MLB Team Logo Rankings: Yankees beat Red Sox on this list - Lady Loves Pinstripes MLB Team Logo Rankings: Yankees beat Red Sox on this list - Lady Loves Pinstripes MLB Team Logo Rankings: Yankees beat Red Sox on this list - Lady Loves Pinstripes

MLB Team Logo Rankings: Yankees beat Red Sox on this list

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A sports team logo is the ultimate symbol a fan can wear.

When a fan dons their team’s logo whether on a hat, a jersey, a t-shirt or a thong (I have a lucky one) it is a representation of one’s pride, loyalty and spirit.

So, where does your team’s logo stand overall?

I have ranked all 30 MLB team’s logo based on influence, and of course where it falls in the looks department.

As a baseball fan from New York, putting the Yankees at the top of the list was a given.

And after last night’s devastating 10th inning, 9-8  loss to the Red Sox, courtesy of a blown save by Mariano Rivera… it is nice to put the Yankees #1 somewhere.

I mean what fan would not rank the team that has 27 World Series rings, and are currently fighting for their postseason lives #1?

You can keep that answer to yourself.

Drumroll please….here are all 30 MLB team logos ranked from worst to best:

30) Miami Marlins. This team has to do something before this logo means anything. Not sold.

29) San Diego Padres. SMH…. what else can I say?

28) Seattle Mariners. The current logo is not as cool as this team’s prior ones. Mariners took a step back with this one.

27) Minnesota Twins. Changed from original design to a textbook version, guess that should have been a sign.

26) Milwaukee Brewers. Another victimized franchise that had mad cooler logos in the past.

25) Colorado Rockies. Purple is my favorite color but Rockies logo is a little blah for me.

24) Tampa Bay Rays. Liked them better when they were the Devil Rays, and the logo too.

23) Arizona Diamondbacks. A large Navaho design letter ‘A’ that is not cute at all.

22) St. Louis Cardinals. Not a cardinals fan; and yes that is a pun.

21) Los Angeles Dodgers. Is red rain coming from the sky? Why is it hitting the Dodgers logo on the way down?

20) Cincinnati Reds. White with a red background, and is pretty self-explanatory. Hence the team name being RED.

19) Chicago White Sox. Black Sox and red is about all I can take.

18) Baltimore Orioles. Not a big black and orange chick. Plus I find skipper Buck Schowalter mock turtle wearing offensive and the O’s logo happens to be on it.

17) Cleveland Indians. The Indian kind of freaks me out but I am sure many fans would thoroughly disagree with me.

16) Los Angeles Angels. A large letter ‘A’ with a Halo on top is so LA.

15) Washington Nationals. Very clean, traditional logo that is hard to hate but also to plain to love.

14) Toronto Blue Jays. This logo represents with the baseball, the Jay and the maple leaf for Canada.

13) Philadelphia Phillies. The Liberty Bell is better than the Fanatic, I guess.

12) San Francisco Giants. Love how the orange that outlines the letters and the baseball blends.

11) Texas Rangers. The southern version of the Nationals logo, but since you just don’t mess with Texas it ranks higher.

10) Chicago Cubs. Who doesn’t love a cute little cub? Probably Cubs fans actually.

9) Houston Astros. They might lose a lot along with getting booted from the NL to the AL but it gave the Astros this new and cool logo.

8) New York Mets. That other team who plays in New York also has an awesome and classic team logo. And Mets fans are still representing everywhere in this city.

7) Atlanta Braves. The blue in this version of the Braves logo is a personal favorite. The tomahawk represents a warrior, and of course there is the infamous “Tomahawk Chop” chanted by Braves fans.

6) Oakland Athletics. I love this logo as not only is it is a classic but the colors are off putting just like the A’s can be.

5) Pittsburgh Pirates. This logo is perfect for the rugged Pirates, and the rough and tough town of Pittsburgh.

4) Kansas City Royals. Logo has a crown on top. And even baseball needs a royal family.

3) Boston Red Sox. Admittedly, I have always loved the Boston hats with just the two Sox on the front.

2) Detroit Tigers. Love animal prints in genera; and this tiger is hunting, while crawling through a big navy ‘D.’ It sends an intimidating message as in don’t mess with Detroit.

1) New York Yankees. The Bronx Bombers logo represents winning in the Big Apple…need I say more? Power. Pride. Pinstripes.

(Please note that logo slideshow at the top of post is in random order.)

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  1. Mb hats says:

    I agree with your picks except for the Mariners. Come on man. The great S with the subtle sailor compass in the center??? Not as good as the trident, but it's close. Good stuff. Keep it up.