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Javier Vazquez Only Heard Cheers Tonight

In the seventh inning, Javier Vazquez walked off the mound at Yankee Stadium to a sound he has not heard since this time in 2004, fans cheering.

Well deserved as Vazquez allowed just four hits, threw seven strikeouts and one intentional walk.

Vazquez gave up a solo shot in the sixth to Orioles Corey Patterson, which tied the game 1-1.

What was most impressive was in the seventh inning, bases loaded Vazquez struck out Adam Jones and got Julio Lugo to reach into a fielder’s choice.

I do not care who the enemy is in that situation; it takes skills to get out of it. From personal experience, Vazquez does not have Yankee fans on his side at all which is not fun.

Back to April, my dad and I were in the Bronx for Vazquez’s first start against the Angels. Having been to a zillion Yankees games to say it was the worst attack on a player I have witnessed is a powerful statement.

It was close, but useless and downright mean. Any Yankee fan reliving 2004 should go to Fenway Park located in Red Sox Nation, because I certainly would like to forget that whole post-season.

Reality, Vazquez pitched a gem, but it was against the worst team in the Majors. The Baltimore Orioles are 19.5 back in games in the tough AL East, with a 15-37 record.

The Orioles just suck, and they should not be this awful. Utility-man Ty Wigginton has 13 homers and 32 RBI’s on the season.I know how valuable Wigginton has been because he is the savior for my Lady Loves Pinstripes Fantasy Team. Literally, as he can perform at multiple positions at 1B, 2B, 3B, DH and hits like a gem.

The impression given was that the O’s had this strong farm system that was to unleash in 2010. A few of the youngsters have made appearances, but I heard that Baltimore has been rebuilding their farm system for five or six seasons now.

Whatever the situation is at Camden Yard, it needs to get fixed, as this is becoming the group’s reputation, season after season. Camden Yard is an fantastic stadium and the Orioles have rich history as an organization.

The O’s HAD a colossal fan base too, one that the Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays wish was there own. . You can not help but be sorry for their fans.

The O’s do not have a shot in hell to go anywhere in 2010, because of the division, while being so far back in wins a miracle could not even fix them now.

For the Yankees, who still follow the Rays by 2.5 games, but the Blue Jays and Red Sox each a game behind respectively. All four have 30+ wins already this season.

Then there were the Orioles, who lost again to the Yankees 3-1 and will try to avoid another loss Wednesday in the Bronx.

Yankees will have Posada back soon, hopefully in time for the Toronto series that starts Friday night at the Rogers Centre.

The Yankees want to stay close or exceed the Rays in the standings. Problem is this entails keeping the Blue Jays out of the mix, who leads the league in home runs, and Aaron Hill has not even gotten hot yet.

The Yankees look strong again, and Toronto will certainly be painted in pinstripes by Sunday. Problem….solved!


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