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Looking Like Champs Out Of The Gate

After losing the season opener in a grudge match of the bullpens, the New York Yankees came back winning for the second straight night up at Fenway Park. Finishing the series against the Red Sox two games to one.

Proven to still be a fight to the end, as three games took just shy of 11 hours to do between the rivals.

It is just three games into the season, and too early for presumptions, so talking playoffs is out, but some things to consider out of the gate.


  1. No denying, that Curtis Granderson fits on the Yankees like a glove. On defense Granderson is dynamo, and his home-run against Papelbaum made him the only player to hit two homers off Paps, and helped the Yankees get the win. You could not find a better player who brings instant confidence in center field and at the plate. Welcome home!
  2. Nick Swisher three weeks in Arizona with hitting coach Kevin Long is showing at the plate. Swisher’s first 11 at bats, he has two doubles, two RBIs and a walk. His single last night drove in Posada to tie the game, leading to the win.
  3. Nick Johnson does produce walks like no one else, but that seems to be all he does. In nine at-bats, Johnson walked five times and struck out three times. His only RBI, a bases-loaded walk that scored the game winning run. Johnson’s living up to his OBP stats, however if he does not start hitting puts added pressure.
  4. Johnson’s slack means Jorge Posada‘s bat indispensable to the Yankees line-up sans Matsui and Damon. Out of the gate, Jorge has two doubles, one home-run, two walks, resulting in two RBIs and one strike-out in his first 12 at-bats. Posada’s defense has never been keen, proving that notion already this season. Fact is, Posada hits better when he catches, and being steadfast in the clutch his influence could be the difference maker.
  5. The Yankees pitching trio from 2009, Sabathia, Burnett and Pettitte all looked strong in their first starts. The 37 year old Pettitte looks fab, do not want to jinx just how brilliant, but Yankees Universe was all smiles after his performance on Wednesday.

Overall, it is to premature in the season but so far so good for the defending Champs. The Yankees head south to face the media heavy favorite Tampa Bay Rays.

Even when they were the Devil Rays this young team picked away at the Red Sox and the Yankees, and it would be beneficial to keep a close eye on this series.

Out of any team in baseball, if the Rays can get their 2008 fire again and that is a hefty if, they could be the scariest team in 2010.

Yankee fans are drooling at the notion of Carl Crawford or BJ Upton in pinstripes, and a sub-par first half gives Brian Cashman his best grounds to do what he does best.

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