MLB Trade Rumors: Mets Not Trading Any Player To Yankees Ever MLB Trade Rumors: Mets Not Trading Any Player To Yankees Ever MLB Trade Rumors: Mets Not Trading Any Player To Yankees Ever

MLB Trade Rumors: Mets Not Trading Any Player To Yankees Ever

The popular trade-debate regarding the New York Mets and who was for sale out in Queens has been a hot topic around baseball.

Some media have suggested the New York Yankees as possible suitors, this speculation seemed a bit far fetched but let’s take a look at the ‘Other New York‘ team.

Who’s Been Mentioned?

  • 3B David Wright which is highly unlikely. The Mets fanbase has been through enough that losing the face of their franchise could be the straw that breaks the camels back, translation it would be a bad move.
  • SS Jose Reyes should start packing because he was going to San Francisco according to Mychael Urban at, the Giants have had major discussions about Reyes but that doesn’t mean the Mets are on board. This trade makes more sense than Wright but I still doubt that Reyes will be going anywhere.
  • K-rod, the Mets closer has been mentioned to be open for discussion, but that would leave a huge whole for the Mets in their most constant and secure area. K-rod has seven saves so far in 2011 and his monster contract will be a hard sell anyway.
  • SportsNite is one of the better local and national sports shows speculated that Carlos Beltran would be a nice addition to an AL team who might be in need of a DH. The problem is Beltran would be a costly DH as the new owners would have to pay the remainder of Beltran’s $18.5 million left of his 2011 paycheck.

Who Could Go?


Out of all four of the above the only player that makes sense for the Mets is Beltran, but rumor has it that Reyes might actually be the front runner.

Does it make sense for another team to pay $10-12 million, plus give the Mets some rookie arms for a DH?

Beltran would be a perfect fit for the Tampa Bay Rays but that would be adding a fourth more to their $41 million dollar payroll, so that is NOT going to happen.

One of the hosts of SportsNite suggested the New York Yankees as a potential Beltran suitor, which I find absolutely preposterous and was shocked by the dumb idea.

First, just because the Yankees have money doesn’t mean that any free agent or trade that comes with a hefty salary would be a good fit in the Bronx.

The point by SportsNite host was that Jorge Posada was not producing in his new role as the Yankees DH and the Yankees could use Beltran.

That is true, but the Yankees will promote rookie Jesus Montero for free way before any $10+ million DH is going to be signed. The Bombers, minus a recent cold streak, are hitting harder than ever so this would seem like an extravagant and just plain stupid move that I can promise you will NEVER happen.

Regarding Reyes, who will play shortstop for the Amazins? And isn’t that kind of throwing in the towel early?

No doubt things are not going awesome in Queens but to give up Reyes who is finally healthy is a bit discouraging. Maybe if the Mets had a stacked farm system with talented prospects, but just disheartening for Mets fans.

Yahoo reported that the team’s ace Johan Santana said to be way ahead in his rehab. Mets General manager Sandy Alderson said this after hearing talking to the doctors:

“If you do the math, that gets you into the end of June, the first part or middle part of July.”

Bottom line is there is absolutely no way the Mets are going to help the Yankees in any way, ever that could lead to World Series #28.

Talk about riots, Mets fans would go ballistic until they grabbed their new Yankee jerseys and never looked back.

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