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New York Yankees Ruin A Perfect Halladay

Every MLB team lives in fear of facing Phillies stud Roy Halladay.

As a Toronto Blue Jay, Halladay had crushed the New York Yankees for 12 seasons.

So, when Halladay was traded to the Phillies last season, it was a huge relief and very happy farewell for the Yankees. AL hitters practically packed Roy’s bags to get him into the National League ASAP. Finally, no more recurring nightmares of Doc’s cutter.

Everyone was so sure that Halladay was going to wreck havoc on a line-up sans Alex Rodriguez and a useless Mark Teixeira, that it had already been accepted as not fate, but fact.

Who knew the Yankees planned to host a mini home-run derby against the mighty and feared Phillies ace Roy Halladay?

No one would have believed the Yankees after such a shaky month of May.

To be honest, sweeping the Houston Astros didn’t provide much reassurance. The Yankees should beat any team playing .385 baseball, not just the Orioles.

CC Sabathia struck out six batters by the end of the third inning, but he held it together enough for the win. Sabathia surely got needed run support, starting with a triple by Brett Garner in the second giving the Yankees a 2-0 lead.

Then the hit-brigade started with Curtis Granderson hitting a solo shot;than don’t you know Robbie Cano smashed a double, next it was Nick Swisher’s turn who broke his bat but hit a two run homer and this is all before the fifth inning.

It looked like Mark Teixeira wanted to send Halladay runnung, with a fifth inning a solo-shot. I am going to say much more in regards to Teixeira, I know he is trying his best and hope it’s a sign of good things for out frustrated first baseman.

At the same time, the air at Yankees Stadium felt different. It felt magical and I realized the team was whole again. When one man was down another picked up the slack, very good baseball is the best description.

Overall, it was nice night for the Yankees as a team. The Yankees are a team looking to repeat, that is for sure. The Bombers played just as solidly as the last time they beat the Phillies; and you know how that turned out!


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