New York Yankees: Why Derek Jeter As the Captain Is Priceless - Lady Loves Pinstripes New York Yankees: Why Derek Jeter As the Captain Is Priceless - Lady Loves Pinstripes New York Yankees: Why Derek Jeter As the Captain Is Priceless - Lady Loves Pinstripes

New York Yankees: Why Derek Jeter As the Captain Is Priceless

The sports media has been talking about this for about three seasons, and that time has finally arrived.

New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter has come to the end of a 10-year contract, making him a free agent the moment the World Series ended.

The Jeter from 2009 seemed to be a ghost in the 2010 season. Glimpses would come and go on occasion, but no one is denying that Jeter had a paltry season. Whatever the reason Jeter can still play very well, and the reason behind the Captain‘s never-ending slump are pointless to get back into.

Jeter has always been hyper-criticized by the media and non-Yankee fans for being just average, so his latest numbers just give more ammo to this idiotic banter.

If anything the recent Jeter headlines have at least relieved me from my Brett Favre migraine. Still, this continuous speculation that Derek Jeter will be in anything but Yankee pinstripes forever is becoming quite desperate.

First, New York City would be an unsafe place if the Yankees let Jeter walk. The Yankee fans’ uproar would be deemed a national emergency. This is something NYC Major Mike Bloomberg might want to consider the risk of a New York sans its captain, and throw some of his billions into the contract.

Second, the players would be lost without their Captain, and it would show on the field. Playing next to a man named Derek Jeter is the purest form of adrenaline and motivation a player can feel without using PEDs.

Jeter is baseball’s captain, as his peers have unanimously elected him Captain of Team USA both times he has played on it. Jeter was by far not the most talented player representing the country, but respect is the hardest thing to earn and not just in baseball.

Bottom line is, Jeter should be an exception in regards to his contract. Not many athletes get paid for what they have done, but in this case “show me the money” is the only appropriate motto.

Jeter makes baseball better, represents New York City with such pride and he is a humble leader that also happens to generate entire teams to win.

Derek Jeter is being unfairly judged because of one mediocre season, but I surely am not ready to give up on him yet. Let me say that anyone who states that Jeter is worth anything less is not a real and true baseball fan.


  1. Uncle Mike says:

    So what you're saying to the media and other Yankee Haters is what Charlie Brown once said to Lucy: "Tell your statistics to shut up." Indeed: Pay the man. It will, essentially, be buying a prevention of the firestorm that will happen if they don't pay him what he wants.

    • Kate says:

      I agree with you….but I would not give up on Jeter just yet. He had one bad season following a career's best season, so I expect Jeter to be productive in 2011.

  2. Sorry, I can't agree. If Jeter is so team-oriented, then why do the Yankees need to break the bank to keep him? And breathing the same air as Jeter still only got the Yankees one ring in the past decade.

    • Kate says:

      Jeter has helped the Yankees earn five rings, yes TWO in the last decade (2000) but that some teams and many players will never even get the chance to win a World Series.

      The Yankees should break the bank for Jeter, he deserves it. If you are solely looking at numbers, Jeter's merchandise and presence surely makes the Yankees a lot richer. Add the respect and leadership adn that is worth more than any stat ever will.

      Stat-wise he will generate so much $$$$ when he has his 3000th hit in pinstripes….so business wise the Yankees are getting a steal of a deal.

      • Are you saying Jeter is bigger than the Yankees? He's not. Nobody is. And I don't understand why the Yankees have to fall all over themselves paying him over and over and over for past performance. He already had the third-biggest contract in baseball history. If he's Mr. Yankee, then why does the team need to overpay a player in decline for past performance?

        And Jeter didn't exactly win those rings single-handedly. If Jeter were on the Kansas City Royals, how many rings do you think he'd have?

        As for the 3000 hits, I can't tell you how many times I've heard Yankee fans say that Jeter is only about team, and not individual numbers. Until he got close to the all-time Yankee hit record, that is!

        • Kate says:

          Well, I think Jeter is all about team but nothing wring some personal achievements for players as well.

          Jeter is not bigger than the Yankees, but the Yankees are bigger with Jeter as their Captain. That is a fact…..

          • Katie says:

            I think that Jeter isn't as team focused as he says he is. If Jeter cared about his teammates and about the Yankees in general don't you thik he would re-up his contract with them right away? This demand for money shows that he's selfish. Jeter feels that he's such a hot commodity that teams should fall over themselves for him. And as for the "breathing the same air" comment, I believe it's absolutely ridiculous that any teammate is better because of the man standing next to him. If anything I bet Jeter's teammates habor more ill will towards the man than admiration.

            • Kate says:

              Thanks Katie but I disagree about Jeter not being a team player…..and why should Jeter have to stand down when it comes to his contract?? No other player would ever do that…it would be idiotic.
              Jeter is a legend and it must be awesome to see a guy with his attitude and work ethic as an example on the same team.

  3. Uncle Mike says:

    Since when has signing anybody ever broken the Yankees' bank?

    • Kate says:

      Good point…..but we are in a new Steinbrenner reign so let's hope the sons maintain Daddy's empire and generosity too.

  4. RealityCheck says:

    Jeter was a great captain alright. So much so he let A-Rod hang himself when he struggled in his first year in New York. He's also a class act. So much so he refuses to bat any lower than leadoff when he struggled mightily in that role. He's also irreplaceable. So much so even greats like Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, Bernie Williams, Don Mattingly, and so on who were either given the cold shoulder by the Yankee organization or let go are just ballboys compared to the greatness of Jeter. Here's the reality check. Jeter would be a no-named shortstop had he played for any other team. The Yankees made him into what he was and is today. He needs them more than they need him and when Jeter walks, I doubt there's going to be a state of emergency.

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