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National League: Team Rankings Everybody Ought To Know

With baseball season in full swing, teams are starting to define their reputations.

As the season progresses, teams will start to trip themselves up or find their footing again. Some teams will get that hail mary to get back up, and some might collapse like the Mets in 2007.

Speaking of the Mets, lets rank* the National League in part one, and the American League in part two.


  1. San Francisco GiantsThe Freak, Tim Lincecum is the best pitcher in MLB and Giants rotation is one of the top, depending if Barry Zito is really back to life. Ahead of Cards because Giants took the series, killed them with pitching.
  2. St. Louis Cardinals – starting rotation up their with the Giants lead by Chris Carpenter; best player MLB is still Pujols with 7 home-runs, 5 doubles, 11 walks and 18 RBIs as of April 28. Pujols is insane, but the rest of the line-up better start to help him out, consistently.
  3. San Diego Padres – most improved team and now at top of the NL. It would be a miracle for this to last even until the All-Star break.
  4. Philadelphia Phillies Werth’s bat finally woke up; Rollins on DL and bullpen needs fixing so not as dominate for the moment, but watch out when everyone is healthy and repaired.
  5. Florida Marlins – this team reminds me of Tampa, disorganized but young and talented. Keep an eye on this team, could be silent sleeper. Pitching rotation is up and down, so presume team will do the same. It’s one way or the other for the Marlins.
  6. Colorado Rockies in a three team race in the west with Giants and Padres. Rockies are a second half team and I expect them to be again. Need to figure out catcher as Iannetta sent to minors to work on hitting, problem if n improvement.
  7. New York Mets – leading the division, but it’s the Mets and the team is winning but all over the place. Santana is getting it done, but battling to get by which is not good. Wright and Bay seem to be warming up fast, but will this hold up? Who knows, but for now looking amazin….
  8. Chicago Cubs just can’t catch those Cardinals, a familiar story at Wrigley Field. May schedule is a joke so time to make a move is now.
  9. Washington Nationals – calling success beginners luck, for this team should start to display inefficiency by June.
Pitching protege Stephen Strasburg has .052 ERA in minors and will see him soon. He is the real deal so watch for Strasburg’s big debut, hey you never know.
  10. Los Angeles Dodgers – disappointing start for Joe Torre, and ace Chad Billingsly, who should improve majorly. Recent blow: Manny Ramirez is on the DL, but expect to get out of this rut very soon. Rank is low but can’t live in the past, and this is being polite for Dodgers April stunk.
  11. Milwaukee Brewers showing signs of improvement, but closer Trevor Hoffman’s age is catching up with him. Hoffman is up there with Mariano Rivera so it’s not over yet for the 43 year old, at least the Brewers hope.
  12. Atlanta Braves – looked great in spring, but something is not working. Rotating the OF’s for playing time is not working well, killing their bats.
  13. Cincinnati Reds – Not bad but considering the Cardinals will take the central, it would be a miracle for Reds to get wild card. Have to hang in there as May schedule gets rough and it will foretell if there is any possibility at all.
  14. Arizona Diamondbacks – Justin Upton will be the best player in MLB by age 25, thats six years and doubt he will be in Arizona by than. As season gets deeper, can’t miss a beat, a long-shot for the youngsters, who are in a tough division with Padres, Giants and Rockies.
  15. Houston Astros first half of April 0-8, second half 8-2. Need more time, because can’t quite pinpoint anything except that Astros need to make a better statement than this for anyone to notice.
  16. Pittsburgh Pirates – do I really need to start with this franchise? Like always stink, with no hope this season.

*LIST – teams are in order by rank; teams divided by their respected league.

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