MLB Trade Rumors: Oh No Yankees Bring Back Sergio Mitre MLB Trade Rumors: Oh No Yankees Bring Back Sergio Mitre MLB Trade Rumors: Oh No Yankees Bring Back Sergio Mitre

MLB Trade Rumors: Oh No Yankees Bring Back Sergio Mitre

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The New York Yankees are playing some darn good baseball, posting a 17-26 record in the month of June.

The Bombers just won their sixth series in a row tonight after taking the second game vs. the Milwaukee Brewers 5-2 and will go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon in the Bronx.

The Brewers are one of the better teams in baseball, sitting in first place in the NL Central. Maybe they are star-struck, but I have watched a few Brew-Crew games this season and they are no doubt out of sorts. Basically, I expected this series to be the highlight of playing the NL teams.

Not that I am taking away anything from the Bombers, as they look indestructible as of late. Fact is the Yankees don’t have the best record in Interleague Play (153-106) for nothing, and the trend continues on.

So understand my dilemma when in Wednesday’s post-game skipper Joe Girardi said something to the tune of getting back a pitcher that had helped the team in the past. Then I thought I heard the name Sergio Mitre come out of his mouth.

My first thought was something was wrong with my hearing, or maybe I was asleep and having a nightmare?

Well, neither came true once I heard my phone bleep. I grabbed it, only to see a Yankees update as I get them sent to my phone.

This one was from MLB Trade Rumors:


Sergio Mitre is heading back to the Bronx. The Yankees acquired the right-hander from the Brewers for cash considerations, according to Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (on Twitter). Milwaukee designated Mitre for assignment Monday and he has since drawn interest from other teams.

My first thought was that was so funny…an April Fools on the Fourth of July?

Unfortunately that is not the case because it is June 29th. So, why not celebrate America’s Birthday by wasting a roster spot on an injury prone, righty who stinks?

Also, don’t forget when Mitre was suspended for 50-games in 2009 after testing positive for androstenedione, the same “stuff” Mark Maguire took.

Obviously none of the above has phased Girardi. The Yankees skipper clearly has a thing for this guy off the field, because Mitre has caused about as many headaches as Javier Vazquez and Kyle Farnsworth when he is on it.

I would love to ask GM Brian Cashman, how many games does Mitre have to blow for the Yankees to realize he is useless?

You can’t ask Girardi because he is evidently whipped after seeing his expression when he talked about Mitre coming back to “help out”. Personally, I would rather have Nick Swisher pitching any day of the week over Mitre.

Let me put it this way, I hate booing individual player’s but I have no problem screaming “You Suck” at Mitre.

Girardi’s pet is a poor man’s version of Chien Ming Wang that the Brewers designated for assignment because he apparently couldn’t get the job done, again.

The Yankees just can’t ever be normal, as when it seems like everything is flowing they throw out B.S. like this.

Let’s just pray someone drops the hammer on Girardi when he decides to give Mitre a chance in the starting rotation, and I am dead serious.

This announcement didn’t just ice the cake, as that happened when the Yankees resigned Mitre this past off-season; this time it knocked the darn thing onto the floor.


  1. Report Writer says:

    I don't necessarily think having Mitre back is a terrible thing (granted I think Swisher can do a better job pitching any day). But, Mitre is expendable, and Joe knows how to manage a bull pen. So, hopefully we won't have to see Mitre except in extreme conditions when the starting pitcher cannot go more than 2 innings. Mitre at least offers some lengeth to the bull pen when things aren't going well. With Hughes and Colon coming back, I don't worry so much about seeing Mitre. The Yankees didn't lose anything in bringing on Mitre, so I don't think there is a need to use him to show this was a good "trade" as they only picked him up while designated for assignment.

    • Kate says:

      Did you watch Mitre in game two of the Subway Series???? NYY up 5-0 in 9th inning, Mitre allowed two runs to score and got lucky. Wait till he really blows a game which will be when he gets put in in an earlier inning. This I can promise you.

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