MLB Trade Rumors: Braves To Yankees Trade Reaches All New Lowe MLB Trade Rumors: Braves To Yankees Trade Reaches All New Lowe MLB Trade Rumors: Braves To Yankees Trade Reaches All New Lowe

MLB Trade Rumors: Braves To Yankees Trade Reaches All New Lowe


It is no secret that the New York Yankees have been on a pitching crusade after losing both Cliff Lee and Andy Pettitte this past off-season.  GM Brian Cashman made a lot of heavily criticized moves that seemed desperate at the time, but have actually been the savior and reason behind the Yankees hot start.

Regardless, the Yankees are not going to pass on trading for a possible ace if one is available and again we have Cashman to thank for that.

Cashman has built the Yankees farm system from the ground-up. It also happens to be loaded in all the right places with multiple young catchers who coveted right behind lefty-arms in ranking order of value.

So the watch is on for teams, who by beginning of July, can afford to trade a top arm to fulfill either immediate needs to contend or looking to build towards the future.

The 28 (Red Sox not included) other teams are well aware of the talent the Yankees possess in the minors but it will take an ace to get Cashman to budge.

The recent speculation is that Brett Gardner could be a possibility but I wouldn’t bet on it. Gardner has had a rough first month, but his struggles seem to be going away now anyway and once he starts stealing bases again this idea will get squashed.


This brings me to the Atlanta Braves, who currently sit at 15-15 and this team cannot afford to watch the Phillies and Marlins surge while they sit dead and stale playing .500 baseball.

Pitching is not the issue, as the Braves retain one of the prime rotations in baseball, with Tim Hudson, Tommy Hanson, Derek Lowe, Jair Jurrjens and Brandon Beachy.

Problem is the lack of bats has been costing the team wins.

Luckily Atlanta has viable back-up arms down in the minors that are major league ready and serviceable at the back end of their rotation. This gives Atlanta some wiggle room to get a much-needed big bat to get their line-up, which consists of Dan Uggla and Chipper Jones hitting.

Newsday’s Ken Davidoff ‘s recent article reminded me of the fact that Lowe had been on Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s radar for sometime; as Cashman almost inked Lowe before the 2009 season but instead went with AJ Burnett.

Lowe was recently busted on April 29th for a DUI; as Georgia State Patrol spokesman Gordy Wright stated that, last Thursday night Lowe was racing his Porsche down a residential street in the tony Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead and refused to take a breathalyzer at the scene.

So, the 37-year-old Lowe now has legal woes to deal with, but he still made his scheduled start 48 hours after his arrest on May 1st.

Davidoff seems convinced a Yankees and Braves Lowe-trade could be likely down the road. While I entirely agree with Davidoff about Atlanta getting rid of Lowe for a sustainable bat; I don’t believe the Yankees will be the team on the other end of the deal.

The Yankees will want to use one of the young catchers as a big piece to any trade. This is not a position that the Braves lack in with four-time Silver Slugger and five-time All-Star Brian McCann. McCann just turned 27-years-old and he posts 24 homers and 100 RBIs as his career average per season.

If Atlanta is going to part with Lowe, his recent off-the-field stuff does put a damper on his value because it is completely reckless at his age and after 15-seasons in the bigs.

Lowe’s behavior is by no means ever acceptable no matter whom or how old any person is. Racing down a residential street, drunk at 10pm is so reckless considering Lowe is a husband, dad and veteran pitcher that guys look-up too. It makes you wonder what the heck is going on with this guy mentally. Look I am all for having fun and having some drinks but as you get older the idiotic stuff just isn’t cool, this is coming from years of personal experience.

This is why Lowe could be a potential liability that might not be worth the risk. Contemplating what I think the Braves will be asking in return, which will probably be a lot and too much that this could be the one-step-too-far that Cashman takes after his widely hailed and successful offseason.

Cashman’s luck will run out as that is a part of life, but a trade like this might make it happen before it needs too.

First, any team will have to see what Lowe’s legal ramifications will be and how much this affects his production over the next two months or if he misses any games. Lowe did make a public statement and a private apology to his teammates. This was Lowe’s first DUI incident with the law ever… so that probably translates into his first time getting caught would be my guess.

