MLB: 2011 Comeback Players Of The Year Award Winners MLB: 2011 Comeback Players Of The Year Award Winners MLB: 2011 Comeback Players Of The Year Award Winners

MLB: 2011 Comeback Players Of The Year Award Winners

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MLB announced that Red Sox’s Jacoby Ellsbury (AL) and Cardinals Lance Berkman (NL) as the winners of the 2011 Comeback Player of The Year Awards.


Berkman would have gotten my vote as his career looked to be in the toilet the moment he got traded from the Astros to the Yankees.

Berkman was useless in the Bronx, maybe being a two-month rental and not playing in the field hurt his routine because he is thriving in St. Louis.

In 2011, Berkman was voted to the All-Star team after hitting 31 home-runs, 94 RBIs, 92 walks and posting a .301 batting average. He is certainly in the 2011 MVP discussion and should get some votes, but it is doubtful he will win.

Still, it is a far cry from the Berkman of 2010 so the award is well deserved.


I do not feel the same way about Ellsbury, who only played 18 games in 2010 because of an injury.

Also, what exactly is Ellsbury coming back from?

He put up the best numbers of his five-year career in 2011, with 32 home-runs and 105 RBIs. In the four years earlier, Ellsbury hit 20 homers and drove in 125 RBIs in total.

Ellsbury’s 364 total bases was the highest number across both leagues this season, but it was another career best for the just turned 28-year-old outfielder.

Doesn’t this seem more like a first-time than a comeback for such a young player with just five seasons under his belt?

Where was the love for Yankees Bartolo Colon?

Colon was the 2011 comeback kid in my opinion, but he did slowly come back down to earth over the last two months of the season, which might have swayed some voters. Not the fact that Colon played for the Yankees; or that he received a “questionable” procedure that MLB fully investigated and found nothing. Technically, Colon was not an “active” MLB player at the time of the treatment anyway.

What Is A Comeback Player?

MLB states that the Award for Comeback Player of The Year is as follows:

The award will recognize the players who have re-emerged on the baseball field during a given season.

Look-up the definition in any dictionary and it defines comeback as:

A return by a well-known person, especially an entertainer or sports player, to the activity in which they have formerly been successful.

Since this is award is new, circa 2005, MLB needs to clarify exactly what the comeback stands for in regards to the recipients.

Or at the very least explain how Jacoby Ellsbury was even a nominee in the first place. To me this Comeback Award seems like a compensation for a player who will not win the MVP Award, so maybe that is why Colon was not considered. Who knows?