MLB: What bothers you the most about Yankees Alex Rodriguez's saga? - Lady Loves Pinstripes MLB: What bothers you the most about Yankees Alex Rodriguez's saga? - Lady Loves Pinstripes MLB: What bothers you the most about Yankees Alex Rodriguez's saga? - Lady Loves Pinstripes

MLB: What bothers you the most about Yankees Alex Rodriguez’s saga?

What bothers you the most about Yankees Alex Rodriguez saga? 

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

This question has been asked a lot over the last week, and from the variety of answers given it is clear that people have taken this issue very personally.

For myself, I think this situation has shed light on a bigger issue for baseball.

No doubt, both A-Rod and MLB acted unethically, and in turn the truth has been lost but it did make me question how clean the sport actually is.

It is hard to understand how MLB declares to have the toughest drug-testing program in sports when A-Rod passed over a dozen tests in the two years he was supposedly taking a cocktail of PEDs.

If A-Rod could fake out MLB’s urine test that many times, then the number of players who actually fail must be only a small minority in comparison to number using them.

Logically, no player who takes PEDs wants to fail a drug test that results in a suspension without pay and earns them the label of cheater. As the point of cheating is to enhance one’s performance, not get busted.

And this is where MLB has lost me, as how tough can a testing program be if the actual test results are highly inaccurate?

Call me crazy, but to call a drug-testing program stout would entail the testing to be as close to correct as possible.

MLB’s punishment of A-Rod corroborates that PED usage could still be running rampant in baseball because the tests can be falsified so easily.

I had been under the impression that players with clean test results were not using PEDs but obviously that is not the case.

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has put his foot in his mouth by punishing a player who has not failed single urine test.

In actuality, the only thing Selig verified is that his drug program is a mess because multiple clean test results should signify a player is not using PEDs and according to him clearly it does not.

This happened the moment Selig allowed ethics lines to be crossed by paying and protecting a criminal like Tony Bosch; and then calling him creditable in A-Rod’s investigation.

If Bosch’s words about A-Rod are deemed truthful, then Selig’s tough drug testing to clean up baseball program is flawed to the maximum. recently quoted Selig saying, “We went through a long process to get to the toughest testing program in American sports. A program of that sort needs to be enforced strictly, enforced rigorously, at the highest level. And it has been.”

So I guess keeping a criminal out of jail, giving him a cushy life and dubious drug test results are now apart of the sport of baseball at the highest level.

Cleaning up dirt with a filthy rag doesn’t make the stain go away but you can be used to cover it up in the meantime.


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  1. Richard says:

    OK, SAGA is over. ( for now) It's time to Play Ball!!!!!

    And NO I could care less. Speed in the 60's to PED's in 2014. Football much worse.

  2. ernie says:

    Alex Is not the NY Yankees he will be nothing but a foot note when you look back at history of this great franchise and for that am tired of hearing about him. Please go on suspension and let us talk about the real yankee issues

    • shja says:

      All you guys are haters. I guess you guys just admit that everyone in the hall of fame is very clean and they did not take steroids, PED and or Meth. Bone heads please go away and wake to know that Bud Selig destroyed the game. Its not Alex fault that they did not catch him using steroids. If you don't catch don't screw am.