Sorry Mark Teixeira! The Yankees aren't back just yet - Lady Loves Pinstripes Sorry Mark Teixeira! The Yankees aren't back just yet - Lady Loves Pinstripes Sorry Mark Teixeira! The Yankees aren't back just yet - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Sorry Mark Teixeira! The Yankees aren’t back just yet

“We’re back to being the Yankees again. Last year, we weren’t the Yankees.” 

Mark Teixeira on the basepaths during a game b...

Mark Teixeira on the basepaths during a game between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles on August 26, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That is how first baseman Mark Teixeira described the state of the 2014 Yankees yesterday to ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand.

Regardless if you agree or not, it is tough to knock a guy who has an attitude of positive expectation.

Following an injury-riddled season, Tex’s confidence in his ability to produce is almost a necessity even if it sounds a tad preliminary in my opinion.

His words made me pause, bringing back some haunting memories from this time last season.

If you recall, the 2013 Yankees roster read a lot different at the start of Spring Training then it did on Opening Day. As key players, like Tex, got hit with serious injuries and the Yankees were not ready for it.

And Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Robinson Cano and Alex Rodriguez were all reporting to Tampa at this time last season too, so it is hard to understand Tex’s sentiments when looking at the bigger picture.

No doubt the Yankees front office did what they could to mend things by signing the biggest free agent names available during the off-season, but still have left a lot to chance.

That is why I hope fans are taking Tex’s statement with a grain of salt, as the potential for another messy season is still there.

The Yankees front office knew the problems from last season, but did not change their plan to account for any potential blows.

As the bottom line is filling one hole, while digging another is not exactly a formula that achieves improvement.

And let’s face it; the Yankees will never be considered back until the Yankees are playing baseball in October again.

So, while I urge and applaud Tex’s confidence, I found his declaration a bit premature to utter so soon.

“Today is a new beginning, a chance to turn your failures into achievements & your sorrows into so goods. No room for excuses.” – Joel Brown

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  1. Steve Karsay says:

    Fair points but I still I have a much more positive feeling coming into 2014 than I did in 2013. After watching the laundry list of 2013 scrubs (i.e. Stewart, Nunie, Wells) how can you not have high (or at-least higher) hopes?

    2nd and 3rd are glaring holes however… I hope Roberts and Kelly have what it takes or its Nunie or "clank" time as I like to say.

    Good post Kate, keep us Yankees fans even keeled. Lets get through ST without any ridiculous injuries first like you said.

    • Thank you Steve. Admittedly, I am trying to hide my higher hopes this ST because if injuries happen, the Yankees will be right back to using other team's castoffs as back-ups. Also, I do not think people realize the impact of not having Mariano Rivera in the ninth inning will be. I have faith that D-Rob can do the job but no one will ever be able to do it like Mo….but it won't hit fans until Enter Sandman is not blaring for the first closing situation in the Bronx.

      Yes, I do have hope but I do not like the alternatives. I realize that last season the number of injuries was freakishly high, but if Tex or Jeter or D-Rob go down it will be trouble.

      Pineda can be a real difference maker if he solid because the kid can throw heat.

  2. Richard says:

    I'll go on record right now that you will be thanking Cashman for Roberts and KJ. You keep harping on injuries – nothing is new there. Imagine if the Sox lost Pedroia or Popi. It's a long season. Injuries just part of the game.

    • Richard – Big Papi is a DH, which means less injury risk. And the Red Sox has a strong farm system and a second baseman…Mookie Best who went .314/.417/.506 with 15 homers and 38 steals in 2013. He is the ranks 3rd on the toop 100 prospect list at second base…and keeps getting better. So if Pedoria got hurt this kid has a ton of promise.

      Much better than the Yankees options which consists of an injury riddled Brian Roberts, who spent his career with the O's but they let him walk.

      Injuries are inevitable…..but the Yankees are starting guys who should be solid back-ups for the veteran players coming off of serious injuries like Tex and Jeter. The Yankees filled holes but dug others but that is getting masked by the new big names they signed.

      • Steve Karsay says:

        Wow way to do your HW lol. I thought I was the only Yankees fan brave enough to research the sox farm system. Alas it is much deeper/healthier than ours…

        The concerns you voice are very real we just hate hearing it. Cognitive dissonance 101 lol.

        • Thank you Steve!

          The Red Sox farm system is loaded….I am jealous.

          Regarding this coming season, I cannot reiterate more that the Yankees have about 12-15 great players and if they stay healthy all year long…watch out!!! But you and I both know that the odds of that happening is close to zero.