Johnny Damon to New York Yankees: Call me maybe - Lady Loves Pinstripes Johnny Damon to New York Yankees: Call me maybe - Lady Loves Pinstripes Johnny Damon to New York Yankees: Call me maybe - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Johnny Damon to New York Yankees: Call me maybe

Who knew that Johnny Damon was such a big fan of the Carly Ray Jepson summer hit, Call Me Maybe?

Well New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman certainly does now.

As yesterday the ex-Yankee told Michael Kay on his ESPN show that he would gladly accept league minimum money to fill in for Curtis Granderson until his broken right forearm heals.

Damon expressed confusion to Kay about why the Yankees have not called him yet after he has expressed his wish to return.

Could the fact that Damon is 39 years old have anything to do with it?

Or that he has been on the decline since he won the 2009 World Series with the Yankees? 

English: Johnny Damon

English: Johnny Damon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obviously Damon is not ready for his career to end, but if no teams are calling at all he might not have a choice. Damon has always been said to be a great clubhouse guy, and he is a smart baseball player so maybe coaching is an option.

But as far as the Yankees are concerned bringing back Damon, even as a temp is not a good idea. The last thing they need is to get any older.

I would rather see one of the prospects get a shot because you never know until you try.

Knowing the Yankees, I am even not getting my hopes up as it is clear that Cashman & Co. are petrified at the thought of a young player in starting role.

So I am readying for the usual, which would be a trading more of our youth away to bring in some overage and overpaid guy like Vernon Wells or Alfonso Soriano.

Unless owner Hal Steinbrenner drops the hammer and tells Cashman it is time to see what one or two of the young guys can do in the Bronx a trade might be inevitable.

It is not secret that the former hasn’t worked for the Yankees in the past but chalk it up to Cashman always thinking about what can go wrong due to lack of experience.

Still if there is any truth that things happen for a reason, then this is the time for the Yankees to try something uncomfortable; and let the prospects duke it out to fill in for Granderson.

Bottom line is there are no easy or obvious answers here, as timing and luck play a big part in any success.

But Yankee brass did nothing during the off-season so it is only fair to at least try something new now. As the Yankees could be possibly missing an opportunity here, or it could fail but better for it to fail fast, right?

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  1. Heather says:

    He's 39 years old, can't run and can't throw. Other than that, he'd make a great addition to the team.

  2. Richard says:

    "But Yankee brass did nothing during the off-season so it is only fair to at least try something new "

    You actually believe that. I'll give you that Pettite probably would have retired, but to say Ichiro, Kuroda, Youck and Hafner is nothing shows you truly are in left field.

    • LLP says:

      Richard – they are risky signings. Ichiro was in a major decline before he got traded to NY but to his credit he did hit great in the Bronx but he is 39. And it is hard to think that Kuroda will match his #'s from last season, as he threw most innings in his career and is 38 years old. Youk can't hit righty pitching for his life and has become prone to injuries. And Hafner has been on the DL more than an active roster throughout his career, and I would rather have had Ibanez and Chavez back too.

      Look they are all past their primes, along with the injuries cause for concern. That is what I meant, and the Yankee brass did nothing to get younger and more talented players in the off season.

      • Richard says:

        We did nothing, you don't like our old guys, bring back Ibanez/Chavez. Got It!!!!!

  3. Paul says:

    It does not matter who the Yankees replace Grandy with. They will not come close to first place in their division. I used to be a die hard Yankee fan, however, after they tore down the house that Ruth built and erected the house that greed built, I opted for the Red Sox. You will never see Fenway torn down.
    The rebuilding Red Sox may not take first place but I am sure that they will finish better than the Bronx Senior's.

    • Thunder Hawk says:

      You are nothing but a traitor,Benedict Paul,You was never a Yankee Fan.

      • LLP says:

        Thunder Hawk – are you telling that I am a traitor? And please refrain from using any religious icons in the future as this is a sports blog. Thank you.

    • LLP says:

      Wow Paul that is quote a switch you made….going from Yanks to Sox because of a stadium. I loved the old Stadium too but it was falling apart; and trust me if their was anywhere in Boston to build a new Fenway Park they would. And I have heard that from numerous Red Sox fans, who are Boston natives as well.

    • LLP says:

      Also,Paul….how do you respect what happened when in the Red Sox clubhouse in 2011? The Red Sox were locks for the post season, but a group decided to party instead fo cheering on teammates in September. Players wanted out of Boston badly, so the "rebuilding" of your Red Sox was not really by choice because they were falling apart internally. It was one of the biggest collapses in sports history, an embarrassment to a storied organization and something that has never happen in New York.

  4. Yankeefan5519 says:

    While not liking the new stadium,should be Yankee Disneyland or Yankee Corp., besides pricing out most if not all of their LOYAL fanbase for $$$…changing over to the Red Suxx??? Come on….ps…HUGE Yankee fan..this team is 1965/1966 all over again…sorry to Steinbrenners will become Billionaires when they sell to Fox nexy year..they are already half way there with Fox buying half of YES…