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New York Yankees Look Good After Losing In Boston

Both bullpen’s battled for starters CC Sabathia who called it a night in the sixth, and Josh Beckett finished an inning before at the top of the fifth.

The Yankees were up 5-2 in six innings, but Sabathia sixth inning was all the Red Sox needed to score two runs to get momentum going.

Girardi will suffer unwanted heat for not pulling Sabathia at 100 pitches, but finishing out the six seemed logical. It just got unlucky. Sabathia had a solid first outing, and no reason he won’t win 19-20 games this season.

Both teams battled it out, but the Red Sox utilized on the Yankees mistakes to win 9-7.

Since it is the first out of 162 games, no need to get worked up even if the Yankees had not lost.

There are however a few things of note:

  1. Curtis Granderson fits. This is no small feat on the Yankees. Many kudos to Brian Cashman for adding another Cinderella following CC, AJ, Tex and Swisher.
  2. Joba gave up a hit, but overall he is much more comfortable in this role than as a starter. As time goes on Joba will succeed, and he can serve two, even three innings if needed.
  3. Alex Rodriguez started slow, but came through in the seventh inning after the Red Sox tied it up, scoring Tex and putting up a run as well. This together Arod looks so relax and sure it is tremendously encouraging.
  4. Jeter and Posada are still Jeter and Posada. Posada had three hits, two in clutch situations and Jeter was park of a double steal with Garner, who stole home.
  5. Nick Johnson still does not feel right. Missing Matsui the person is a given, but Godzilla is just a better hitter than Johnson. Still, as the season progresses the Yankees will understand Matsui should never have been allowed to walk.
  6. Our newest Japanese version, Chan Ho Park gave up the winning runs tonight. Park’s location was off on his fastball, but he seemed sluggish in general.

Red Sox first-baseman Kevin Youkilis was on fire. Along with Dustin Pedoria, both were critical in tonights win. Nothing can go wrong with either, as it would wreak havoc in Boston Nation.

Forecasting the length of the time, it will be difficult for Boston to keep the fire all season without David Ortiz stepping it up. Also, Victor Martinez does not seem to connect with Beckett behind the plate, and putting Captain Jason Veriteck back there loses a crucial bat in the line-up.

Even in defeat, the Yankees are a better team in comparison to their rivals. Overall, the Yankees look ripe to go all the way this season.

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    1. D-mets-yankees says:

      Like the positive attitude……as a new fan of baseball I agree that the Yankee team looked to be not as phased as Boston. The Red Sox look like it took the life out of them to win that game, but it was in front of their own fans so kinds have to fight more.

      Love to know what you think of the Mets. Love the blog!

    2. Double G Sports says:

      Was a typical Yankees/Red Sox matchup combined with first game of the season. Some big moments, some sloppy play from both sides.

      • Kate says:

        Totally agree with you. The Red Sox looked like it took a lot out of them to beat the Yankees. Boston needs Pedoria and Youks to have that energy go all season long, as Big Pappi is not the same and Jason Bay's bat brought 25+ HR and 100+ RBIs will be noticeably missed more than Theo Epstein seems to think.

        I just hope the Yanks win tomorrow night, as I'd hate to start off losing a series to Boston. Like what I saw from Arod, Granderson, Posada and Jeter. And Joba was throwing at 96 mph which with some more practice he can locate better. Joba will be dominate, I have high hopes!!!! Yankees owe him lots of hours to make that happen!

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