MLB Trade Rumors: How The Yankees Bullpen Could Actually Get Better MLB Trade Rumors: How The Yankees Bullpen Could Actually Get Better MLB Trade Rumors: How The Yankees Bullpen Could Actually Get Better

MLB Trade Rumors: How The Yankees Bullpen Could Actually Get Better

New York Yankee trade rumors speculating whom GM Brian Cashman should go after to fix the team’s decrepit bullpen are keeping the sports media busy.

The suggestions that make sense to me are going with what has worked in the past; and the three foremost things that popped into my head were:

  1. Call Chicago Cubs GM Jim Hendry ASAP; first Hendry has to give a nod that the Cubs want to make a trade with the Yankees. If it is a go, start begging Kerry Wood to wave his no-trade clause and come back to the Bronx. Wood, better known as one-half of the infamous CHICAGO HEAT, was traded last season to Yankees, where he flourished as the bridge to Mariano Rivera. I thought the Yankees would keep Wood in 2011 season, but he was another causality overlooked during all the Cliff Lee drama. Still, if Cashman can somehow obtain Wood again things would straighten out really fast. In his short Yankee career, Wood went 2-0 posting a 0.69 ERA, allowing just one home-run, two earned runs, while striking out 31, in 26 innings pitched…translation go get him Cash!
  2. John Harper of the New York Daily News makes a valid argument that the Mets should trade closer K-Rod to the Yankees. The Mets need to dump the big contracts to free up some money and the Yankees need bullpen help, which they will trade and pay for. Could this possible deal work? Certainly, but the extenuating circumstances might prevent it, like the Mets fans. Mets fans have been dragged through the mud, so helping the Yankees would seem a tad ludicrous. Last time the New York teams made a deal was on December 3, 2004, it was one has-been given, and a never-was obtained, so not harm no foul. Getting Francisco Rodriguez off the Mets payroll takes $18.5 million for 2012 and K-Rod makes any bullpen lights-out.
  3. Dellin Betances, Manny Banuelos and Andrew Brackman known, as the Killer B’s are the Yankee top three pitching prospects that Yankee fans might never see. The talk about the three has been endless; especially Banuelos who fans got a taste of in Spring Training and displays the stuff of an ace at just 19-years old. The babying of these guys is getting ridiculous. Cashman needs to look at how Hughes and Chamberlain were handled and where they are now. Enough with the “RULES” just let the guys pitch and learn. I know this is a pipedream but Cashman might be left with no other choice. Joel Sherman of the New York Post agrees that it is time to give the youngsters a chance.

Cashman, unlike the majority of GM’s in baseball has endless resources at his disposal, which certainly allows him more breathing room to get the right fit. I have faith this will get fixed and probably with back-ups just in case.

The Yankees beat the Cleveland Indians on Friday night wit a final score of 11-7, so maybe this whole not beating the Red Sox thing is mental and more like 2009 than I initially thought.

Regardless, I have not thrown this team under a bus just yet. There is more then half-a-season left to play and so much is going to happen all around baseball.

Believe me, throwing in the towel on the Bombers in the past has never done anything but make the Yankees hungrier to win it all.

Cashman has my utter support and confidence that he will plug these holes and the Yankees will be playing in October once again.

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  1. Very cool blog, Kate Conroy! I added you to my RSS feed & on Twitter.

    Whelan was shaky last night, his nerves and all, hopefully he can start to replicate some of his pretty impressive numbers, which he had down in Triple A, as a closer.

    I would love to see our Monterrey-Fernando Valenzuela like prodigy, Banuelos in the mix, but from what I understand he has been struggling? The company line on Betances is that he too young and Brackman, has had his woes, like Banuelos?

    I would prefer to have Woodie back but K-Rod (whom I dislike profusely, in terms of attitude and antics) might just be the one the Yanks pickup…his pitching prowess is not in dispute.

    • Kate says:

      Thank you Carlos!!! I appreciate the compliment…..and as for shaky performances, I think we are going to be seeing a lot of them with Colon being out now. Hughes makes me very nervous and just thinking about what Cashman could do scares me to death too!!!

  2. Shaun says:

    I doubt any of the three would happen. Wood wants to stay in Chicago (which is why he took a big discount to play there), K-Rod can be a costly headache (he wants an extension or a closer role), and the prospects are not close to ready. There are many quality relief pitchers that will be available come July and the Yankees will audition some of their AAA guys between now and then. It's too early to speculate on names, but Oakland and Toronto has relievers to spare. Let's not rush the youngsters: they are not ready yet. They should and will be promoted after success in AAA and when they're ready to stay in the majors. Perhaps Banuelos will be an top line starter for us out of the gate in 2013, but he and the others need time. For now, I'd like to see more consistency from Nova and a return from Hughes (and even more production from Montero in AAA). The team will get RP help from the trade market.

    • Kate says:

      Shaun I agree it is a long shot but maybe Wood would want a chance to win the WS??? Not that the Yankees are playing well enough now, but they are a second half team and sure has a better chance in the Bronx than n Chicago.

  3. Jeff says:

    When will writers finally realize that Cashman does not have endless resources to work with. Although this preceded the opening of the new Stadium, the debt load on the Stadium is a fortune and The Sons have Cashman operating on a budget.

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