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Letting Godzilla Move To Matsui-land

New York Yankees DH Nick Johnson went 0-3 on Sunday, walked twice and stuck out. Up goes his OBP, and didn’t help the Yankees who lost 9-7 in Fenway Park.

A day later, on the West Coast, the World Series MVP Hideki Matsui went 2-3, driving in two runs in the fifth and a solo blast in the eighth leading the Los Angeles Angels to a 6-3 win against the Minnesota Twins.

Matsui once again showed his clutch DH bat was the difference maker.

Looking back to the Yankees loss on Sunday, makes me miss our MVP and wonder how Godzilla ever was allowed to move to Matsiland.

Matsui replacement, Nick Johnson raised his On Base Percentage with two walks but explain how that’s going to help win games. Johnson can not steal, and his 8 home-runs and 62 RBIs from 2009 are subpar stats for the second slot behind in the batting order.

Bobby Abreu, who has a higher OBP than Johnson gets more walks but is prolific with his other at-bats. Abreu can steal second after a walk Johnson cannot. Johnny Damon, who replaced Abreu, had 82 RBIs and 24 home-runs last year, but Damon, like Abreu can still steal and divert the pitcher.

Johnson is injury prone, missing over a week with a crooked back and the two final games in Spring Training by hitting himself on his follow-through swing. So when he gets a walk, there is not a chance he will try and steal. His other at bats are generally strike-outs.

Johnson is broken on defense because Tex is at first base, and Pena is a better option. It also makes Posada’s bat essential for the line-up.

If Matsui were still in pinstripes, it could have been a victory for the Bombers on Sunday. This could be a serious problem down the road, and cost the Yankees wins. Matsui produces points on the scoreboard, making up for his lack of speed on the base-pads.

Granderson was a consummate pick-up, as was Melky for Vazquez, but Matsui should never should’ve left in my opinion.

What I want to know is how does this make the Yankees better?

Maybe someone could shed some light on this topic for me?

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    1. Colin says:

      I have been asking myself this question all winter. I love Matsui, I wanted him to retire a Yankee. With that being said give Nick a break, I watch him get some big Hit in DC as a Nat, hopefully he bring some fire to the 5,6,7 spot.

    2. Double G Sports says:

      Ok, I do and will miss Matsui all year. His clutch bat will be very tough to replace. However, let's not start getting on Johnson just yet. He walked twice on Sunday and then reached base three times last night, including a bases loaded walk that gave the yankees the lead.

      The difference is Johnson is here as a #2 hitter, not a #5 hitter. If Johnson continues to get on base, Tex, A-Rod, Cano and Posada should be able to do the work of driving in runs.

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