Lady Loves Pinstripes: 2011 MLB Monthly Power Rankings Lady Loves Pinstripes: 2011 MLB Monthly Power Rankings Lady Loves Pinstripes: 2011 MLB Monthly Power Rankings

Lady Loves Pinstripes: 2011 MLB April Power Rankings

What a difference a month can make?

Baseball looks a lot different then I initially predicted in my 2011 Pre-Season Power Rankings (featured on, but I can assure you that I am not alone.

The month of April has exceeded expectations, as it has already been a wild and exciting ride. Giving the fan a consistent reminder of why we love baseball so much.

So where did Lady Loves Pinstripes rank your team’s April performance?

Well, here are my April standings of all 30 MLB teams:


Philadelphia Phillies 1 Closer?? Halladay can’t start daily. Howards bat will get cold…so what is timetable on getting Utley back.
New York Yankees 2 Have yet to lose a series and new Yankees have been extraordinary. Burnett is back; but a tough May and June schedule will determine a lot. Played the least # of games, and still have most homeruns in MLB.
Colorado Rockies 3 Hello Tulo; and the Rockies stated their goal for 2011 is to win the World Series. So far, so good and message sent. Going 8-2 on the road is proof.
St. Louis Cardinals 4 Cry Baby and Closer just don’t mix…send Ryan Franklin to NY or Philly for awhile because it is his fault that Cards are not ranked #1 on this list. Who is going to close anyway? Good Question…
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 5 Pitcher Jared Weaver is the definition of an ace and has been embarrassing opposing batters finishing April with a 6-0 record, 49 strikeouts and 50 innings pitched in six starts.
Florida Marlins 6 This team will give the Phillies a run for their money in the NL East, as this team is finally hungry.
Texas Rangers 7 Never got on the Rangers bandwagon, and have no plans too as my guess is the rotation will not be able to hold up. Can skipper Washington keep his head in the game for a whole season? Doubtful.
Cleveland Indians 8 Grady Seizmore is healthy and the Indians are rolling and leading MLB with a 17-8 record. Who would’ve guessed this?
Detroit Tigers 9 Miguel Cabrera is a one-man team by himself…best and most natural hitter in baseball drunk or sober.
Milwaukee Brewers 10 Signed Ryan Brawn for life was brilliant; Prince Fielder and Rickie Weeks proving their worth, but whether the Brew Crew can do it for four more months is still in question.
Cincinnati Reds 11 Can’t steal the NL Central this season, Mike Leake.
Tampa Bay Rays 12 Tampa is far from done in 2011 is biting their tongues, as the Rays are a game from pushing the Yankees out of first place in the AL East. Johnny Damon has been born again; Manny proves he is still Manny…. adios.
Boston Red Sox 13 Worst start to a World Series campaign ever; team still looks uncomfortable and has displayed zero consistency. Carl Crawford issues are turning mental, so fix him fast because his new team needs him.
Los Angeles Dodgers 14 Disturbiana is what Matt Kemp is doing to pitchers, as he has been sensational again.
Atlanta Braves 15 Homophobic and drunk are NEVER a good combo, especially when team ace Derek Lowe is involved. It is careless, and Bobby Cox is kicking himself for signing on as a special consultant.
San Francisco Giants 16 Losing and injuries…. TIME TO SHAVE! Sadly proving where some players’ priorities are and it is not on repeating.  Lincecum is a STUD stuck with a bunch of celebrity-hungry duds who can’t hit.
Kansas City Royals 17 Might be losing their footing already, but still hanging in….for now.
Chicago Cubs 18 Cubs have yet to fight each other and pitcher Carlos Zombrano is dealing better than ever.
Toronto Blue Jays 19 It’s the same old song, that the AL East is just too damn strong for now.
Oakland Athletics 20 Billy Bean….go get a solid bat instead of abusing the young and talented pitchers just so A’s can finish .500.
Baltimore Orioles 21 Started off hot but the bottom feeders are back in familiar territory. Once again, the AL East is proving to hard a division even for Buck Showalter, who better get used to the cellar.
New York Mets 22 This team takes streaks to a whole new level and being that inconsistent proves that attitude, not lack of talent is the real problem. New GM and Skipper are cleaning up shop…. finally!
Washington Nationals 23 Getting Ryan Zimmerman active has been pushed back; will hover around the middle-bottom of NL West all season long.
Arizona Diamondbacks 24 Flashes of talent from young players spells BIG FUTURE….but not this season, not yet.
Chicago White Sox 25 Once the line-up gets in a groove…. watch out. Problem is the question is no longer will, but whether it happens. Skipper Ozzie Guillen has a cult following, but the problem is the umpires are not included.
Pittsburgh Pirates 26 Too much missing to go anywhere this season…. another mark on such a historic franchise.
San Diego Padres 27 A-Gone left too big a hole that hasn’t come close to being filled.
Minnesota Twins 28 Deja vu again? Mauer and Morneau are the poster boys of big talk, no walk. Mauer is and always has been overrated, as 2009-verison of Mauer is a ghost. A nightmare that the NL Central will not allow in 2011.
Seattle Mariners 29 Already have a King… and now an heir to his throne in Michael Pineda. Both wasted talents on a team that is not run well, as success starts from the top.
Houston Astros 30 Hunter Pence is in for a long season, and so are Houston fans…again.


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