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Miracles Do Happen….

Thank you to the Boston Red Sox……..for making my post so enjoyable to type and for saving me so much time!!!

‘Five Players That Make Me Cringe..Summed Into Just One!’
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After my last off the topic remarks, specifically referring to the ‘one’ in the previous post before this one, I thought I should make some top five lists. So, first list if the title above is confusing you, I am listing with conclusions that are completely personal, totally biased, utter jealousy in some cases, obviously at least 2 to 3 are Boston players, would guess no Yankees have ever made this list but wrong a middle relief whom was traded mid-season last year drove me insane (can you guess?? went to the Tigers??) and again for whatever justification I have its mine and I can have it……

I bet you can guess at least one of these athletes who tops the list???

Well in case you missed the completely irrelevant part of my last post. This player has landed one of the coveted, permanent spots on this list. He has not yet made it out of the top three and that might have been for an hour when I was sleeping or just blanked out!!

Drum roll please…….

#1 – Jonathan Papelbon. aka. Papelboner, Pap Smear, PapelNutz,

He thinks he is the coolest person since 1918. He is a baby and wants to be the center of it all. He gives us plenty to hate….

1) Even at the all-star game last year where each player rode a pick truck down the streets of Manhattan he bitched that his wife got harassed by the fans watching this historical parade……hey dip shit you are on 6th avenue not Newbury Street. And maybe you should not have said to the press earlier that you should be closing over Mariano Rivera in Yankee Stadium in its final year. He has some nerve!!!
Please read “Driving Mr. Papelbon” an article about his all-star parade behavior and foolishcomments found below by clicking link, amusing stuff!


Here are some other quotes I have taken out of an interview with Pap’s about his game personality….

It’s Cinco Ocho:

Jonathan Papelbon: When I’m out there pitching, it’s not Jonathan Papelbon pitching, it’s Cinco Ocho pitching. I get a little revved up some times, and Cinco Ocho doesn’t know how to control himself when he’s out there. We’ve got a good relationship going on right now with Cinco Ocho, so we’ll try and keep it that way. He got a little out of control the other night (Editor’s note: When he nearly blew a gasket during this 2-1 win), so we’ll see how he does with the All-Star game and things like that.

Gary Tanguay: OK, so a split personality. If you ever have to go in front of the commissioner, that’s going to be your explanation. You’ll say, “Mr Commissioner, it wasn’t me, it was Cinco Ocho.”

Papelbon:That’s right. I’ve got the courts behind me. I’ve got a split personality.

First off…..could you be less original Paptardo? Anyone know the NFL star Chad Johnson aka. ‘Ocho
Cinco’? That is kinda stealing a little bit, unless Pap’s is a die hard Bengals fan, which I highly doubt!!

3) God isn’t that enough…..oh no not for this 4) Red Sox (pun intended)!! This speaks for itself, please play the video below:


Wow I have so much more on this numskull. Mind you that even though he is a great closer he is such an idiot that all creditability goes out…..I would rather have my mom be the closer for the Yankees then this Pap-hole!! Its insulting that he even shares the same job as Mo.

I will get to the next four over the next two days as I have to calm myself down from how angry #1 makes me.

Actually maybe Papshole covers pretty much the whole top five…….

So instead of embarrassing, insulting and offending any other major league athletes in making them have to share a spot on any list with Pap’s….. I think I should just spare them.

To conclude…..I have found the biggest, most annoying, full of himself, dickhead in baseball and to think about it in all of sports!!

Oh and shocker he plays for a team from Boston…..go figure!!!