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MLB: Two Teams To Watch

It is not even June, but when a division has three or more good teams it is imperative to stay very close behind, if not on top. It is easier to fall out of the race than realized.

Some of these smaller market baseball teams might not be media favorites, but have the potential to be serious contenders down the road.

Here are two NL teams that might be overlooked unfairly, but are dynamic enough to be a threat come October:


The Rockies are not a suave ballclub by any means, but they are fighters.

This team wants to win, after losing their only World Series in 2007; the Rockies have not stopped trying to get back there. The team has the right attitude that will keep October within their reach.

Currently, winning four in a row and creeping up behind the Dodgers and the Padres.

This ballclub has the best pitcher in baseball, Ubaldo Jimenez, who has .88 ERA and 9 wins. Jimenez seems to only be getting better and if Rockies are playing in October, they will be very tough.

Don’t be surprised if Colorado takes the lead by the All-Star break, but if not I would be surprised if they were more than a game or two behind.


Pre-season the Reds were the young team with a lot to look forward too; I don’t think everyone realized it would be in 2010.

Filled with veterans and young future stars, whom are both proving themselves at the plate and defense has been superb. The Reds starting pitching has been better than expect, even if the numbers don’t show it.

The Reds have recently dethroned the top spot in the AL Central from the mighty St. Louis Cardinals. Right now, the Reds need to keep winning while the Cardinals struggle. This will give Cincinnati some room to breathe down the road, as the Cards will snap out of this slump at some point.

The Reds could use another arm in the bullpen, and come September it will be the difference maker in making a playoff run.

Maybe Aroldis Chapman could be that guy?

Chapman has a hell of an arm and could be lights out in relief. It is a nice stage to get adjusted to the Major League atmosphere.

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