MLB Hot Stove: Separating New York Yankees Fact from Fiction - Lady Loves Pinstripes MLB Hot Stove: Separating New York Yankees Fact from Fiction - Lady Loves Pinstripes MLB Hot Stove: Separating New York Yankees Fact from Fiction - Lady Loves Pinstripes

MLB Hot Stove: Separating New York Yankees Fact from Fiction

The silence of free agency is overwhelming New York Yankees fans, as rumors of contract negotiations and who is going where are circling the sports media.

No one really knows much except that Yankees GM Brian Cashman met with ex-captain Derek Jeter in Tampa Bay, FL. Then, Cashman and crew headed to Benton, Arkansas to pay a visit to the home of free agent ace Cliff Lee.

Cashman also made a point to meet with catcher Jorge Posada so there was no confusion of what his role for the 2011 season would entail. To no surprise, Posada will primarily be a DH but still catch around 40-50 games. Posada was told to stick to his regular off-season regime and come to spring training ready to catch.

The only other fact confirmed by the Yankees is that a scheduled meeting with closer Mariano Rivera and his agents was up next.

Everyone wants this drama to have an ending ASAP.

What is most bothersome is the media’s new found shredding of Derek Jeter, which is a major embarrassment.

ESPN is turning into TMZ, featuring stories of icons like Jeter, Favre and Bonds, but the difference is Jeter is a gentleman. Jeter is not hopped on ‘roids or sending pornographic pictures to married women.

Jeter only won a Gold Glove, not because he campaigned hard to win it. The voting for the Gold Glove Awards consists of all MLB managers and coaches, but they cannot vote for anyone on their respective teams. So, if haters need to blame anyone it’s the 29 non-Yankee managers for giving Jeter the award.

Jeter is a true real role model, works hard, and doesn’t cheat on his wife with hookers or harass any woman he wants. Jeter is a winner, who is deeply respected by his peers and has still remained a humble captain.

That’s all the facts as of today. Plenty of hearsay and diarrhea of the mouth has and will go on, but until it comes out of Cashman’s mouth it is best to ignore it.

Please note: Robinson Cano won a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger; Mark Teixeira won a Gold Glove. Congratulations to both of them.


  1. Kate says:

    Thank you Trey… is good to keep the roar down to just the facts. The Yankees tend to be surround by the NYC drama, but that is what comes with the territory.

  2. Kate says:

    Thanks Lisa….it has really been over dramatized and Jeter doesn't crave this Favre-like attention. Jeter keeps to himself, respects baseball and takes his role-model status seriously. It's about time the media and fans keep it to just the facts and that is it.
    Hopefully and likely that some NFL player will stir some more drama that this Jeter stuff will continue to fade out of the spotlight. Surely Favre's investigation will be leaked in the next week which should keep ESPN busy for awhile.

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