MLB: Steroids Are Still Baseball’s Dirty Mistress MLB: Steroids Are Still Baseball’s Dirty Mistress MLB: Steroids Are Still Baseball’s Dirty Mistress

MLB: Steroids Are Still Baseball’s Dirty Mistress

When ESPN reported the news that 2011 NL MVP Ryan Braun had tested positive for PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) it reminded me that baseball still had a dirty mistress.

Ryan Braun

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I knew back on January 11, 2010 that MLB commissioner Bud Selig might have spoken too soon about the end of the steroid era, when he told NY Time’s Mike Schmidt:

“The use of steroids and amphetamines amongst today’s players has greatly subsided and is virtually nonexistent, as our testing results have shown.”

That statement was right after slugger Mark McGuire omission, which sparked me to write an article naming PEDs Baseball’s Dirty Mistress. As Selig seem to be living in denial, when in essence he should have done more years ago.

For now, Braun is maintaining his innocence and plans on appealing the standard 50-game suspension through an arbitration hearing.

So, commenting too much further on the matter is somewhat unfair, as we haven’t heard the entire story yet.

The only fact that ESPN confirmed is that Braun took a urine test during the October playoffs, and was informed before the end of the month of his failed results. The test found elevated levels of testosterone that was later confirmed to not be of the natural kind, meaning that Braun did not produce the testosterone, and that it came from outside his body.

This means that MLB darn well knew they were handing the 2011 NL MVP Award to a player who had just failed a drug test; and in turn that player, Braun, felt no guilt accepting the season’s biggest honor.

Braun had this to say after he was announced the MVP winner:

“I’m not going to pretend like I wasn’t anxious or nervous because I was. I was obviously thrilled, excited. It’s honestly difficult to put into words how much this means to me.”

My question is how big an ego does this guy have?

Obviously bigger than I initially thought, as the guilt and mental anguish alone would have wrecked me, but not Braun.

Braun had to have known for weeks that he failed the PED test, and he obviously was totally fine poaching the award from LA Dodgers Matt Kemp.

In my opinion, Braun should have forgone his name from the potential MVP nominee list; or at least MLB should have done something because the PR backlash is going to be off the charts once this story starts to unfold.

This just puts another mark on the game itself, and a reminder how sad we thought we once were.

I just want to know why would MLB dupe us?