Lady Loves Pinstripes: 2011 MLB June Power Rankings Lady Loves Pinstripes: 2011 MLB June Power Rankings Lady Loves Pinstripes: 2011 MLB June Power Rankings

Lady Loves Pinstripes: 2011 MLB June Power Rankings

How did your team do in the month of June?

Agree or disagree? Take a look:

2 New York Yankees 1 Injured? You wouldn’t know it. Since Red Sox embarrassed them they making everyone else pay for it. Just ask the Cubs, Rockies, Reds or Brewers. Lead MLB in RBI, HR, BB, Runs, SLG & OPS.
1 Philadelphia Phillies 2 Cliff Lee is finally earning his paycheck; best starting trio in MLB. Imagine how good they would be if Werth was still there.
13 Boston Red Sox 3 Bad interleague road trip, but no DH is no excuse for losing series to the Pirates & Padres. Can they beat the Astros to start July….
16 San Francisco Giants 4 Still winning with pitching; it wouldn’t be so hard if they could hit. Would love to see the WSC’s vs. Yanks or Red Sox.
15 Atlanta Braves 5 Brian McCann, Brian McCann, Brian McCann, is no longer a secret. Pitching is in top three in MLB  in every stat.
9 Detroit Tigers 6 Best pitcher and best hitter in baseball….
12 Tampa Bay Rays 7 Making sure that the AL East is still a three team race by making the Yanks and Red Sox sweat.
4 St. Louis Cardinals 8 Who needs Albert Puljos? The Cards will but if they can stay afloat till than they will be good to go.
10 Milwaukee Brewers 9 Still lead the NL Central but looked shell shocked when getting swept by the big, bad Yankees. Get un-scared before September.
7 Texas Rangers 10 Josh Hamilton’s baby blues not MVP worthy; and thanking the high heavens Michael Young is still a Ranger.
24 Arizona Diamondbacks 11 This team will either stay in it or not; do the D-backs want it badly enough is the question.
5 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 12 The Angels are used to being a contender and continue to fight like dogs to win. Can it carry them through October, not so sure.
11 Cincinnati Reds 13 Now or never….Joey Votto can’t do it alone.
8 Cleveland Indians 14 Coming back down to earth….Shin-Soo-Choo needs to get hot again but still Tribe is about two seasons two early.
26 Pittsburgh Pirates 15 Really? Yes the Pirates are very much in the hunt and I am not kidding.
22 New York Mets 16 Jose Reyes is legit; wait for Ike Davis, David Wright and Santana to return and the Mets could be legit; but it is the Mets use caution.
23 Washington Nationals 17 Zimmerman is a stud with a 0.85 ERA; and the Nats are getting better.
25 Chicago White Sox 18 Tigers better not get to comfortable, once the rest of the team starts to play with Paul Konerko. Only four games out.
19 Toronto Blue Jays 19 Some old story, in any other division they would be contending but not in the AL East.
29 Seattle Mariners 20 Need a legitimate hitter, with a solid history of producing and than we might have a chance.
3 Colorado Rockies 21 This is a second half team; expect a second-half tear from a determined group.
20 Oakland Athletics 22 Not so bad considering how many starters are on the DL; but not good enough to be around come October.
21 Baltimore Orioles 24 SOS….drowning in the AL East again.
6 Florida Marlins 25 When it rains, it pours but the Marlins are better than they think but attitude is a problem.
14 Los Angeles Dodgers 25 Broke & lonely is not a good combo.
17 Kansas City Royals 26 Simmering back to reality after the Royals hot start fooled everyone, except them selves.
27 San Diego Padres 27 Did take series from Red Sox; not contenders so could Heath Bell be for sale soon?
18 Chicago Cubs 28 Cubs fans are used to NOT winning so why start to now.
28 Minnesota Twins 29 Not falling for the Twins still; Justin Morneau needs back surgery and Mauer is still overrated.
30 Houston Astros 30 28-53 is the worst record in baseball, by the worst team in baseball.


  1. Eunice says:

    This is pretty extensive. I'm impressed.

    Nice blog!

    You did however, hate on the giants. haha, I'm a bay area fan!


    • Kate says:

      I ranked the Giants #4 how is that hating on them?? They are not as good all-around as the three teams in front of them and that is fact!