Javier Vazquez: You Want Reasons? Here Are Four - Lady Loves Pinstripes Javier Vazquez: You Want Reasons? Here Are Four - Lady Loves Pinstripes Javier Vazquez: You Want Reasons? Here Are Four - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Javier Vazquez: You Want Reasons? Here Are Four

Game two between the Angels and Yankees was the second start for pitcher Javier Vazquez, his first in the Bronx since 2004.

Just to recap the game, Angels new pitcher Joel Pineiro literally sunk the Yankee bats for the seven innings, and the Yankees lost 5-3.

Vazquez, coming off a loss against the Rays started out shaky. After a quick chat on the mound from David Eiland, Vazquez calmed down for a bit but eventually allowed four hits in just shy of six innings.

What was so bothersome, more than the actual game, came from Yankee fans. The behavior of whomever guilty of booing has to know it was unnecessary, and embarrassing.

I beg of all Yankees fans to stop this now. Here, are the reasons why:

  1. It was 2004 when the Red Sox came back from 0-3 to win the next four games and their first World Series since 1918. It stung the Yankees, and their fans alike. The whole thing sucked, but to blame it on Javier Vazquez is just ridiculous. The team lost, and no one is to blame anymore than the other. Where do these fans take off on being so judgmental? Do you presume that all Yankees fans agree with you? Well meet one that does not, and I would appreciate it if you stopped sulking.
  2. If the players from 2004 hold no grudges, why do the fans? Clearly, this section of sore-losers attends games just to boo. We know who you are, and in this case, Vazquez is your easy target. If Jeter, Rivera, and Posada, have never blamed Vazquez, but these fans still do proves my earlier question. Stop being negative just to be a hater, my guess is until last season heckling Arod was your full time job. Also, its not as if the Yankee batters were doing anything to help, so why not boo them?
  3. Vazquez almost won the NL Cy Young last season, finishing 2009 with 15 wins, 238 strikeouts, an ERA of 2.87 and a 1.03 WHIP. This guy can throw, and in his two starts this season you can see it. Vazquez throws first ball strikes like a madman, but when guys get on base he seems to be speeding up, instead of slowing down. The poor guy is scared, wouldn’t you be?
  4. PLEASE realize it is the fans responsibility to make Vazquez secure through our loyal faith. It felt awkward at the game today. Even after a strikeout, Vazquez received only a few claps. I know this because they were coming from my seat. I cheered him on in the midst of silence and booing. Not trying to be a saint, just want the Yankees to win this season, and Vazquez will play an vital part in that. The truth is what Vazquez can do on the mound is legit and ace-worthy so anything to help him is my job.

Finally, no one should be passionate about 2004 anymore. Boston won because they wanted it more and its time to get it. Any hecklers who attended the game today need to get a new perspective and fast. As it is time for you to shut-up.Yankee Stadium is a happy place right now, and if you want to live in 2004 than please start going to games at Fenway Park.

To Javier Vazquez, hang in there….this lady is behind you!

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    1. Double G Sports says:

      FINALLY!!!!! Someone that agrees with me. I am behing Javy 100%. The fans need to start showing him respect and supporting him. It's two games into the year and we are already booing the guy?? Give me a break! Thats why Yankees fans get a bad rap. At least the real Yankees fan that love the game can see the pitcher we have and will support him.

      Thank you for writing this Kate. I was thinking about writing something similar today.

      • Kate says:





        GO HATE TIGER!!

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    3. AbS says:

      I came across this article due to boredom on the internet and serching for yankee news. Though I respect your opinion, I couldn't disagree with you more about vazquez and I will try and explain why, taking on your points one at a time.

      1. I know of no one that blames vazquez for what happened in 2004. The yankees blew that series not vazquez. Vazquez was credited with winning game 3 of that series even thou h allowed 4 runs in 4 innings but it was on relief work. In game 7 he allowed 3 runs in 2 innings bringing his era that playoffs series to 9.53. Vazquez did what he could. There is no reason to blame him for the loss, though he obviously didn't help with those numbers.

      2. Your second point is a clear indicator that not all yankee fans think alike. One thing I know about us fans is we expect to win every year and we accept no excuses. Even the likes of A-rod, Texeira and the beloved Jeter have had a taste of the yankee boo birds. I remember in 2001, Jeter got off to a horrible start batiing under 200. I remember him being boo'd at the stadium. Why? not because we hate him or because he sucks, but because we know he can do better and he wasn't doing so. A-rod is finally settling down as a true yankee, but it ook him years. I was at the game on wednesday, and was one of thousands of fans booing Vazquez. Yes he had a cy young year, but that was in the national league, the question is can he be the same pitcher in the A.L and I think not. I'm glad he was boo'd for the general consensus where I was sitting was that it was a mistake to bring him back, considering the talent that was available in the fre agent market. It's not personal but it's NY's way.

      3. It is not our responsibility to make anyone feel welcome.It is his to make us want to cheer him. I'm not going to cheer for him because of what he did in the N.L but I want to cheer for him for what he can do for us. I agree that vazquz is a good pitcher, but is he cut out for Ny? He is going to win us games, but is he a legitimate 4th starter in the playoffs? He will have 20 plus starts to prove me wrong and I sure hope he does.

      • Kate says:

        ABS – u have the right to your opinion but forgot to ask you how you can say that no one blames Vazquez for 2004???

        I was at the stadium yesterday afternoon, and surely didn't get that vibe. In essence, even of Vazquez let every Red Sox hit grand-slams during that Game 7, it is still the team who lost, right???

    4. Kate says:

      First off, Vazquez has pitched over 200 innings each season in the majors, except for one and that was 198 innings.

      I was at the game yesterday, and Vazquez was clearly shaken when the negative screaming started. If you agree with the fact that 2004 was not Vazquez fault than why not be understanding a little. And why are we still talking about 2004??? That is a year belonging to the Red Sox, who well deserved to win.

      Players are people, regardless of money, fame etc. Jealousy aside, fans need to realize that these are talent men who were blessed with a rare gift. Just because they drive a nicer car and have a mansion doesn't make them immune to human emotions.

      Being a sports fan does not come with rights, and to expect anything other than hope or frustration is insane. If you are The Boss say what you want because you write the checks.

      A fan is an enthusiast, who loves a sport and a team by his on accord or choice.

      So what kind of fan are you if you are acting class-less, aren't representing the Yankees well, but mainly you are knowingly hurting the team by jumping all over Vazquez???

      Tell me how booing him is helping anyone?? It is two weeks into the season, and the Yankees bats did nothing yesterday so why is it on Vazquez?

      No clean slate for fans that always want to find something wrong. FACT IS….IF YOU TRULY WANT THE YANKEES TO REPEAT THIS SEASON, THAN ACT LIKE IT, NOT THAT HARD TO FIGURE OUT.

    5. AbS says:

      1-3 and vazquez still sucks..keep cheering for a loser..

      • Kate says:

        Hey I cheer for the team and Vazquez is par to that team.
        Admittedly, he needs to improve and that will hopefully happen soon. His one win was not pretty either.
        Thanks for the comment, ABS.