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MLB: This Seasons Surprises

The baseball season is coming into the last few weeks of the regular season. Playoff spots are about to be clinched and already some teams

In the beginning of the season I thought of few things were almost a given to happen.

Injuries, failed expectations are just some the issues to have caused expected and almost guaranteed teams to fail. Presumed headlines that never happened, nor ever will.

For players, a completely wasted season filled with disappointment. For fans, going to games now is almost like torture and the talk is of the next season where hope can be reality once again.

And whoever says baseball is boring???

#1 – The Mets have more problems then just the injuries of star players. The team is a bunch of undedicated and unruly athletes who seem to say and do whatever they want, whenever they want.

By airing their dirty laundry about fellow teammates is just trouble and disrespectful for the players who care. Like the captain, David Wright who must want to succeed as a team.

Maybe the way Willie Randolph was let go set the bar that the team used as an example of the disregard that seems to have no boundaries?

Did anyone think that Randolph actually demanded these highly paid players to listen, respect and learn from his knowledge? Instead the team acted like children and it worked as Randolph got let go in the most despicable way.

That kind of behavior is just not allowed on the Yankees. The fans to the captain to the manager to the owners would not tolerate it for a second. The Steinbrenners’ still require short hair for all players (aka Damon) and rules on how they represent the Yankees as an organization. And I am proud of it!!Just a thought for next year…..Mr. Wilpon.

#2 – This young talented group made it all the way to the World Series last year to lose to the Phillies.Everyone in the sports world thought for sure that the message had been sent, the Tampa Bay Rays are as good as it gets and will only get better.

Disappointed by the World Series loss last year, I was convinced of the this ball clubs season was only yo be better. Even undoubtably thinking that the Rays would be the ones to be beat in the tough AL East.

Evan Longoria was the AL’s MVP for the regular season and the rest of the team was talented all around. The age average on the Rays was a mere 26 years and it seemed that this team was just getting started.
Well, they are struggling to just keep their heads above water but it seems that the WIld Card is pretty much about to be unachievable. Made the Yankees and the Red Sox a little relieved.

The Rays are just proving age before beauty or experience might be more appropriate term.

#3 – As a Yankee fan I had to include this.

I was certain that any player who had used PED’s in baseball never seemed to have used them when playing for the Red Sox. Yes, Senator Mitchel’s report stated this but this man was on the board of the team for years. Funny, huh?

Once again the Red Sox were the holy of holyiest who won for real, without the free spending attitude of the cheating guys from New York.

Rodriguez has not won a championship with the Yanks and was not on the team at the time he juiced-up. Cannot say the same for Big Papi who made some pretty heavy comments about where he stood on the subject.

Can I put my “what happened here in 1918?” sign back-up? Does it really count because Big Papi and Manny were the reasons for the curse being reversed…..

#4 – The reining World Series Champs were not just at the right place, at the right time last season.

The Phillies are still hot and never cooled down as expected. This team was called “lucky” and “hot at the right time”.

Well I guess I should join the others and put my foot in my mouth.

The Phillies have dominated the NL East this season. The team has worked together to be successful and pulled each other up through a lot of struggles. It has been a tough season for the champs with their ace, Cole Hamels just not the same pitcher to count on, Brad Lidge the dominant force to close their games for wins fell apart but the other areas stepped up to the plate, literally.

This team plain out wins and I thought it was a fad but that the Rays were the real deal. My mistake and hats off to a team that will be a force in the post season.

Repeating? Oh you bet the Phillies odds are good. They are just as hungry as if the team had finished an embarrassingly awful season (aka Mets) and this team wants more.

I never thought this would happen…..

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