MLB Trade Rumors: K-Rod Moving From Queens To The Bronx MLB Trade Rumors: K-Rod Moving From Queens To The Bronx MLB Trade Rumors: K-Rod Moving From Queens To The Bronx

MLB Trade Rumors: K-Rod Moving From Queens To The Bronx

The New York Yankees have been spoiled.

Not because of their paychecks or where they play, but for having the ninth inning locked up for 17 straight seasons.

Mariano Rivera is without question the greatest closer in the history of baseball. Named to his 12th All-Star earlier this week, the 41 year-old is hasn’t missed a beat.

It was brought to our attention on Monday night, following the Yankees 6-3 loss to the Cleveland Indians, that Mo was not available for the game.

This was confirmed, but played down by Yankees skipper Joe Girardi in his post-game press conference that Mo had soreness in his right triceps.

Not knowing the true severity of this injury, it certainly makes you think whether the Yankees need to go get some insurance. Most of the bullpen is on the DL (Joba, Feliciano, Soriano), and even though David Robinson has flourished in the 8th inning role, I would hate to rush him into filling Rivera’s shoes if he was unavailable.

Looking around at the trade market, one name from the other New York team, the Mets have a pitcher named Francisco Rodriguez (aka K-rod) who the Yankees are supposedly eying.

Does trading for K-rod make sense for the Yankees?

Here are my first three thoughts on this whole scenario:

  1. Rafael Soriano was supposed to fill that eighth inning role and that certainly hasn’t worked out. Soriano has been sitting on the DL for almost two months, but even when the 2010 AL Saves leader was active things were very up and down. He posted a 5.04 ERA, with 10 strikeouts in 15 innings pitched. Soriano’s attitude has seemed to be even more of a problem, as he is very feisty, not a great clubhouse guy and has already made two apologies since wearing the pinstripes for remarks he made to the press. K-rod has a temper. In case you forgot and need a refresher, read Dan Martin of the New York Daily News article about the 2010 assault on his baby-mama’s dad, at Citifield following a loss. Regardless how K-rod is preforming, attitude is everything and his antics have to be considered after not listening to the warning given from the Tampa Bay Rays regarding Soriano clearly laid out in NYDN Bill Madden’s article.
  2. If the Yankees were ever to have to go without Mo for a period of time, the team would be in trouble and K-rod can clearly fill the role if needed. The 29-year-old already has 21 saves this season, pitching 40+ innings, with 44 strikeouts and a 3.32 ERA. K-rod is happy to pitch more than one inning when asked, which is more than can said for Soriano. K-rod also spent seven years with the Los Angeles Angels, so he has plenty of experience with AL teams.
  3. K-rod says he would love to stay a Met, but is happy to go to a contending team like the Yankees or the Rays. About going to the Yankees, MLB Trade Rumors reported that K-rod will happily set-up for Mo and wave his trade clause for it.  FOX’s Bob Klapisch tweeted that the Mets turned K-rod ‘s status to available and are supposedly shopping him around. My guess is that Mets fans would be outraged if the team helped out the Yankees. Just imagine if the Yankees won the World Series in 2011, don’t think the Mets would want to be credited with helping out at all. So, if the Mets brass were to ever ship their closer to the Bronx, it will cost the Yankees an arm and a leg. The Mets would have to flaunt why this trade was to good to pass up if they still want any fans.

What are your thoughts on this trade?

Forget that the Yankees already have $25 million on the DL from the bullpen, is obtaining K-rod going to help the team down the stretch?

The Yankees have a solid team, one that could win it all in 2011 so if you think the added insurance could cement them getting there than I say go for it.

I trust that Yankees GM Brian Cashman will be making the call on this one, considering his opinion was against obtaining Soriano was completely correct thus far.


  1. Uncle Mike says:

    In the words of New York's own Fran Drescher, "It starts with an N and ends with an A: NEVA!" K-Rod is gasoline waiting for a match. Avoid this bum at all costs!

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