MLB Truths: Totally Different Story If Jose Bautista Was A New York Yankee MLB Truths: Totally Different Story If Jose Bautista Was A New York Yankee MLB Truths: Totally Different Story If Jose Bautista Was A New York Yankee

MLB Truths: Totally Different Story If Jose Bautista Was A New York Yankee

Wait…give me a chance.

This is not another article by a delusional New York Yankee fan who thinks everyone can and wants to play in the Bronx.

It is a simple point that if current Toronto Blue Jays super-slugger and baseball’s newest poster boy, Jose Bautista wore a different uniform my guess is things would be much different.

For example, imagine if Bautista had become a Yankee back in 2009 and not a Blue Jay?

Sure you can Photoshop a uniform onto your grandma, but I am referring to his career prior to 2010.

After playing for five different teams over six seasons, no one could or would have anticipated that Bautista would ever knock-in 56 home-runs, 148 hits, 35 doubles, three triples and 124 RBIs in one season.

Not even in their wildest dreams, considering this same utility player the year prior posted 13 home-runs, 79 hits, 13 doubles, three triples and 40 RBIs, which were standard numbers judging over the years of watching Bautista’s capabilities.

Bautista’s best career home-run season was back in 2006 when he hit 16. Then you look at the fact that he has only hit 63 RBIs once, which up until 2010 was a career milestone for the utility player, as that RBI number was usually 10-20 points lower.

So, getting back to the idea that if Bautista was doing all this in Yankee pinstripes would it be the same storyline? And would the media be so kind and would MLB be as forgiving?

Doubtful considering MLB, along with the press generates so much revenue when the Yankees dominate the headlines. The media capitalizes off the negative by constantly over-hyping or make-up stories about the Yankees; it is to the point where any baseball fan, without realizing it, is getting brainwashed.

Two of the zillion of articles hailing Bautista a baseball god really caught my eye.

The first was from yesterdays New York Times written by Dan Rosenheck and the article was called Keeping Score: Bautista’s Stats Approach Those of the Greats, praising Bautista like he is  the hitter baseball has been waiting for.

Next was by Cliff Corcoran of Sports Illustrated who keeps an Awards Watch page all-season, and the most recent article from today read Bautista dominating AL MVP race while NL’s is wide open.

Let me start by saying that Corcoran’s assessment of Bautista being on top is totally fair considering Bautista’s current numbers. What really pissed me off was that Corcoran did not have Yankees Curtis Granderson on the list at all, but instead gave the Grandy-man an honorable mention at the bottom with about 10 other players. That is just pathetic and completely inaccurate.

It got me thinking that if Granderson being a Yankee has anything to do with it?

It sure makes you wonder.

This is the same reason the media hasn’t gone nuts about the real possibility of Bautista using steroids because the stats are quite alarming.

Oh right…when asked Bautista denied using anything PEDs, and Bautista also said he had no idea that it was being talked about at all. What is he an idiot? Or has his head been in the clouds over the last decade?

Look I am not saying Bautista has broken any rules or has been using anything illegal, but I sure am questioning it.

If I were Bautista, I would do what Derek Jeter did a few years back.

That is to take an optional drug test that tests for everything and allow the results to be made public.

Jeter did it to just shut everyone up, and the Captain did not have a questionable statistical history like Bautista does.

Don’t we as baseball fans deserve to have proof that this newly deemed ‘hero’ is really what he claims to be?

It has been let down after let down regarding baseball’s top hitters and the trust has been broken, so why shouldn’t we demand some proof?

The baseball fans are the ones who buy the tickets, so don’t we have the right to know what we are paying for and whom we should really believe in?

It makes me sick to think that Jeter was accused when his only fault was that he wore a Yankee uniform, and that he must be a cheater because of his bigger paycheck.

God forbid Jeter might have just earned it, the right way.

If Bautista wants this status than he should have no problem and actually want to prove it.

Baseball fans have been through enough that it would make Bautista’s achievements actually legitimate, as well as making baseball seem honest again.

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  1. Jon says:

    So you're complaining that a player who is putting up numbers that are being compared to the likes of Barry Bonds is getting more attention than a player who is putting up numbers that are put up by different players nearly every year? My god, can you Yankees fans not go a day without being the ones in the spotlight?

    • D-METS says:

      You are comparing him to Barry Bonds….isn't that a little ironic??

      Bonds was a roid-head and has admitted to being injected, but didn't know what it was.

      Right….so what do Bonds and Bautista numbers have in common????

  2. Richard says:

    I love Jon. Seriously, is it not enough that you have your 19329 championships, a ridiculous and laughable team salary and a very talented team? You have to be upset when Granderson is left off one blogger's MPV voting page? Hol-ee shit you'd think the entire Yank fanbase has been using HGH with the size of your heads. BTW, Grandy's home run totals seem to be on their way up, where he'll top his own career totals by a large margin at age 30. Not saying it's of the same level of Bautista's (whose stats increased "coincidently" with his newfound consistent playing time, position stability and completely reworked and adjusted swing) but why not question Granderson? Sure, Bautista could come out and just make everyone happy but he owes nothing to the doubters and I'm sure the Blue Jays fans are pretty happy. It's not like we have had a plethora of proven/all-but-guilty steroid users on our current team/teams from the last few seasons like the Yanks.

    • D-METS says:

      Granderson has always been a star-player, a household name and played for one team before the Yankees.

      How did all these professionals skip over Bautista for so long??? Just missed his talents??? Just seems all to late and all too fast….

  3. Bell_bell says:

    "Not everybody on the team gets picked every single time that they test, but our team has gotten tested once a week for the last four weeks, and I've gotten tested twice in that span. … I know what kind of person I am and how I achieve things, so I have no problem answering these questions. If playing good baseball and playing good and hitting a lot of home runs and being successful leads to people asking these questions, I have no problem answering them, because I know I haven't done anything wrong." – Jose Bautista on ESPN's Scott Van Pelt Show last Friday.


  4. Conspiracy says:

    This is utter drivel. The insane don't realize they're insane, ponder that fact Kate.

    • LLP says:

      There are still over a 100 names on that list and given Bautista's sudden surge after eight pro seasons gives for good reason to speculate. He has proven himself since but in 2010 it came out of left field literally….that is all I meant.

  5. Conspiracy says:

    Why not outrage for Pettite and A-roid who are confessed cheats? Three cheers for speculative hate on Bautista.

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