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Mo Problems

In typical circumstances whenever anyone has shoulder surgery, it is only natural to employ on the sturdiness of your legs. It is a subconscious way in which the body reacts, giving some relief to the injured and recently tender area.

Imagine you are a pitcher in the majors and just came off shoulder surgery. Just throwing off a mound at the speeds and velocity needed to accomplish the outcome, which is a strike, is not typical to begin with.

So, as with anything else you use the strength of your legs to balance or attempt too. Because you have to play and will make it through the pain whatever way you can.

That is why I am trying not to worry too much about Mariano Rivera. His hamstring has been sore since his surgery so he sat out tonight in the win against Toronto Blue Jays.

Mariano is like Jeter; he does not miss a game. Any Yankee fan or player knows this and it puts concern out there.

Mo is a veteran, with experience and talent with the best of anyone in the history of the game. Rivera has been through it all, he knows what it takes to finish the long season and how deep a player has to dig to win in the post season.

The Yankees won again tonight and are in a great spot right now. Rivera knows this and he would never risk his role, because it is a critical one that is for sure.

Clearly in order for a team to compete in the post season they have to have a dominant closer. At least a team that wants to win, to be clearer

For the Yankees, Rivera is that guy.

The set-up now, with the rock solid bullpen or the pre-Rivera club that precedes hearing Enter Sandman, which means Mo, is a major key in this team’s success.

Let’s see how the next few days play out regarding the situation for Mo.

I would dread to have to start posting the other options that have to be taken into account if Mo is more hurt than he is letting onto.

No Mo could mean big trouble for the Yanks.

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