New York Yankees Sweep A's But Double Trouble In Seattle - Lady Loves Pinstripes New York Yankees Sweep A's But Double Trouble In Seattle - Lady Loves Pinstripes New York Yankees Sweep A's But Double Trouble In Seattle - Lady Loves Pinstripes

New York Yankees Sweep A’s But Double Trouble In Seattle

The New York Yankees brought their brooms out West, as the Bombers easily swept the Oakland Athletics for three-games. Pitching set the tome, as Javy, AJ and Sabathia all were phenomenal in their starts.

The timing could not be better as the Yankees head to Seattle for four-games against the Mariners.

In case Yankee fans forgot on purpose, the Mariners were just in the Bronx a week ago. Trust me, never facing the Mariners one-two knockout of Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez ever again would have been fine with me.

Lee and King Felix totally massacred the Yankee bats last week. It was not pretty, or fun for Yankee fans to watch because it was that scary.

For a group who can’t score runs, the Mariners have certainly found the perfect solution. Putting Lee and the King on the mound is a guaranteed relief for the Mariner bats.

This makes today’s game a must win for the Yankees because double trouble starts are slated for Friday and Saturday’s games.

The Yankees best pitcher in these situations is on the mound tonight. Do I even need to type the name Andy Pettitte?

The veteran Southpaw is strong as ever and Pettitte thrives under pressure. He is up against Mariner’s lefty Jason Vargas, who is no joke either.

Vargas has a 3.22 ERA, with a 6-4 record for the season, but keep in mind the Mariners have stunk so far making a home in last place with a 33 wins and 50 loses.

Vargas is only 27 and lately has struggled going deep into games. His last start Vargas only made it through four innings, but otherwise he is good. Vargas throws a lot of strikes because of great control. Add an arsenal of pitches to continually mix-up hitters. Overall, Pettitte’s experience will beat this youngster and the Yankees bats are hot from all-sides too.

Still this course entails beating Lee and King Felix. This is almost impossible no matter who they are up against. Both are hot as hell right now too.

Losing today, in edition to Friday and Saturday is three to many to stay atop the AL East. The Tampa Bay Rays are piggy backing the Yankees just 2 games back.

Both the Rays and Yankees have won there last five games, and yesterday ended with a sweep in Fenway Park. Both teams are playing hot, hot, hot.

Now we will see a real baseball’s battle royal. Who will be in first going into the All-Star break?

Who cares as this war does not end on Sunday weekend, as Tampa comes to the Bronx next Friday for a three-game set.

So fans, it is time to start your engines….and Yankees please don’t forget the brooms at Oakland Coliseum.