philip Rivers looked like a deer in headlights, but a well deserved victory for Rex Ryan‘s Jets.

The Cowboys were back to their former selves by not utilizing their running game. Relying on Romo’s authority doesn’t get the job done, as proven once again on Sunday. Green Bay’s defense took advantage of the Cowboys inadequate protection of Romo and a game when Favre continually hit his targets, easy win for Vikings.

New Orléans has their dominating Saints back again. On both sides of the football, the Saints prevailed. Reggie Bush has not played that well since college. The Saints defense made Kurt Warner‘s possibly last game one that he will not need to remember.

Now football fans enter the last weekend before the Superbowl. Here is my predictions:

JETS OVER COLTS…..It just sounds wrong even thinking it, but this Jets team is no joke.

The Jets have the scapegoat concepts edge, of already having gone further than expected. In turn all the uncertainty gives a teams the effort to prove the world wrong.

For the Colts to lose is not an option and would consider the season a disappointment. See, Payton Manning is the MVP and supposed to win the Superbowl, so anything else would be unreasonable.

The game is in Indiana, home of the Colts. Obviously because the Jets are the underdogs and that title comes with no advantages.

What is it, just luck that is about to run out? No, two negatives equal a positive and the Jets would love to show-up the gracious Colts in front of their fans.

In the last game of the regular season, Indy’s trusty vote in resting the starters to be more pressing than eliminating the Jets is an arrogant statement.

Do not forget that the Jets would not be here if Colts had won. That alone must piss a team-off Ryan and the Jets enough to win. Hell it pisses me off just thinking about it.

At this point, I have doubted Coach Rex Ryan enough and it is about time I started listening.

Final Score: 27-17

SAINTS OVER VIKINGS…..this has nothing to do with being a huge Kardashian fan, and more that the Saints have never been to the Superbowl in 43 years.

The Saints look unstoppable again.

Reggie Bush is on a mission. The defense shut down the Cardinals offense once they settled in, and again, Drew Brees looking together makes it a powerful formula to overcome.

Viking running-back Adrian Peterson is the foundation for the Vikings to win. Peterson has not carry by 100 yards in his last eight games and only ran 63 yards against the Cowboys. Peterson is like catching mercury but if he fumbles the efforts do not matter, and this week everything matter.

For the Saints, starting out strong against the run is crucial. Last week allowing the Cardinal’s Hightower to run 70-yards in for a touchdown in the first few minutes just that cannot happen against the Vikings. The defense only allowed 31 yards for the rest of the game last week, but missing assignments is intolerable.

The Vikings defensee is led by Jared Allen and overall a rugged, solid group. Allen & Co. love to disturb the QB’s progress, but against the Saints o-line will be a good match-up.

With all their best d-men healthy again, the Saints have the better defense in my opinion.

If Favre is ever going to ‘retire’, it would seem a Superbowl appearance would help. Favre’s having his most dominant term in 19-years. So far throwing for 37 touchdowns including 4 last week to beat Dallas, for a total throne of 4000+ yards. That is a 40-year old on a mission.

Favre’s not just on this quest. His old Packers teammate, Saints free-safety Darren Sharper (a baby in age at 34) was dumped by the Vikings last season and has made them kick themselves ever since. Sharper intercepted nine times, ran three in for touchdowns, totaling 376 yards returned which is a new NFL record. Both veterans, familiar with the other and something to confirm will be fun to watch.

Having the home field advantage gives the Saints their crazy fans. Regarding the noise, the Vikings play in the Metrodome (aka Metro-dump) the loudest place on earth. Just for baseball people, when the Tigers and Twins played that season-deciding game, the Tigers practiced with blasting music to get ready because the echo in the Metro-dump is unbearable.

Plain and simple is when the Saints have their A-game swagger; you would be hard pressed to get a better team or one that could win.

Final Score: 28-24

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  1. Zina Frase says:

    Uhh Da Colts defense has been playing without 3 key starters for a while. Powers didnt play vs The Jets, so he could heal. Brocks a starter just not at DE because Mathis and Freeney are so good. The Saints on the other hand have a poor defense and Manning will light them up. You know Brees is gonna fumble atleast once and give the ball over. Just take a look at his record, he's 6/10 on fumbles. The saints defense will lose it for them. On the other hand The Colts defense has gotten better each game. The saints arent very good closers, the Colts are the best at playing 60 mins. Colts by at least 2 tds.

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