NFL Is Back But Brett Favre Is Going To Ruin It NFL Is Back But Brett Favre Is Going To Ruin It NFL Is Back But Brett Favre Is Going To Ruin It

NFL Is Back But Brett Favre Is Going To Ruin It

Welcome back to life NFL, and with open arms….kind-of!

Even though I might not get the same pit in my stomach like I do at the close of the MLB season, nothing beats watching my New York Giants win on Sunday afternoons; or the New York Jets lose.

Sorry, Jets fans but it is not personal, just coach Rex Ryan’s once inspiring spirit has turned to repetitive dribble that gives me ajetta. Ryan has put a monkey on the Jets players back to win the Super Bowl for three seasons, so any actual strides the Jets have made are considered a failures.

The Jets act like they are the New York Yankees in a Mets uniform and believe you me no one thinks New York is a Jets city.

Trust me when I say that LaDainian Tomlinson should run for his life because in 2011 he proved his legs could still be useful and go to a team that might actually win a ring.

LT has been atop my favored players list since he graduated from Texas Christian back in 2001, and anyone who does the “LT Electric Glide” is money in my book.

Now after the end of last season, when the Green Bay Packers rightfully won the Super Bowl, I thought all the non-stop Brett Favre would end.

Favre was involved in a sexting scandal, but also the guy’s better days were evidently way behind him.

Still, every week NFL fans endured Favre’s never-ending press conferences where it was all about him and no one gave a shit. Literally, it was such a waste of time because there were relevant teams who actually won that day who deserved to be heard.

So, when I tuned into ESPN’s 1st & 10 this morning I knew it would be NFL crazed but to have the first topic be about Brett Favre and the possibility of the Philadelphia Eagles signing him made me change the channel in disgust.

Enough about Favre, I would watch videos of Rex Ryan sucking on his wife’s toes than have to endure anymore about Favre ever. At least overhearing Ryan, declare his J-E-T-S the Champs in training camp and having the ticker tape parade added to the team’s season schedules makes me laugh because it is so insane.

Seriously, get a new topic ESPN because Favre’s era was over about four years ago and the Packers have proved they are better off without him.

As happy as I was to hear that the NFL strike was hours away from being finito, hearing the name BRETT FAVRE uttered was enough to make me vomit and swallow it again before I turned it back to the MLB Network.


  1. Uncle Mike says:

    Let me get this straight: The Eagles dumped Donovan McNabb for Michael Vick… and now they're thinking of dumping Vick for Brett Favre?

    Only the Eagles could replace Michael Vick… for a quarterback of less morals. Well, maybe the Oakland Raiders could, and would have, if Al Davis' mind was still working on all cylinders.

  2. Director of Operatio says:

    good read kate! I cant stand Favre anymore…

  3. vault9 says:

    Brett Favre's thinking of making a comeback to the NFL? What a dork, he should stay retired. The man is old and should not stain The Dallas Cowboys by playing for them. Ever.