No doubt when Lowe’s sinker ball is on he is an ace; who has consistently made 33+ starts and pitched around 200 innings, give or take for the last nine seasons straight. Lowe has been Atlanta’s Opening Day starter the last three seasons. Update:

For the next two months I will continue to address genuine Yankees Trade Rumors because with Phil Hughes not looking to be back anytime soon and CC’s recent struggles, it is only lighting fuel under Cashman’s behind to render the situation pre-All-Star Break/Trade Deadline.

Please email me HERE about any trade noise you might have heard, or want to start…and I promise to give you my honest opinion that I stand behind firmly.

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  1. sean says:

    1. The "Legal ramifications" of a first time DUI (no injury) will result in plea-deal down to reckless driving, and he can postpone until off-season. Rexxxxxxad small fine, zero jail time.

    2. Brett Gardner didn't make his college baseball team out of the shoot, and he couldn't fend off the immortal MELKY CABRERRA for a job. Sorry ladies, I know he's cute, but not including Gardner in a trade for a top of the rotation starter would be like not pulling the trigger on 1999s Roger Clemens trade because the Blue Jays asked for pinch runner Homer Bush.

    • Kate Conroy says:

      You are right Gardner is sooo cute…..but he is also a darn good baseball player and a cheap one right now too. He is hitting again since not having to leadoff and is back in the line-up down at the bottom where he excels!!! Gardner has a better eye at the plate than Melky and his OBP is ridiculous!!! Add that to his speed and whala you have a keeper!!!

  2. Uncle Mike says:

    Gardner might be a good pickup for the Braves, and the style of play to which their fans have been accustomed since 1991. The question is, Do the Braves have someone A) with whom they're willing to part and B) would be an upgrade for the Yankees over someone they already have?

    At the moment, Derek Lowe, by himself, would not qualify under B) — although, with the Yankees having acquired Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia and, formerly, Mark Prior, Kerry Wood and Kevin Millwood, all over the course of the last year, it wouldn't be a complete shock to see Lowe in Pinstripes. Red Sox legend? So were Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens and Johnny Damon, and they all worked out (well, Clemens did the first time around). Come to think of it, so did a Red Sox legend named Babe Ruth (though he was only 25 when he played his 1st game for the Yankees).

    • Kate Conroy says:

      The Red Sox aspect doesn't bother me, what does is that this grabbing the aging veterans is due for a dud soon and I think Lowe has "yankee bust" written all over him.

  3. steve says:

    Sorry but there is no way Cashman will use one of his minor league catching chips for a soon to be 38 year old pitcher. Gardner wouldn't be included either. They will deal a mid level prospect at best or they won't get him. They were willing to include montero for Lee. Sorry but Lowe isn't in that level. This guy is old and makes about 12 million a year. This isn't the steinbreneer led yankees of the 80's!

    • Kate Conroy says:

      For this trade no because Brian McCann is a great catcher and he just turned 27. They will want Montero…..and I know he is a catcher now but I do not think he will be over his major league career.

  4. Tanned Tom says:

    My guess is the Braves will move Lowe for very little. Remember they wanted to trade him to NY last year for Gardner. Instead it was Cabrera for Vazquez, which was both better in the player we kept, but far worse in the player we got. Yes he's a bit old and a bit overpaid, but the real issue is that NY doesn't need him right now. Although, how about a Soriano for Lowe deal, straight up. I hated the Soriano siging and would love to dump this head case and his attitude problem. Would work as a salary dump for both teams.

    • Kate Conroy says:

      Yes, I just don't think the Yankees need to trade the talent this time. In the past I might have said differently but now I like the young arms and would be interested in seeing them develop as Yankees.

  5. Frank Spero says:

    i thought lowe said a while back he would never be a yankee (his assinine red suxs attitiude) if so who the hell needs him why get him so he could blow games for the yanks

  6. jimboplyr625 says:

    lowe sucks like the red sox ,screw him,better off bringing up a rookie

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  8. Henry says:

    Another attempt to trade Montero. Montero for Lowe! That would be the worst trade the yankees ever made. How did you ever get your own site? You know very little about baseball and you are always trying to trade Montero.

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