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New York Mets: Baby Steps Are Not Enough

Baseball’s second-half is just 48 hours away from starting, and fans are filled with anticipation for the season’s end.

Some fans want it to end because there team is already out, while others have hopes for a post-season berth.

Well, even if your team is in last place just wish for a miracle? Crazier things have happened in sports. There is plenty of time remaining that, unless you are an Orioles fan, anything is still possible. 

Okay, but what do you say to a New York Mets fan?

Before I answer let me state, as a New York Yankees fan I am not trying to be mean. This is a question I am ask all the time, as I have many Mets-fan friends.

Some examples: “Are the New York Mets trustworthy now?” or “Will this Shit last?”

Now, I will share my answer is below:

Mets fans might detest me, but you know in your heart this 2009 team is not good enough yet. 

The Philadelphia Phillies will pass the Mets in the standings almost immediately, as only a half-game separating the two. When allowed, the Phillies gap will grow by mid to late August.

See, the Phillies are mentally tougher than the Mets, because the Mets are sore losers. This cannot be totally blamed on the Mets players, as no example of respect has been set by anyone.

Once the ‘amazins’ fall a little, they will start to pout. Which will be followed by Jose Reyes going back on the DL (which he is already flirting with now).

Than sadly, fans will witness David Wright prove, once again that he is still not the leader the team needs. The Mets have ruined Wright mentally, and I guess Citi-field can take the blame for his batting struggles. Ever since the first time Wright stepped into the new park, he has not been himself.

Overall, not enough changes have been made to rock the boat over in Queens.

The same people are still running the group since the day of  the disrespectful firing of manager Willie Randolph. What a terrible example that was and about as classless as it gets.

Except the Mets owners continually bring everything unprofessional too a new level. Another example was the meeting in Atlanta early this season. It was made unusually public by the Wilpons’ and all that did was belittle Manager Jerry Manual. Everyone knew it was a last minute  stop on the Wilpons way to somewhere more relevant.

Ther have been  a few positive steps in the right direction because the Mets have been winning. This is due to young rookies like Ike Davis and the unexpected, success of the starting rotation.

Still, winning and losing in such dramatic streaks does not demonstrate consistency. Making any minor improvements just not enough because the team at hand needs considerable bigger ones.

My guess is that once the Mets get a new managerial staff, than they will compete.

To many Mets fans dismay, GM Omar Minaya cannot be fired. The team does not have responsible owners, so Minaya’s departure could certainly destroy the franchise.

Unless the medical staff dismantles the team by continually botching up players injuries.

Which leads me to ask, where the heck is Carlos Beltran?

Didn’t Beltran and A-rod have similiar damn hip issues, around the same time? Please do not take me exactly here, as I do not follow Beltran’s progress like I do A-rod but it has been an exceedingly long time.

Okay Mets fans, now I am officially done.

Whether you agree, are angry, or whatever else you might think, please feel free to let me know.

Remember, this is just an opinion, but it is a legitimate one.


  1. Meg says:

    I'm sorry, but please learn to proof read. You may not have gone to Harvard or Yale, but that does not mean your writing level needs to be at a grade 5 standard. You would give yourself more credibility if you could spell, and form proper sentences.

  2. D-mets says:

    Wow that is harsh!!! I saw a few minor mistakes but I see the same kind of mistakes on and all the time. She gets the point across very well and that is the main objective, I would presume.

    Oh and Meg I went to Harvard… next time just email the author personally if u want to be constructive. It just comes off as angry, instead of helpful.

    Kate, I love Lady Loves Pinstripes and read it all the time!!! Keep it up!!!

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