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NFL: A Lady's Predictions

Warner, Farve, Lewis, LT, Brees, P. Manning and the Jets. Regardless if your team is playing or not, the match-ups are all dramatic in their own right.

With the games just hours away, NFL fans everywhere cannot help their anticipation.

Here are my playoff picks:
(picks have been carefully picked by both fact and emotion)

Arizona Cardinals vs. New Orléans SaintsSaturday @4:30pm

This game will be a battle where the running games on both sides will be the deciding factor. Both Warner and Brees will pass and be successful at it. Warner is tough, again and Brees tends to struggle at the end of the season which he did again losing the last three regular season games. Brees needs to step it up for the Saints to have a chance and be the Brees from before Christmas.

If Beanie Wells (RB) can get by the Saints defense and put some solid yards on the board and presuming the defense can have another good week, Cardinals will win by a field goal.

GAME: Arizona Cardinals

Baltimore Ravens vs. Indianapolis Colts – Saturday @8:15pm

Manning vs. Lewis but for Baltimore to win safety Ed Reed will have to back Lewis by picking off the pass. Baltimore is hot and needs to start with he same dominance as against the Pats. LB Terell Suggs did not play in the regular season game against the Colts and if he can get to Manning the Colts will be in trouble.

Payton Manning is the main cause for the Colts as their defense, who needed the rest is ranked 24th in running defense and Ray Rice will blast by them if they are not perfect. Payton has not fared well in the playoffs when the Colts are not the Wild Card but history is in the past but it can affect a player’s mentality for the future.

Since I have said from being of the season, the Ravens will make the Super Bowl.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings – Sunday @1pm

Look, my emotions factor in because I am a NYG fan. Obviously, I cannot stand anything Dallas and I think Romo is over-rated.

Regardless, Brett Favre is better than Tony Romo. Favre should tire out the defense by giving the ball to Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor. Favre cannot get all fancy or start throwing it up for interceptions but the same goes for Romo too.

I have always said that the Cowboys need to run the ball more and then they will win. It worked last week against the Eagles and it is just far more reliable than Romo’s arm. Dallas is on the road which takes the pressure of 100,000+ screaming in your face and the teams seems to enjoy the lack of attention in other stadiums, pressure is off if they lose (till they get back to Dallas).

With Marion Barber coming off an injury, he did practice and is tough as nails of an RB. Barber back-ups are Felix Jones and Tashard Choice which give the Cowboys a three-headed monster that can exhaust any defense.

This will be a RB war and even with Peterson, with Barber healthier Dallas has a slight edge. This one is a close call.

San Diego Chargers vs. New York Jets – Sunday @4:40pm

J-E-T-S, the most inspiring underdogs with a coach who has so much heart, you gotta love him. Rex Ryan is the answer the team and Jets fans finally found.

Heading into San Diego, where the Chargers have been quietly dismantling opponents, the Jets have the overall disadvantage. Mainly due to QB Mark Sanchez only being in his first season. Sanchez is great in his first year in NFL but he reminds me of Eli his first year or two. Sanchez needs to hand-off the football to the running game because interceptions need to be avoided at all costs.

The Jets offense can control themselves against the Charger defense. The question remains if the Jets Defense can cover San Diego’s Phillip Rivers and his arsenal of weapons.

The Jets have the #1 defense for a reason but Chargers TE Antonio Gates will be the difference maker because the Jets have to figure out who and how the D is going to cover him. Chargers WR Vincent Jackson will have his hands fill with the NFL’s best cornerback Darrelle Revis all over him. This frees up Gates and lets not forget about Darren Sproles, the LT Electric Glide, Legedu Naanee and Malcolm Floyd (aka. M-80 for his acrobatic moves at the height of 6’5).

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  1. Nice site you have here. I will be back. Payton is receiving a lots of loveHere!

    • Kate says:

      Thanks so much for your comment! I am a Giants fan so Eli is my QB. The teams season was plagued with injuries, not to excuse the terrible second half but hopefully next year will be back to being competitive, again!

  2. Kate says:

    Thanks my name is Kate and thanks for the compliment!