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Many Nations Live In The Universe……

Here is a nice fact about the current American League East, the Yankees cannot lose a game until the Red Sox do.

The games, being four, that is the divide between first and second place is at critical point. The two possibilities are for the Yanks to gain and make this a one or two game difference to be in a position to pounce; which entails Boston to start coming undone. Could it happen? Anything could happen but the odds are in the Red Sox favor because the team is consistent with winning series. It means the Yankees have to put all else out of mind and keep winning.

The worst scenario is for the Yankees to stop being able to hit all together, runners being stranded on base which leads to frustration. The Yankees are on a winning streak. Even though it is against the Mets who are injury ridden and a mess the Marlins beat up on my Yanks so better or worse team is irrelevant. This would leave the Yankees in a six or seven game whole going into the break. Not where this team needs to be or should be.

Instead the Yankees need to only be about the Yankees. Worry about no one but themselves by playing steady, fundamental baseball. Basically not worrying who the opposing pitcher is that night but on how they are going to hit that night. Don’t worry who the specific batter at the plate is instead how that ball is not getting by you and obtaining that out.

Every team played is another win or lose that can be the difference for the season. Boston is our worry in the AL East race and for our pride. No one associated with the Yankees either as a fan or a player wants to lose even one more game to our arch enemies.

This is bigger than the Red Sox for the Wild Card is at stake. Any team just shy of first in their division is a potential contender so each series is a must win. My Yankees cannot afford a slump again. A lose is inevitable for every team and it keeps it real. Use the loses for motivation of why this trickle effect happens to our batting order.

If I thought I was asking too much to a team that was incapable of this then I wouldn’t waste my time. The Yankees have it this year and everyone knows it, even in “the Nation”.

It wasn’t so long ago that baseball lived in a universe.

In the dictionary a universe is said to bethe whole body of things and phenomena observed or postulated.

Nation is defined as the people of a territory united under a single government; country.

That means that their will be many nations who become great, who achieve milestones and get praised for being the best. All these nations big or small live in the same place, under the same sky and breath the same air…..and that my friends is in the universe.

Don’t you think it’s time to remind the nation that this is our universe? I sure do.