Love At First Sight......The Highs and Lows of Being A Sports Fan! - Lady Loves Pinstripes Love At First Sight......The Highs and Lows of Being A Sports Fan! - Lady Loves Pinstripes Love At First Sight......The Highs and Lows of Being A Sports Fan! - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Love At First Sight……The Highs and Lows of Being A Sports Fan!

Love At First Sight……The Highs and Lows of Being A Fan!

Anyone who is a sport’s fan knows how it feels thrilling when your team wins. Its even better when your team has been predicted to be lucky to survive the season by experts alike but in turn you are celebrating winning the super-bowl, for example.

I bet you guessed that I am referring to my NY Giants 07′ season. It just proves that being the absolute underdogs, 12 point spread, against a team with a perfect record of 17-0 does not guarantee anything. When comparing the two quarterbacks before the last game of the season would have been pointless but Eli Manning‘s potential to be great was obviously seen internally way before the fans. Manning was beyond erratic the seasons prior and I was so afraid of being embarrassed again in the playoffs. Boy was I taken for a ride and know Eli is a favorite when previously I would give dirty looks to any Giants fan wearing his jersey. Now Eli is a force to reckoned with and he earned it! That win was also a huge part of Earth, WInd and Fire, out amazing defense, top of the line offensive protection, a catch from a player who had four completions in all during the season and a pre-shot wide-receiver. I will never forget Sunday, February 3, 2007, my 31st birthday and historically one of the greatest day to be a New York fan.

I guess what I am trying to grasp is the fact that when a fan gets so down on a team that is supposed to be dominating! And regarding baseball the highs and lows of the never-ending season is the hardest to grin and bear. The Yankees of last season is a prime example. I was not surprised as the season was a mess but even almost getting the wild card didn’t feel right to me.

Now it is a new season and my hopes are beyond high. I want to win it all but know the experience of not making it past the regular season is always in the back of my mind. Football in general I consider easier to predict due to length of season, injuries of one player can be season ending and usually the predictions pre-season are not far from what unfolds. Also notice in other sports the head of the team is a “coach” and in baseball it is a “manager”. Could it be that baseball is more erratic?

That’s what I love to hate so much about baseball. I cannot predict what team will get hot at the right time, schedules, divisions’ vary in degrees of toughness and every player unavoidably has off days. Look at the Yankees biggest problem is our pitching which I thought had been pretty solved with our new purchases. How frustrating it has been to witness Wang having a mental breakdown, Joba still not in the middle, CC finally doing better and Petite being his usual really good or really bad.

Seeing AJ fight through almost a HUGE disaster in todays final game against the Mets was mandatory after his below poor pitching for a guy with his talent. The bases were loaded, one out and he went lights out on the next two Mets batters. Phew so that is going in the right direction for now. God and you would think that the Mets were a sure win with Johan on the mound. My notion was we had lost already before the game had actually started. Nice attitude to have me second guess myself again but I’ll take it.

Then to hear that Beckett was awful today was as a matter of fact comforting. I had the suspicion that he was God reincarnated against the Yankees last week but I guess Santana was on that same pedestal too. I was so sure that the Empire State Building was going to be Orange and Blue this week I almost puked. Hey when it rains it pours in the MLB. Just look at the win the Yankees were spoon fed on Friday night; might have been part of those ‘Joba Rules‘ I have heard so much about but never actually seen.

Where is this post all going? I don’t even think I know except a fan trying to understand why I put myself in the situation. I am talking about analyzing games beforehand when in baseball I should know better because anything can happen. The NY Giants defied football odds but I feel with the Yankees I am going threw the same kinda process every other week!

This is the reason why I love the game. The highs and lows of being a baseball fan are the greatest in sports, for me at least. For a game where my mother reads a book at the stadium (no joke) because she complains the games are too long, I think she is insane. My mom is not alone as many of my girlfriends struggle or plain out do not like baseball cause its “boring”. I always say that I wish they understood how it is nail biting, unpredictable and competitive as a sport can get.

The NY Yankees , as every other team does are struggling to make it work. Across the board when one thing is working the another seems to fall apart. Middle relief is such the focus of what makes a team good and the highs and lows of this aspect alone is enough for me to be occupied for hours.

Basically, at this time of every season I start to give myself lectures on the highs and lows of the season. Trying to convince myself why I need to relax and being more positive or more negative is not going to make the Yankees win more. Does it work? Absolutely NOT but I wouldn’t love this game so much if it ever did!

In essence of our finished series against the Mets this past weekend, all I can say is there is too much to say and predictions getting turned upside-down. I guess the best summary is it’s baseball and never does it fail to make me fall in love with the game over and over again!!!