Lady Loves Pinstripes Presents: Cliff Lee "The Trade" - Lady Loves Pinstripes Lady Loves Pinstripes Presents: Cliff Lee "The Trade" - Lady Loves Pinstripes Lady Loves Pinstripes Presents: Cliff Lee "The Trade" - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Lady Loves Pinstripes Presents: Cliff Lee “The Trade”

A Kings Crown.

A Kings Crown.

ESPN was almost unwatchable because plugging “The Decision” starring Lebron James was on 24/7.

Lebron is no Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter or Kobe Bryant professionally. He may never be considering he nicknamed himself ‘King James’ in high school.

Lebron, the brand was something the NBA desperately needed after there were no Jordans’, Birds’, Clydes’ or Magics’ left. Still, he lacked grace on the court and made me think maybe Jordan took ballet classes or something.

The problem or difference with Lebron is he thinks he is king, but of what himself?

Any pro-athlete that can’t shake hands after a loss in the playoffs, or follow up with the media who helped them get fame needs a reality check. That sends a message that Lebron is bigger than basketball.

Post-airing of “The Decision” the self-proclaimed King James did prove he is the most entitled athlete without a title.

Not so sure Lebron is aware that he is still not a champion. Fact is that all champions have been dunked on, but they are proud of it.

Jason Werth at Yankee Stadium.

Like, who is going to get Cliff Lee?

The Seattle Mariners pitcher Cliff Lee is the ace of Major League Baseball.

Lee is not a publicity whore, as I can promise there will no ESPN special called “The Trade”anytime soon. Lee cringes at the idea of hogging individual attention when he plays a team sport.

Fact remains that whatever team lands Lee just got much better.

When watching  Lee on the mound kind of resembles a paper shredder because he rips batting line-ups into pieces. Lee can do this on the big stage as well.

Lee pitches with his whole body, thrusts his leg up high then straight back. His command and control is bar-none why Lee has 5 complete games this season already.

In 13 starts this season, Lee has only thrown under 100 pitches just twice. One of the two was his first start in 2010, just off the DL and he threw 98 in total, with eight strike-outs. That was a bad day.

What Lee currently offers is a pitcher who has walked six of 408 batters-faced, allowing five home-runs, striking out 89, with an ERA 2.34. Lee has done this all in 104 innings and he still has one more start tonight before the All-Star break.

Lee is up for grabs this week, as the Mariners have made it clear they are all ears to hear offers. Every team is in the hunt because it would be absurd not to try at the very least.

Lee, unlike Lebron has pitched in baseball’s biggest spotlight with utter success.

For now, Lee is focused on the Mariners until he is told otherwise. Rumor has it Lee might be a Philly again in a three-team deal sending Phillies Jason Werth to the Yankees. The Yankees will give rookie sensation Jesus Montero to Seattle.

As a Yankee fan, I can say that works for me.

Just to add, if any King James fan gets angry at the truth above, here is something to think about. New York Yankees captain, Derek Jeter is a free agent at the end of this season, do you think Jeter would ever okay ESPN to do “The Decision Part Two”? No, No, No…..



  1. dmets says:

    The Mets could use Lee and win this season but owners are cheap. I wish they were more into the baseball team they bought, but they don't even care.

    Sell the Mets to Steinbrenners please!!

    Great read!

  2. Kate says:

    Thanks Alice….I appreciate the comment. I hope you come back and visit again soon. Please let me know if you have any sports topics you want covered or questions….anytime.