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Jamie Moyer Pitches Solid Bullshit To Beat The Yankees

After Roy Halladay got smoked 8-2 by the New York Yankees on Tuesday night, Philadelphia Phillies skipper Charlie Manuel made another pitching change.

Manuel swapped Kyle Kendrick and Jamie Moyer‘s starts. So, Kendrick would face Andy Pettitte on Thursday, and uber-veteran Jamie Moyer would start against AJ Burnett on Wednesday night.

Manual’s reasoning made no sense, nor difference to me. It seemed a tad ridiculous. Did Manuel think it was October 2009 again?

Maybe Manuel was living in the past. It did seem desperate, but can you blame Manuel?

Thinking about how bad the Phillies have been playing, you can’t call Manuel crazy because the Phillies won.

It is ridiculous that Moyer’s breaking ball looked, (excuse me, was) more toxic than Halladay’s cutter. Odds are it’s the last time that will ever happen again.

Majority of MLB media predicted that the Yankees would take BP (batting practice) on Jamie Moyer no matter when he started.

Moyer is 47 years old and his fastball‘s mph is not much higher. The difference is time has not affected Moyer, because speed was never his forte.

It is common knowledge that Moyer’s breaking ball causes hitters to acquire strike early in the counts. The whole pitch is false, but plenty of batters think it’s true, making it worthwhile enough.

With the Yankees being the most patient hitters in all of MLB, they see pitches just like Moyer’s breaking ball, but don’t fall for it’s bullshit. Moyer has been in the majors since 1986 so no shortage of footage on him.

In no way am I trying to take away from Moyer’s 265th career win. It is pretty amazing to flank the Yankees for eight innings, allowing only three hits at his age.

What I can’t seem to grasp is how the Yankees were so thrown off at the plate?

The Yanks know Moyer’s game. Maybe they should have watched the Red Sox who pulverized Moyer in his last start.

It seemed to be a no-brainer to me, considering the AL East division is finally up for grabs.

It clearly explains why Charlie Manuel is a facility manager, and I am still an ardent fan.

I wanted first place so badly, just dreaming of #28. I promise it will not begin to cloud my judgement. Try to imagine if Buster Olney forecasted the Yankees to execute Halladay, but Moyer saves the day. Can you say loony bin, because that is sheer madness.

Guess this is when fans fall in love with sports all over again. It’s when the patent becomes obsolete, because heart cannot ever be measured on paper.


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  2. Kate says:

    Could not agree more Matt….and now they last the series. Hope they wake up and don't embarrass themselves this weekend against the Mets.

  3. Fitz Gerald says:

    Maybe they should have parked Lady Gaga near the Phillies bench to distract Moyer.

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