MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees Need To Just Overpay MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees Need To Just Overpay MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees Need To Just Overpay

MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees Need To Just Overpay

The New York Yankees, along with the other 29 MLB teams have 13-days till the July 31st trade deadline.

According the Yankees GM Brian Cashman, the team will NOT overpay to acquire mid-season talent.

Well isn’t it true that when you want something, you have to be willing to pay the price for it?

You would think that the Yankees would know this better than most, but not lately. Cashman is turning into a cheap skate, who is hoarding the prospects right before are eyes.

Why did Cashman even bother building such a strong farm system?

Looking back, Austin Jackson was the last big-time Yankee prospect that fans were waiting on. Three years later, and just days before his pinstripes début, Jackson was sent packing to the Detroit Tigers; who in turn shipped Curtis Granderson to the Bronx.

Now, a season and a half later the Yankees clearly got the better deal as Granderson is establishing himself as an MVP.

Not that Jackson has been a bust, but last season’s 170-strikeout number is off the charts. Ironically, Granderson posted 174 strikeouts in his first full MLB season, so the Yankees skipped Jackson’s toddler years by grabbing Granderson.

Regardless, the Yankees seem to fare better with players than prospects, so Cashman not wanting to overpay for talent confuses me?

What did Cashman think would come with a flourishing farm system…. lower or even reasonable price tags?

Fact is that obtaining a fresh talent boosts a team, whether it is a handful prior to 2009 or a reliever mid-season like Kerry Woods in 2010. You have to pay for the talent that makes a difference, especially if you are working for the Yankees.

If the rumors, that the Boston Red Sox are ready to lay it all on the line to acquire some major player in the next two weeks than the Yankees could be in trouble.

Cashman cannot sit on his hands; celebrating prospects that have no big-league history and might never just to avoid possibly overpaying for an established player.

Remember, the Yankees made their reputation for winning by spending excessively and no offense it kind of comes with the territory don’t you think?

Whether it be Padres Health Bell or Marlins Randy Choate, the Yankees need some help and a fresh face can literally change a team’s October Road. Even trading with the Rockies for 27-year-old Ubaldo Jimenez is something Cashman needs to really consider after Jon Heyman from Sports Illustrated confirmed that the Rangers and Red Sox are in this mix too.

Another reason is they cannot allow other teams, like the Red Sox to get better, because it could be the difference in making the playoffs. If the Bombers miss October baseball, all hell will break loose in the Big Apple. Not too much a truckload of prospects can do to fix things when it’s already too late.

As three-time Olympian Ruben Gonzalez once said:

“You’ll either pay the price of success or the price of regret.

The price of success weighs ounces.

The price of regret weighs tons.

It’s Your Choice.”

The risk is well worth the reward for the Yankees to part with some youngsters, as they will have plenty left. No one will miss Jesus Montero, plus a few other promising prospects; but not lefty Manny Banuelos because I feel good things for this kid…. if Cashman ever lets him come up.

I know, you want me to get to the point.

To sum it up, without a doubt this 2011 Yankee team is the real deal; built to make the playoffs, but as far as I understood, the goal is still to win the World Series.

So, it is time for the Yankee brass to wave the white flag; and stop acting like baseball’s Baby because unfortunately nobody is going to help the Yankees if they are pouting in the corner.


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