MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees Jesus Montero To Savior Of Giants Season MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees Jesus Montero To Savior Of Giants Season MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees Jesus Montero To Savior Of Giants Season

MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees Jesus Montero To Savior Of Giants Season

Buster Posey

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The Injury:

When the 2010 Rookie of the Year, Buster Posey broke his leg blocking the plate earlier this week it was unfortunate loss not only for the San Francisco Giants, but also for baseball.

Fans everywhere, even here in New York are very sympathetic towards the 23-year-old Posey. You’d be hard pressed to find a baseball fan that didn’t admired how Posey led his team to winning a World Series.

A player like Posey is what is referred to as rarified air, as they don’t come around very often. Speaking as a sports fan you appreciated the Posey-types for their magical abilities, both as a player and a person.

Posey is on the DL and what looks like for the season, so that means no one will see Posey till 2012 Spring Training.

This injury sounds pretty worrying and is detailed very clearly by Ali Mohamadi – SB Nation Medical Expert, who explains the severity of it.

What does this mean for the reigning World Champs?

Well, the fact is the Giants would not be the World Champs without Posey.

Posey is not just a stellar backstop, but he brings a big bat and happens to be the most productive hitter on a team that is not strong offensively.

With the majority of the 2011 season still yet to be played, the Giants might have to go shopping for a catcher or at least a prolific hitter if the Champs plan on keeping their crown.

The Giants have a 79-54 record, with a 3.26 ERA since Posey became their full-time catcher. Without question Posey earned the trust from the Giants pitchers, which is not that easy to do and he seemed to fit right in the San Francisco puzzle.

Where Could The Yankees Come In?

Need a young, talented catcher? The Yankees are the place to look.

Well, first a big thanks to Yankees GM Brian Cashman for building the Bombers farm system to be one of the deepest in baseball, as it houses three of the best young, catching talents in the minors.

Jesus Montero, Austin Romaine and Gary Sanchez are all familiar names to Yankees fans, and many have been keeping watch over these three kids for the last year.

Montero has been in trade talks since this time last season. Montero provides the biggest bat of the three; as he is ranked #3 prospect by Baseball America and is currently hitting .311 for Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes Barre.

Veteran pitcher Bengie Molina told Andrew Baggarly from the San Jose Mercury News if the Giants “are smart,” they’d move Posey to first or third base.

You sort of have to agree, as a bat that can change the course of a team’s season might be to precious not too.

Whether the Giants GM Brian Sabean can put together a package creative enough to appeal to New York is a whole different story.

Starting pitcher Barry Zito is not going to lure Cashman. I can promise you the Yankees are not dumb enough to think they can get Tim Lincecum, but one of the other young arms is probably what it will cost. Sabean didn’t do anything in the off-season except allow a better shortstop to walk, but Posey is a whole different story.

For now the Giants will have to get used to the tandem of backup Eli Whiteside and journeyman Chris Stewart.

The idea of this trade ever happening is a long shot.

The Giants know that without an upgrade soon, they can wave the idea of repeating or even making the playoffs goodbye.

Still, the ideal player for the Giants would be a catcher, who can hit.  Not only would they free-up Posey for a possible position move, but mainly they would have a viable back-up, which permits Posey more needed days-off and it prevents an injury from leaving the team totally crippled.

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  1. Alex says:

    Posey is a catcher and will be back next year. The giants have no long term use for Montero, a minor league catcher and prized prospect. Posey is not going to change positions, at least for many years. The giants need a stopgap player who can hit with regularity and power. That is unlikely to come in the form of catcher. Shortstop is the most obvious position for the Giants to look for an offensive upgrade, with Jose Reyes being an excellent, though perhaps too expensive trade target. But any position other than 2nd, 3rd or center will due.

    Keep in mind that the Giants are very protective of their rotation. They will not trade The Freak, Matt and Madbum. They really don't want to lose their Wheels, either. Probably won't trade Dirty, and can't trade Zito without swallowing most of his contract, which they can't stomach. If Vogelsong maintain anything near his lights out performance, expect the Giants to try to flip him for a veteran bat who is entering free agency. That likely won't happen until the Giants have no choice but to bring Zito back to the show.

    The Giants have proven to be both patient and opportunistic in their personnel decisions. Don't expect them to do anything major any times soon. They will not sacrifice the next five seasons for this one.

    • Kate says:

      What about as a big batter??? And actually Montero would be a great catcher for an NL team who lacks offense…..he could get the job done and with Posey at first-base that is two power bats that the Giants desperately need.

      • Alex says:

        Neither the Giants nor Posey want Posey to move to first base. Posey is more valuable behind the plate. Brandon Belt is their future first baseman, he started the season slow offensively, but with some seasoning has the potential to be an all star. It does not make sense for the Giants to invest heavily (the Yankees will not trade their future star catcher for spare parts) in what would be a long term solution (an excellent but unproven prospect) to a short term problem (the rest of this season). Keep in mind, the Yankees signed Marin because Montero was not ready for the show.

        The Giants have a surplus of near replacement level position players in their lineup, so, if they are going to make a big move, it makes sense for them to do so with a position where they do not have a potential star. If Brandon Crawford can continue to play at the level he has been (a big IF, he was brought up from single A out of desperation), he will make trading for a short stop unnecessary. Before he came up (when I replied to your post) Tejada was the weakest regular in the lineup. A trade have would have turned a negative into a positive. The net gain from trading for Montero wouldn't be as large this season. Whiteside is probably a better catcher than Tejada is a short stop and the Giants may have a long-term short stop problem. How likely is it that Crawford is as good as he has been playing? We’ll have a better idea by the trade deadline, but don’t expect Sabean to do anything soon.

  2. Yankees102 says:

    Wasn't Bengie Molina a catcher?

    Jesus Montero could figure into the Yankees plans by next year. Montero, though somewhat lacking in defense, has a bat thats ready for the majors. The Yankees might have called him up this year if his defense was better. Once he improves in defense, he could be the Yankees' new starting catcher, because Francisco Cervelli is not an everyday backstop, and assuming the yankees don't resign Russell Martin, assuming he has a good year.

    • Kate says:

      Yes, Molina was a catcher with the Giants up until mid-2010 when he was traded to Rangers. Molina has said that things did not end well with GM Brian Sabean so he was not waiting for the phone to ring…..even with Posey finished for the season.

      The Giants are in some trouble and anyone who doesn't think so is delusional….wait till July, August and September to see how bad the Giants are sans Posey.

  3. Nick says:

    How about a 3-team deal?

    Incorporate the Mets some how.


    A few young pitchers to the Mets, Montero to the Giants, and Beltran and Pelfrey to the Yankees.

    Now that may not be enough to lure Montero from the Yanks, but Im sure they can sweeten it somehow.

    Only way it'd work was a 3-team deal.

    • Kate says:

      I think the Mets should do everything in theor power to keep Reyes, as the shortstop market is bleak and who would replace Reyes?? And be as productive as Reyes???