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Maybe Bradens Unruly Hill Hurt Rodriguez

Does anyone else think Arod is hiding something?

The injury kind of something because fact is Arod is not himself.

Arod’s May 2010 timeline:

  • May 1: Rodriguez pulled in the 9th for Pena to pinch run for him.
  • May 2: Rodriguez gets day-off says Girardi; Cashman spills the beans about Arod’s left knee problem.
  • May 3: Rodriguez back in line-up.
  • May 4: Rodriguez plays complete game.
  • May 5: Rodriguez plays complete game.
  • May 6: no game.
  • May 7: Rodriguez plays complete game.
  • May 8: bottom of the 8th inning Russo replaces Pena at 2B, Pena move to 3B for Rodriguez.
  • May 9: hit homer in fourth to tie Hall of Famer Frank Robinson for seventh place with 586 in total; Russo replaces Rodriguez in 7th inning.
  • May 10: Rodriguez plays complete game.
  • May 11: Just hours before Javier Vazquez was to take the mound in Detroit, it was quietly added that Pena would be playing third base and Arod was going to DH.

It is no secret that Arod’s knee has been bothering him. Girardi gave him a “day-off” May 3rd so having him DH May 12th makes no sense.

The Yankees have lost their last two games, and three in a row is not a charm.

The intention to push Arod as DH makes sense with Vazquez starting, as Yankee bats are a necessary precaution.

We all know that Arod hates not playing, especially with a career low of just three homers on the season

Arod does have 20 RBIs, and currently has a five game hitting streak going which is a solid argument.

Looking back to 2004 till now at Arod’s HR and RBI stats, unfortunately point in team-injury’s direction.

(TABLE: 2004-2010 from start of the season to May 15th unless *see below)
Doesn’t 2008 resemble 2010 in comparison to other years, Arod missed most of May on the DL (refer to chart above).

Another MLB trend is the crazy way teams fall like dominos regarding injuries. The Yanks were so lucky last season and these “dinks” as Girardi refers to them, are not comforting fans.

Lastly, why is Dallas Braden all of a sudden quiet? For Braden’s sake he better pray that our 3x MVP did not get hurt jogging over his pitching mound of dirt.

* went on DL April 28th.
* May 8-15th only
(stats from

Maybe all of Braden’s anger was just guilt rearing it is ugly head. Braden knows his hump should be groomed enough in case Arod or another all-star gets lazy. Isn’t that the unwritten rule called RESPECT?

MY PREDICTION: This is not Arod being Arod, he is hurting. Arod is one of the best power hitters ever, so having a mere three homers is not expected. That is FACT. The double-header today will tell us if Arod is himself or not.

What do you think is going on with Alex Rodriguez? Or am I crazy?