MLB Power Rankings: Yankees drop on August 24 MLB Power Rankings: Yankees drop on August 24 MLB Power Rankings: Yankees drop on August 24

MLB Power Rankings: Yankees drop on August 24

Are the New York Yankees in serious jeopardy of losing the AL East division to the Tampa Bay Rays?

Official Major League Baseball - Close-up Shot

Official Major League Baseball – Close-up Shot (Photo credit: Jason Michael)

Well, according to MLB Network’s Harold Reynolds it is inevitable.

So let’s say this New York nightmare does come true, according to ESPN New York’s Wallace Matthews this team will still be remembered….

If they (the Yankees) succeed in blowing the rest of the 10-game lead they had accumulated over the American League East a month ago, they will have accomplished the biggest collapse in the history of this storied franchise.

Now the Rays deserve lots of credit as they have cut the lead to 2.5 games and have played like the best team in AL. And no doubt the Rays will take over soon if the Yankees do not get it together ASAP.

Otherwise, the Nationals take the top spot this week as Washington has the best record (77-47) in MLB because that is what is fair.

But if I had to choose the scariest NL team it would no doubt be the Cincinnati Reds. As this Red Machine is not one I would want to mess with. Reds are posting second best record in baseball at 76-50 and lead the NL Central with the reigning champs 7-games behind them.

Ok…enough banter, as here are my MLB Weekly Power Rankings on August 24, 2012.

Please note that from here on out comments will be given to the top 15-teams only.


1Washington NationalsBest record in baseball when it counts.2
2Cincinnati RedsHere comes a BIG red machine as the Reds are rolling.3
3Tampa Bay RaysHarold Reynolds declaring the Rays as AL East champs as this team is rolling.10
4New York YankeesSlip, sliding away as Yanks are 4-6 on the road this month. Currently on 3 game losing streak. Need Pettitte/A-rod back.1
5Texas Rangers16-games vs. AL West teams who play .500 baseball against.5
6Chicago White SoxSwept the injury riddled Yankees barely but good team.9
7Atlanta BravesNL East is slipping away but atop of the Wild Card spots unless Braves falter in September.4
8Baltimore OriolesBirds are not flying south anytime soon but O's score more runs(518) then they allow( 572).11
9San Francisco GiantsMelky is suspended for PEDs but Giants sweep Dodgers to gain 2.5 game lead in NL West.13
10St. Louis CardinalsTied for NL WC with Braves as champs are determined.8
11Oakland A'sThe A's were 58-70 this time last year. Colon suspended for PEDs.14
12Los Angeles Dodgers1.5 games back in the NL Wild Card which is crazy with this teams talent.6
13Detroit TigersTigers have a +28 run differential which is absurdly low considering Cabrera-Prince combo is best in bigs.12
14Los Angeles AngelsHalos are 8.5 games back in AL West and it is looking like Wild Card or bust.7
15Pittsburgh Pirates3-7 in last 10 so NL Central looks out of reach but Wild Card is certainly not as just 1 game back.15

16.      Seattle Mariners

17.      Arizona Diamondbacks

18.      Philadelphia Phillies

19.      Kansas City Royals

20.      Boston Red Sox

21.      Toronto Blue Jays

22.     Milwaukee Brewers

23.      Miami Marlins

24.      San Diego Padres

25.      Colorado Rockies

26.      New York Mets

27.     Minnesota Twins

28.      Cleveland Indians

29.      Chicago Cubs

30.      Houston Astros



  1. coolnewyorker says:

    I am really hoping Kate would not go this gloomy doomsaying way during this exciting pennant race…but it seems her yankeephobia is now at high gear. She is intent to spoil it for us.

    She cannot wait till the Yanks do collapse…and she continues to claim she is a Yankee fan.

    Her presence in Yanks section of YB is as annoyingly incongruous as a loud Red Sox fan in NYC sports bars or Yankee Stadium.

    Folks, let's find comfort in the reality that Klueless Kate is, well…clueless. Forgive her, she does not know what she writes. All she does is repeat comments from another yankeephobic writer and post it here…to annoy true yankee fans. I am hoping by now, most of us are already on in her : Kate is a disgruntled Red Sox fan camouflaged in pinstripes.

  2. Richard says:

    Other than Jeter and Swish ( who will be elsewhere next year) who has stepped up? Certainly not the middle of our lineup. Right now it's pathetic but does the cream rise to the top? We have the most Sept pennant race experience. But please someone carry this team. I'm almost missing A-rod.

  3. Richard says:

    If I were a Red Sox fan I think I'd be looking for that Ledge right now. WOW.

    Rays play Texas (6) and CWS (4) – Advantage Yanks

    We play Rays 6 more times – Need to win at the Trop. Looks like we will miss Price both times

    Orioles – 6 game West road trip mid Sept – Advantage us

    Bottom line – If we don't split or beat the O's or Rays down the stretch WE don't deserve Squat!!!!!

  4. Richard says:

    Harold Reynolds the Master Prognosticator. Right up there with Skip Bayless on Jeter. More gloom and Doom.

    " Birds are not flying south anytime soon but O's score more runs(518) then they allow( 572)"

    It's allow more runs(572) than they score (518 )or score less runs (518) than they allow (572).

    Just another stat you got mixed up on!!!!