MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees Bullpen Could Use Some Chicago Heat MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees Bullpen Could Use Some Chicago Heat MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees Bullpen Could Use Some Chicago Heat

MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees Bullpen Could Use Some Chicago Heat

Kerry Wood

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Over the last five years, New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman took the team’s farm system and built something out of nothing.

The Yankees haven’t had this much talent in the minors ever, and everyone has taken notice. Still, the Yankees are all about the now, not the next or five years from now but today.

The Yankees have a phenomenal team this season, old but wise and not quite worn out yet. This doesn’t mean the Bombers are perfect, as no MLB team is but the Yankees do have needs or holes to fill like everybody else.

One popular grab prior to the July 31st trade deadline is that of relief pitchers. You’d be hard pressed to find a team who couldn’t use a solid arm to come in the middle innings in late August.

Regarding the Yankees, getting a lefty specialist is a top priority because Boone Logan isn’t going to cut it much longer. Feliciano and Marte, who were hired for that role, are both still on the DL and there is no timetable when they might return to the Bronx.

It is no secret that the Bombers are window-shopping. For the remaining 29 teams, who are not in contention this could work in their favor. If they put a solid lefty on the table, it would be almost impossible for the Yankees to refuse.

Then reality hits because in 2011 more teams are in contention at the break than ever; which in turn shrinks the already scarce market for lefty specialists.

So, what does Cashman have to do?

Go out and dangle the goods in front of teams that aren’t playoff worthy that have a reliever that can get out lefties and who can handle playing in New York.

Specifically after enduring an embarrassing, first game to start the second-half up in Toronto.

The Blue Jays smoked the Yankees, 7-16; but after being 8-0 heading into the second the Bombers bats came back to life. With a score of 7-9 heading into the sixth inning, the Yankees were in a place to win. That is until LHP Boone Logan came in and gave up three runs; Sergio Mitre who continues to be totally useless followed Logan and gave up another couple runs.

This is where the Chicago Cubs come in, as they have a reliever named Kerry Wood who Yankee fans got to know very well last season. Wood should have been kept after a dynamite job in relief, but cheap skate Cashman didn’t agree.

Wood is a veteran with experience. He just got off the DL this past week, but prior to suffering a blister on his thumb in June, Wood pitched 24 innings with a 2.25 ERA and 21/10 K/BB ratios out of the bullpen for Chicago.

Wood spent most of his career playing in Wrigley; he is from the Chicago area and gave the Cubbies a hometown discount for his service to help them out this season.

The Cubs are a team who are rebuilding, are not going to the postseason and could use some young talent.

So, why doesn’t Cashman go dangle a sweet package in front of Cubs GM Jim Hendry, forcing him to convince Wood to waive his no trade clause.

Then Wood can come back to the Bronx to help out again, and possibly get his first World Series ring too.

The argument the Wood throws right is really immaterial because he is applicable against both. When facing lefties over his career, Wood’s holds batters to a .221 average, while maintaining righties to a .212. He has well proved he can handle the New York pressure and was excellent down the stretch, while aiding the youngsters in the bullpen as well.

Teams are already calling about bringing Wood’ talent to their ballpark for the rest of 2011. The Yankees have the most and the best resources over everyone.

So what is stopping Cashman from luring Wood and paying for something that has already proven to work?

It sounds like a win/win to me.

ESPN’s Buster Onley tweeted the following about Wood:

At some point, Cubs will convey serious interest from contenders to Kerry Wood, and let him make the choice of if he’s traded, and where to.

What do you think about bringing back Wood?

Also, what kind of package should the Yankees offer the Cubs and Wood so it would be hard to refuse?

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  1. Dr Balls says:

    Does Kerry Wood bat to? We got into a slugfest with a team and lost so lets panic and make a trade for a guy that we had last year and didn't offer a 2011 contract to. Let's go out and make a trade and jeopardize the future so we can have ANOTHER 7th or 8th inning guy out of the pen.

    Guess what, the Yankees are not going to offer Kerry Wood a 2012 contract next year regardless of how good he may do from this point forward, so unless he is free and/or part of a salary dump not requiring players in return (unless of course they want Mitre) I don't see this happening.

    Think about how many right handed pitchers we have before you post garbage like this.

    After you think about that, start proof reading before you post.

    • Kate says:

      Dr. Balls…..whatever you want to believe but the Yankees need bullpen help and that is a fact. Robertson cannot be the only reliable guy other than Mo. Mo has not been healthy and with his age you have to have some kind of reinforcement. Overuse Robertson and watch him get hurt….the Yanks would be in serious trouble.

      I have no idea why you are bringing up 2012….I am talking about now, 2011, this season. The Yanks motto has always been how to win this year and that is what I follow.
      Two points for you:

      1- And the Yanks didn't pick up Woods option cause it was too much, but now might not have been considering with what they are dealing with now. Woods was great as both a reliever and a mentor to Joba.

      2- Jeopardize the future of who the Yankees?? What do you think the NYY farm system is for an entire new team?? Darn right go get a legit 7th-8th inning arm, they certainly need one. So, maybe you should stop taking out trash and go watch some NYY games.

  2. D-mets says:

    Kerry was great last season….he changed the bullpen around for the better and helped Joba along the way.

    So, D. Balls what are you talking about???

    Wood has a 1 year deal with the Cubs for a huge discount of $1.5 million and the Yankees didn't want to take the $12M+ option for 2011 on him. Wood was a better option than Soriano has been.

    Wood is a guy with experience and most Yanks fans wanted him back….he is a Chicago guy.

    And Kate was not talking about 2012, she was talking about before the trade deadline on July 31, 2011 to help out like he did last season.

  3. Johnny Israel says:

    If I recall correctly…and typically I do. The Yankees wouldn't pick up the option but still offered him well above what the Cubbies did. He just took the hometown discount and made sure he had a no trade clause to play for his beloved Cubbies.

    • Kate says:

      Yes Johhny you are correct, but the Yankees option was in his contract for around $10-12 million and the Yankees did want to pick that up. Woods is a Chicago guy, as you know and he and the GM are close friends so he decided to go back and give them a discount b/c of the clubs financial situation to help them out and be close to home.
      It has been said that the offers will be told to Wood and it is up to him to waive the no-trade clause, but if the prospects offered were beneficial to the Cubbies my guess is he would do it.
      The Yankees couldn't offer him anything but the contract option, which seemed ridiculous at the time. Now, with Soriano disaster it doesn't seem so outrageous.

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