Lady Gaga Stay Away From Baseball - Lady Loves Pinstripes Lady Gaga Stay Away From Baseball - Lady Loves Pinstripes Lady Gaga Stay Away From Baseball - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Lady Gaga Stay Away From Baseball

Lady Gaga, please stay away from baseball games and don’t come back to Yankee Stadium or Citi-Field again.

Hasn’t she embarrassed her family and friends enough?

Fondling herself and dressing with no pants at a Mets game, and then at a Yankees game is just impolite. Gaga seems to think this behavior is acceptable because of her fame, when the effects are actually making her a joke.

Here is a little personal information, Lady Gaga and I both attended the same school in NYC. In the beginning, it seemed so cool that this pop star walked the same halls I did. That sentiment has completely changed.

As time went on, Gaga’s behavior and fashion sense continued to get worse. Hearing that she went to a bar on the UWS in her underwear is just gross.

Also, Gaga lies about our school, a place that is so dear to my heart.

This Roman Catholic School is the most loving place to grow as a lady. The rules were not much different when compared to my friends at the non-denominational private schools. The faculty implemented manners and students were expected to conduct themselves accordingly.

Gaga needs to get her head out from her ass because her behavior would be unacceptable anywhere.Gaga loves to talk about the bible-beating nuns, who didn’t allow her to express herself. This caused her to hide her creative side and her true self. What a bunch of Gaga!

FYI, I am about 10 grades above Gaga and the nun population was at a two when I left. So, unless some influx of nuns were flown in it is just another load of Gaga.

Now, Gaga is attending Mets and Yankees games. Once again, showing no respect for anyone or the game of baseball for that matter. Not only is she making a fool of herself, but she is doing it around kids who are there to watch their heroes.

The Yankees and Mets don’t need any distractions. Not only does Gaga takes away from the game, but hogs the media’s attention away from the teams playing. Other fans are there to watch the game, not gag cause Gaga is so repulsive.

So understand why I was overjoyed to hear that Gaga was banned from Yankee Stadium, which is now said to be untrue. I am mortified that she attended the same school as me, I am really ashamed of her.

If Gaga wants to dress like fashion road-kill (I get it is fashion-forward-art but leave it to the runways models to wear), speak about bi-sexual relations with her parents watching and talk as if she has opened the world’s eyes via Gaga, go right ahead.

Please Gaga, leave my Yankees and our school alone. They are just innocent bystanders that have done nothing but be themselves, something you preach about so start to practice it.

I hope the Yankees and Mets ban her from games. If anyone else behaved like that they would be tossed.

No one wants Gaga there, it is a home for baseball fans.

If Gaga is too messed up to understand that, please come and find me. I would love to put Gaga in her place.


  1. Double G Sports says:

    Tell us how you really feel Kate. haha. I have to agree with you. Lady Gaga is such a joke.

    • Kate says:

      Gaga is talented, but she is becoming un-cool and she is not hot enough to be acting like that. Gaga can drop the last 'a' if she keeps acting like that in public. She is not changing the world or behaving in a way that is making a difference. All she is accomplishing is reminding people how not to act.

      Thanks for your comment Double G……I am hoping to take over #1 in my division this weekend.

  2. Valery Agni says:

    I think everybody should cease fretful some lady gaga´s meat set and turn molestation fill starving…

    • Kate says:

      That outfit lady gaga wore made of meat looked awful and I can't even imagine wearing it.

  3. Carry says:

    Thanks so much for posting all of the excellent info! I am looking forward to checking out more!