New York Yankees: Champions On The Cheap New York Yankees: Champions On The Cheap New York Yankees: Champions On The Cheap

New York Yankees: Champions On The Cheap

Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. – Eleanor Roosevelt

This week’s message clearly given to the Yankees from the sports world.

It is no surprise, that Yankee fans seem to be leading some of the charge.

How do I know this? It’s because I am one of those fans; an admitted spoiled brat. ‘Show me the money’ to where is money is not making me feel like a more deserving fan.

By no means is this easy to buy or is it any way questioning Mr. Steinbrenner’s real goodness for his beloved Yankees. Just please do not suffer embarrassing yourselves. Not for even a moment, in thinking that Yanks fans will be more realistic.

Buying monster-name players does not guarantee winning, nor is it capable of automatic comradeship but it worked last year. Yankee fans spend serious money on tickets to see super-stars play and win championships.

For once, the budgeting threats came true. Talk about ‘yanking’ in the reins, after the free-for-all in the 2008. Being frugal is chic and suitable, but that does not mean that the reduction was spent well.

The 96′ Yankees did not make many changes or down-grade in the following two seasons, because the formula worked.

For example, letting the MVP of the World Series, who had that kind-of effect just seems nuts to me. When David Ortiz (big pappy) became a Red Sox, the curse finally reversed…twice. Any baseball fan can attest that without Big Pappy there might still be a burden in Boston.

Everyone has acknowledged the designated hitter significance in the American League, with all the attention the media finally gave it last season. To spend on a top clutch hitter, with 28 home-runs compared to an inconsistent, eight homer, musical-team playing guy is not pay well spent.

Fact is Nick Johnson and Randy Winn cost the Bombers $7.5 million that could go towards an offer to Matsui of somewhere between $7-10 million. This is a fact that is hard to swallow.

Hint-hint: Loading the contracts with meaningful incentives makes it a lose-lose/win-win environment for everybody.

Damon, via Agent Scott Boras needs to take less money to keep, but not a derogatory $2 million dollars. Looking at the state since Winn, it would be a good idea to get Damon. Yanks will spend more than $2 million grabbing a player in June or July, or announcements regard, “Welcome back Gary Sheffield” or “Bonds instantly out-of-retirement” will be Yankee reality.

Hopefully, both sides can join in the realistic middle. With Damon showing his love for New York, the franchise sticking to ‘winning now’ formula and a common respect for the game of baseball itself. OK, it is time to wake-up now.


Something in human nature causes us to start slacking off at our moment of greatest accomplishment.  As you become successful, you will need a great deal of self-discipline not to lose your sense of balance, humility, and commitment.  ~Ross Perot

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  1. mhsports says:

    I'm not really upset about not resigning Matsui. He had a great World Series and I will never forget that, but I think we caught lightning in a bottle with him this past October. I really don't think he's going to produce anywhere else. He's too broken down.
    As for Damon, the only person to blame for Johnny's not already being signed is Johnny. He had a great year and obviously contributed to our championship season, but you don't go around demanding $14 million at age 36, and if your agent does, you sit him down and read him the riot act. My guess is that Damon ends up signing with another team for less than the $5.75 mill the Yankees offered him.

    • Kate says:

      Matuis brings media revenue with him too and the professional attitude which all players can benefit from his example. I think Matsui is much better option than Johnson, as other than Jeter its hard to think of a player as good in the clutch.
      Damon is responsible for himself but Boras got into his head and he believed him. Actually, the Yankees first offer was $20 million for 2 years, which Damon wouldn't listen too. Then $14 million was second time Boras came back to Cashman. Now his is an orphan and that sucks for Damon shouldn't end his career like this.

  2. Kate says:

    I agree regarding Damon, it is essentially his fault but Boras makes likable players very annoying, due to his bully-like demeanor. Example, I have always been an Arod fan, but when Boras got involved during his resigning it made me not care.
    Arod's wife, who has known him since their teens, took a lot of the control of how her husband's stress level was impacting him. She knew he wanted NYY and she was his rock. Damon's wife should step in here a little. Damon somehow believes he is the same Damon from 4 years ago, when his lack of a throwing arm was not as significantly obvious because he athletically could make up for it.
    Matsui, I still believe strongly was a huge mistake. If the Yanks think Johnson is going to be as reliable in clutch situations, than let me see it and I am the first to admit I am wrong. Remember that Johnson can't play defense either and is just as injury prone.
    In addition, the economy has caught up with the Yanks this off-season and Matsui brings stadium advertisement from Japan. He also brings a country's entire viewership and the 20+ Japanese press who's job is to be at each game when he plays. He is an icon at home and all the extras will go with to Los Angeles.

  3. Irvin Poister says:

    It's amazing what a person can find googling around.. I love your articles, and will subscribe to your RSS. Oh yeh, Yankees FTW in 2010! hehe. Sorry, could not resist.