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New Name But Same Place For The Yankees

Matsui-land sure did not look any different for the New York Yankees tonight, as the Angels of Anaheim are clearly back from their questionably shaky start to the season.The teams are back at each others throats again, literally.

In the third inning ex-Angel Mark Teixiera rounded third base like he was charging a running back in the NFL. The victim was Angels catcher Brian Wilson and tonight marked this youngster’s debut to the majors. Wilson had to be carried off the field, going straight to the hospital and his injury status is still pending. Welcome to the Majors Brian Wilson, and let’s hope nothing is to serious.

Both Ervin Santana and AJ Burnett started the night sloppy.

Burnett, as usual, glued himself back together and not allowing another hit after the fourth inning. Burnettleft  the game in the eighth just shy of 100 pitches total. He walked just two batters, striking-out only two which is not Burnett’s normal stat. The Angels finished with nine hits that scored six runs, but Burnett is not to blame for the two that counted.

Burnett was not horrible considering any pitcher facing a fierce Angel squad will be put to the complete test. Burnett exited the game with a tied score, so his job did get done.

At the bottom of the eighth inning, the score is 4-4; Joba Chamberlain took the mound against Hideki Matsui.

Matusi hit a line drive single, making the Yankees miss his clutch bat more than ever. That is because it was the start to the Angels scoring two more runs, to take the lead 6-4.

This is no different role for Matsui, as he was the game changer so many times in pinstripes.

Brian Cashman is kicking himself for letting the World Series MVP leave without even a whimper. Even worse, Matsui joined a team that has been a persistent problem for the Yanks throughout the last decade.

Still, the Yankee bats stayed dead after Joba gave up the runs. Now, the defending champs have lost their second straight with a result of 4-6 tonight.

This will provoke Yankee fans about not keeping Hideki Matsui. The outcome of the game could have been the opposite, and the goal is to win last time I checked.

Fact is waving adios to Hideki Matsui was a terrible decision made by Cashman and company.

How or why would anyone let a designated hitter of that caliber join another team?

Especially the Angels, who have beaten-up on the Yanks for the last decade. It is mind boggling.

The whole game was like a scab re-opening a stinging wound.

Things like this happen for a reason, and trust me the Yankees got that message tonight.

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    1. d-mets-yankees says:

      Angels are scary because the Yankees don't scare them…..but the Yanks fight back just as hard!

      Love your blog!